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Driving Fun IV

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Story continues


During lunch at school Bill says 'hey you never finished the story about Myford.' 'I know but not here, what you doin afterschool today?' He says, 'nothin' and I say OK meet me at my house no one will be home till about 6:00pm. OK I'll be there.
After school I ride home and go up into my garage where I have a secret place built out of cardboard and blankets up in the rafters. I take all my cloths off and put my eye up to the pin hole facing the street. Here comes my friend Melissa that lives down the street. She walks up my driveway stops and looks right up at the hole and smiles.
She's been up here before and is the only person that knows about my secret fort except Bill. I put my shorts on and go down to let her in. She's kind of a tomboy and acts more like my friends that are boys than she does a girl. We climb up the latter and slide through the opening and pull the blanket back over the entrance so its really dark.
The only thing I can see is the light from the pin hole. She says 'I know why you have your shirt off' 'Yeah why', because its really hot up here.' I say 'that's right but I was naked until you came up here.' She says 'really - I'd sure like to see your thing'. 'Ok', I say but you have to take off your cloths too and promise not to tell anyone what we are doing. She nods her head and pulls her t-shirt over her head. I can barely see her, so I ask her to move closer to get a better look. We both pull our pants off together and she sits down next to me. She looks down at my dick and says, 'can I touch it?' Just as I'm saying yes, I hear someone open my garage door.
I look out the peep hole and my Dad's car is in the driveway. I put my hands over Melissa's mouth and say SHHHHHH very quietly. We both freeze. My Dad goes into the house for a couple minutes walks through the garage closes the door and drives away. I take my hand away from Melissa's mouth and she takes a deep breath. We both giggle and she says 'wow you really saved our butts - I owe you'.
By now we can see each other pretty well. She asks if she can touch my stuff again. 'Only if you let me touch yours'. She nods her approval. Her hand feels so soft as she pokes at my dick and feels my balls. Wow it feels so nice and it begins to get hard. Just as I put my hand on her pussy I hear the door bell ring. S**T, I forgot that must be Bill. I whisper to Melissa and she starts putting on her cloths. I do the same and tell her to stay up here and I'll get rid of him. As I start down the latter, she asks 'does he already knows about this secret place', and I tell her yes. So she says, 'bring him up here I don't mind'.
As I walk throught the house I see a note from my Dad. He and Mom won't be home till about 11 tonight. I open the door and tell Bill I have a surprise for him up in the fort. I go up first and sit next to Melissa and cover the pin hole. He comes in with his dick out of his zipper and freaks when he sees her and puts his hand over his dick. He says, 'I thought the surprise was going to be Myford'. Melissa asks, Who is Myford?' I told her 'just this guy that we know that sometimes let's us drive his car'. 'Oh cool', she says, 'can I go next time?' 'NO', I say he doesn't like girls. 'OK fine than I'm leaving', and goes down the latter. See you guys later. Bye
Bill says, 'man that was close but I don't think she saw my dick'. 'I did though', as I pull down my shorts to reveal my hardon. Bill does the same and he is hard too. 'Ok back to the story'. Remember Myford said he would give me five bucks to hold my dick. Bill says, 'yeah'. OK here goes.
I put the five bucks in my pocket and we both squeezed each other's hardon and both of our cock's twitched. I put the car in gear and take off.
In complete silence as I drive, he holds my cock and I stroke his big cock. This goes on for maybe 10 mins. Just having his warm hand on my cock is making me get harder and harder. I'm going pretty fast up and down on his cock and he says breathlessly, 'You, I I I, b - better pull over'. So at the next dirt road I turn right and head down to the river. As I stop I let go of his cock to turn the key off and he starts to slowly move his hand up and down on my cock. I think it feels good so I don't say anything and go back to jackin him.
When I get my hand back to his cock it feels kinda wet. He says, 'that happens when I'm really horny and asks if I want to see'. Yeah, I say. But before I can continue with the story Bill says, 'did it look clear and was it slippery'? I say, Yeah how did you know'? It happens to me too wanta see'. 'Yeah I do'. More soon.



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