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Driving And Stroking

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Some of my nude driving experiences

Reading a recent story about driving while masturbating brought back memories of several occasions in which I would drive partially--or fully!--naked in the past... and inspired me to do it again!


I spent my teenage years in Casper, Wyoming (which is part of the inspiration for my username here); Casper is where I first learned how to masturbate, first had sex, first self-sucked--but also where I learned how to drive. Once I had my driver's license, I was given permission to drive my parents' Chevy Luv pickup on occasion. Like any teen in the 1980s, I drove around every chance I got.



On occasion, being a typical horny teenager, I also took the opportunity to masturbate while driving. Although Casper's population at the time made it the largest city in Wyoming, it was still a small town with some wide-open areas. I took full advantage of this and would regularly have my shorts open with my erection poking out so I could masturbate. (The Luv was a manual transmission; I guess you could say I was driving two sticks at once!) I would drive all over town with my cock in my hand, masturbating as I went.



The most memorable time was a summer evening when I had been visiting a friend. He lived near the country club, which at the time was on the outskirts of town. I stopped the Luv along Country Club Road and stripped off all my clothes, then put my shoes back on and got back into the truck. I then proceeded out onto Outer Belt Road and headed in the direction of home. I was hard as a rock and was furiously pumping my cock as I drove.



Rather than pull into my subdivision, though, I drove just a little further and pulled into a cul-de-sac right off Outer Belt. The cul-de-sac had no buildings on it, but it was overlooking Outer Belt and was at the base of a pedestrian overpass and also at the top of the Eastwood Mall's parking lot. Knowing I could be seen from so many different angles, I stepped out of the truck. (I had to turn it off, though--my dad made me pay for gas when I drove it, and I was too broke to want to keep it running!)



I walked away from the truck and headed toward the pedestrian overpass, where headlights of vehicles would briefly illuminate me. I walked up the overpass and continued pumping my erection... I reached the top of the ramp and, heart pounding wildly in my chest, walked out onto the walkway over the road. Unfortunately, the excitement was too much for me and I could not wait for oncoming traffic--my cum started shooting out of my teenage cock onto the walkway. But as my erection faded and I saw cars coming, I panicked and headed back down the ramp, running back to the pickup. Some of my cum had ended up on my abdomen and legs from my running with it flinging wildly around; I swiped wherever I could feel it and licked it off my fingers so I would be cum-free when I arrived home. I put my clothes on and drove the short distance home, but the adrenaline rush stayed with me for at least another hour!



Thinking about this and the other story, though, inspired me as I was driving home from a friend's house just two days ago--he and his wife had a "3rd of July" party. I had taken another friend and his daughter home so was taking a longer route back to my house, one which would take me directly past a large police substation. The thought of driving naked in such a large city--it had been years since I last did it!--got me sooo aroused...



At a stoplight (one of many on this route!), I thumbed open the button on my shorts and quickly pulled down the zipper... reached to the bottom of the shorts and pulled on each leg and -- zoom! -- they were off. I traded feet on the brake pedal as I pulled my feet through each leg opening, but carefully setting the shorts down on the floorboard so I could quickly pull them on if I did happen to get pulled over by the police.



The next stoplight and the underwear came off. I dropped them on the floorboard behind my seat. My penis was now starting to stiffen. There wasn't too much traffic at this time of night, but there was enough... cars pulled up beside me without any idea that my cock was ready to wave at them if they looked over! Another few stoplights and I would be at the police station... but off came my t-shirt at the next light. Just like my younger days, the adrenaline was flooding as I drove naked past the police station. I only had about another mile to drive before I arrived home, so I had to speed up my handjob.



My current car has an automatic transmission, so I was able to drive and still maintain my grip full-time on my boner with my left hand. Stroking furiously, I pulled into my subdivision then onto my street. I opened my garage door and pulled in, then got out of my car, completely naked, before putting the door down. I walked out of my garage into my backyard and shot my load onto my patio in the warm summer night's air.



I need to do that again--soon!



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