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I find that after I’ve had really good sex, my nights are full of erotic dreams. There are always very close links with home and reality, and sometimes, I appear to be in cotrol of these dreams to some extent. A psychologist friend tells me that “lucid dreams” happen when you are hovering between awake and asleep.  Well....here’s mine.


(Remember, this is a dream)

The practice called and asked me if I was participating in the annual “naked dentistry week”. For a whole week, every member of the practice had to turn up naked. 

So, I drove to work in just my coat. 

In my surgery, my dental nurse, the one I’ve been masturbating over a lot lately was also naked. 5’3”, small pert boobs like mine, absolutely no hair between her legs. 

Now, in dental surgery, there are choices. Some of us sit, some of us stand. I prefer standing for some procedures and sitting for others. Amanda always sit on a tricorn stool. (Think large bicycle seat.) it stuck up between her legs like a short but very thick penis.

First patient routine exam....nothing to do but a scale and polish. When she got up to get my tray for the next patient, I saw a wet mark on the leather. Ooooh fuck! The next patient was a root canal plus two extractions. (Always done last). That meant she had to lean in real close with the aspirator, and her head was close to mine. I damn near kissed her.

the whole morning was full of close encounters. Almost touching, but not quite. Meanwhile, she was building up a nice creamy patch on the stool. 

Then I had a no-show. This pisses the practice manager off, and I heard her having a firm conversation with the patient. Meanwhile, Amanda came and sat on my stool. “I wanted to see what it’s like from your side of the chair” 

i immediately thought “cool”, and got an exam pack out. “Ok...give me a check up.” No, she’s not a qualified dental surgeon, but she knows her way around now, and is perfectly capable of doing a clinically sound exam. 

I found myself wrapped in her arms from behind, my head against those delicious tits, while she poked and prodded in my mouth.

Then, in the dream, she just kissed me, a simple kiss. Which became tongues, which became, her hand on my boob, which became her pressing the emergency button on the chair. This lays it flat and is used for cardiac arrest. I’ve never seen one in real life, and few dentists ever do, but it’s there. So, I’m flat on my back. 

She got a gauze bandage and tied me to the chair. God, I love being tied up! Then she got my ankles up near my ass and tied them together, and forced my knees open. There are arms on my chair, and she tied my knees tightly to them, I felt trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey. She she crawled over me and we 69nd right there in the bright, clinical atmosphere of my surgery. 

I woke up soaked, of course, and had to finish myself before the dream vanished. 

Ive always fantasised about being naked in my surgery. I’m not brave enough yet, but my ultimate goal, one day, is to own my own practice. If I ever get there, you can bet I’ll actually do it. 

I aim to either develop from scratch, or buy a practice and offer as much as possible. I’ll have a couple of newly qualified dental surgeons....they can do the routine stuff....exams....fillings....extractions....while I and maybe another offer more complex work. It may never happen, but it’s a dream. 

Well, I’m back home now and back at work as of Monday. I won’t be able to look Amanda in the eye....but then again, that’s not the part of her I really want to see. 

Oh...by the way, i Thailand, I saw two elephants mating. With animals that size nothing happens fast...or easily, but to see the bull elephants dick, literally pouring with pre cum, and the female, also soaked was so intoxicating. At one point, the mahmoot took hold of the bulls dick (braveor stupid man) and guided it into the female. It actually made my pussy quiver. All that dick inside her. The bull didn’t take long to finish and when he withdrew, what looked like gallons of sperm ran out of her. Perverse as it sounds, that required me to take my panties off and put them in my bag as they were as wet as the animals were. Fuck me...that was one big dick though! 

Meanwhile, I’m unpacking....lots of washing to do...and many happy memories. 

Regrets? Yes and no. I would have liked to visit that bath house again, but I never made it. One guy in the hotel kept trying to get me back to his room. He looked ok, but there was something about him that set my warning bells off. I couldn’t tell you what it was, but my friendly concierge had a word with him and he didn’t bother me again. The concierge just smiled at me and said softly. “Bad man. Not for you.” I wonder why...?

i did a ton of sight seeing....and a ton of masturbating. Indoors, outdoors, and twice, where I knew I had been spotted. 

There was an English family there, and they had two upper teens with them. 18/19, maybe early 20s, but I doubt it. 

I made damn sure both of them got an eyeful of my hand in my bikini bottoms. The girl looked as entranced as the boy. (Oh, this was in the hotel steam room.” Neither made any move to leave, and they both watched intently as I came, twice, into my bikini bottoms. I left the, to it and took a long shower immediately outside. They didn’t come out and I wondered.......

oh well....back to it. 



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