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Dream Come True

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This happened back in my senior year of college and I'll never forget it. There was this girl who I'd had an on again off again sexual relationship with. Never dated but probably should have given the context, as well as the fact that she was, and is, a great girl. Anyway, we'll call her Alicia. The two of us seemed to always get in a little trouble when alone and this time in particular we were hanging out at my house. We were bored and wanted to watch a movie or something and the first tape I stuck in the VCR was cheesy action movie from the early nineties. After about a minute of that I slyly suggested that if this wasn't good enough we could always watch one of the pornos my roommates just happened to leave by the TV. Without waiting for a response I put in a porno and pushed play. We watched in silence for a few minutes until I realized that I was rock hard and needed to come. Making eye contact with her, I mentioned that I'd probably need to take care of the situation and before I got an answer my hand was down my pants.

It was at this point that I decided I'd ask her to join me and as the words came out it just didn't seem proper but I could sorta tell that both of us wanted it to happen. Sadly she got up and started to walk away saying that there was really no way it'd become a reality and I followed her to the door. Explaining that this was something she would regret if she didn't do it, I pushed a little harder hoping to change her mind. Amazingly, after what seemed like hours I convinced her to come back upstairs and join me. I started by slowly pumping myself still inside my pants and looking at her on the couch from across the room. She focused on the porno but would take glances from time to time at my package. Before long, I had worked my pants down and let her see me in all my glory. What a feeling making eye contact with a girl for the first time while masterbating right in front of her. Getting more into it now she had one hand down her pants lightly playing with herself. Ever so slowly she pulled down her pants and then her perfect little white panties. She was very wet and I could hear her fingers as they moved. She was getting very into it and I was completely blown away that anything like this was happening in my living room. She was also perfectly trimmed and that did nothing but drive me closer to climax.

As I felt myself get closer I complained that I couldn't see her very well and wanted her to move closer. She quickly walked over pushing her pants and underware down to her ankles and sat just a foot to my right and now moving her fingers very quickly I could see her very wet pussy just beside me. She even openned her legs up so I could get a better view.

Seeing this was really too much and I knew it was too late. I shot several ropes of come all over myself and Alicia and she came soon after with a loud moan and a squeal.

We got ourselves cleaned up and promised not to tell anyone ever of our secret adventure. Well, I've kept my promise until today. Actually, I hope that she finds this by chance and reads it, maybe it'll inspire her to come again.



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