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Double Trouble

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Last week I was down at the apartment pool getting some sun when a guy walked up to me and introduced himself. He said his name was Jim and asked if he could join me. He had a cooler with beer and I said, well of course. As we sat and talked, I noticed him looking over my body. I was wearing a two piece suit that covered my tits pretty throughly, but I look good in it. Since I was also wearing dark sun glasses, I don't think that he could tell that I was checking him out as well, looking at the bulge in his trunks. He was well built, about 6 feet tall, nice tan and body with dark hair and brown eyes.

We started talking and before we knew it two hours and a twelve pack of beer had pased. I said I was going to my place and invited him up. We got to my door and he said that he would go get more beer. I said okay, but that first I was going to take a shower and that he could let himself in when he got back. While I was in the shower he yelled through the door telling me that he had returned from his beer run. I quickly got out and dried off. I thought to myself, this guy is hot, and I am going to have him tonight. I always get my way.

When I walked into the living room, only in a towel, I saw that he was not alone. He was sitting on the couch with another guy. He introduced him as his roommate Bobby. Bobby was just as good looking as Jim. I always dreamed of fucking two guys at once, but never had the nerve to. Well, I guess that all the beer I drank made me more brave than usual. I said, "how would you two like to have fun?" With that I let the towel fall to the floor and stood there, totally nude. Their eyes bugged out and I walked to my bedroom. Without a word, they and followed me in.

I started with Jim. I pulled his shirt off, then got on my knees and pulled his trunks down to his ankles so that he could step out of them. Then it was Bobby's turn. But when I turned toward him, he was already undressed and hard. His cock was about 8 inches long. While Jim's was a little shorter, both were very thick and looked delicious.

They were on me right away. They sucked my tits and kissed m mouth. I felt a finger rubbing my clit and then a tongue. I looked down and Jim had his head between my legs eating me like an expert! Bobby, took his cock in his hand and fed it to me. As I was sucking Bobby, my cunt was getting a workout. I came twice thanks to the expertise of Jim. I had my hand around the cock in my mouth and was sucking, and stroking for all I was worth. I wanted to have Bobby shoot his jism down my throat. And he did not disappoint! I swallowed every drop. Jim then climbed on board and fucked my cunt just the way I like it, fast and furious. He only lasted a couple of minutes, but stayed hard and ready for more.

Then Bobby took the cream from my cunt and began to smear itacross and into my asshole. He gently inserted a finger and loosened up my ass. It felt great. Then he told Jim I was ready. With that Jim slowly slid his cock into my ass. As soon as he was in and comfortable, Bobby slid his hard cock in my cunt. What a feeling, two cocks inside me at one time. I could feel them as they pumped in and out. I came three times while they fucked me in unison. Then Jim shot his load up my ass and pulled out. To my surprise he was still hard. Bobby was pumping me as hard as he could. He pulled out and put his cock between my tits. Jim took my tits and held them tight for Bobby as he fucked my tits and came all over me. My hair, face and chest was covered.

I quickly rubbed the cum off my face but as I was rubbing, Jim said he wanted a blow job. I was totally prepared to perform for him. His cock was standing at attention. But instead, he took Bobby's head in his hands and drove his cock into his roomie's mouth. I had never seen this before. I was instantly hot and began fingering myself, as Bobby's mouth bulged with that cock in it. Jim was moaning and grunting. I could tell he was about to cum again as was I from the frantic fingering of my cunt. Jim shot his load into Bobby's mouth, a little bit slipped out of the corners of his mouth. But he got most of it. Jim told Bobby to kiss me. Prove he swallowed it. I could taste the cum in his mouth. Bill went to his shorts and pulled out a jar of KY jelly. Jim told me to get on my hands and knees. I did and Jim started lubing up my ass. Then he rammed his big cock up it. It hurt, but felt great. Jim started pumping and I heard Bobby moaning. I looked around and his cock was rammed up Jim's ass. There we were, the three of us ass fucking each other. With all the excitement I came two more times before Jim finally shot his load in my ass. I was exhausted. I crawled out from under Jim and watched as Bobby rode his buddy. Finally he pulled out, turned Jim around and shot his cream all over his face.
What a day. I will never forget it as long as I live. I also doubt that I could top it. But I sure have fun trying.

[sig]~ Kissy Liz
~ The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. :)[/sig]



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