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Dorm Room Eavesdropping

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A girl in the next room helps me have a special, double round jack off session.

It was very late - close to three in the morning - and I was alone in my dorm room, as I finished up a paper that was due the next day. I got undressed, and decided that I should treat myself to an orgasm before sleep. I had a thing I liked to do which was to stand at my desk with the rounded corner of the desk between my legs; I'd let my weight come down on it, which would lead to the corner pressing into my perineum in a really pleasurable way. On this night, I did just that. So there I was, completely naked and jerking my cock. As I worked my hand up and down my shaft, my balls would lightly hit the surface of the desk. Not enough to be painful, but enough to add a nice extra jolt of pleasure. I was quickly getting close to cumming, and normally I would have moved away from the desk, dropped to my knees, and shot my load into the waste basket. But today, for whatever reason, I just didn't want to leave my position, so I moved my fist harder and faster on my cock. As my orgasm started to hit me, I aimed for the clean desktop. Cum shot from my cockhead in pulses, and the contractions felt noticeably more powerful with the desk pressing into my perineum. My cum flew a fair distance, and it was a big load, or at least it seemed that way, as I hadn't masturbated in a few days; it spattered the wood of the desk and collected in several small puddles. I kept slowly stroking until I started to go soft, and then, while I tried to catch my breath, I took a step back from the desk and collapsed back onto my bed, with my back up against the wall. As I collected myself and came down from my high, I began to realize that I was hearing sounds from the room next door. The floor I was on was co-ed, so the rooms on either side of mine were occupied by girls. The particular room in question belong to a girl whom I'll call Erin, a very sweet, friendly, intelligent, girl-next-door type, as well as being my type; tall (but not too tall), brunette, gorgeous eyes, gentle curves in the right places, and amazingly long legs. We'd had lunch together several times along with mutual friends, and had many nice conversations during weekends, as it seemed that she and I were about the only two students on the floor who didn't leave for the weekends. I found her attractive - physically and intellectually - and had thought about asking her out, but I hadn't yet worked myself up to it. In any case, the impression I had of Erin did not line up with the sounds of the girl I was hearing from next door. I pressed my ear flush against the wall to hear better. It was unmistakably the sounds of sex, and not just sex... hard fucking. I was able to make out the slap of skin on skin, as well as nearly continuous groans, both masculine and feminine. I could hear whatever guy she was with mumbling unintelligibly, but when she spoke, her voice cut right through the wall. "Fuck me harder, please!" It was clearly Erin's voice, but laced with a sexy, lusty whimper that knocked me back. "Yeah, that's it," she said. "Rub my clit and I'll cum." Well, holy shit, I thought to myself, she's a little slutty in the sack. For a moment I felt deeply embarrassed. How would I be able to look at her in the eye again, having overheard her in such a private moment? Then another part of me spoke up, reminding me that she was the one carrying on at three in the morning, and that it wasn't my fault she was doing it loud enough for me to hear. "Oh, fuck yeah! Keep doing that. I wanna cum!" I felt my cock stirring again, and this surprised me initially, but then I realized that I had been listening for a good few minutes - long enough to recover - and now my body wanted another orgasm. The moans from next door reached something of a crescendo, and then I heard Erin call out again. "Yes! Fuck, I'm cumming! I'm cumming, baby!" I hear the guy groan out something nonsensical, and the room next door fell quiet. My cock was now at full hardness, and I wrapped my fist around it, ready to quickly get myself off again, when a thought occurred to me. I remembered my great experience in the dorm showers a couple months prior (see my story College Dorm Showers from Dec. 13, 2013), and I realized that as I had gotten caught up in listening in on Erin, I hadn't yet cleaned up my mess from the desk. I had a fresh load of my own cum splattered right there, begging to be used. I was immediately up off the bed. I went to the desk and used the side of my hand to gather all my cum together and then slide it off the desk into the palm of my other hand. Wasting no time, I slathered my load onto my aching cock, coating it in my own slimy, gooey homemade lube. Then I started to jack off, not wasting any time. I went as hard and fast as I could, the cum making a really erotic wet sound as my fist worked over the shaft. My cum-lube started to get nice and frothy as I jacked faster, and then the tense pleasure inside me began to build. The pressure rose up and then finally exploded as I started cumming, my orgasm pulsing through my whole body. I shuddered as my load shot from my cock, this one quite small and watery. Luckily, the orgasm came with it was just as great and satisfying and draining as I could hope! Spent and breathing hard, I took my hand from the cock and began to clean up. The next day, Erin spotted me in the floor's lounge, and she sat down next to me. She was energized and happy, glowing in that way some girls do after a night of great sex. We talked about a class we both shared, then about movies we'd seen recently, and I never let on that I knew the reason she was in such a great mood, nor (obviously) that she had indirectly given me a double-header session of fantastic orgasms!



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