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Door to Door

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Talk about a sexual experience that sticks in your mind, this one certainly stuck with me.


I was 14 and had a job selling candy, cookie tins, candles and other small, inexpensive items. I went door to door selling the items and most people declined to buy anything.
One day I went into an apartment building, one of the doors I knocked on was opened by a man in his late 20's. I began giving him my sales pitch and he seemed very interested in what I had to say. He asked me if I lived in the area, what school I went to and if I sold in this area often. I told him that I did try to sell things in the area but most people never bought anything.
The man bought about 50 dollars worth of stuff and told me to check with him when I was selling things. From then on I knew that he would spend at least 10 dollars when I came around. Once he had just gotten a paycheck when I came by and he spent nearly 100 dollars.
I never wondered what he could possibly want with all the little things I sold, all I knew was that I was guaranteed a commission when I went to his apartment. One day I came by and I was really nervous because that particular month I had hit him up so many times, I thought he would be sick of me. I knocked on the door and to my surprise he was happy to see me he told me to wait a minute and he would get his money he closed the door and a couple of minutes later opened it and asked me to come in.
I came in and sat on his couch and on the television a movie was starting and soon I realized it was a porno. He said that he was embarrassed but that I probably didn't mind. He had his wallet and I showed him the new items I had started selling while the porno played in the background. The man interrupted me and asked if I jacked off. I did not say anything and then he said that he had recently gotten paid and that he would buy everything in my box and give me 50 dollars if I would show him how I masturbated. I felt sick and scared and I excused myself and left my box behind.
When I got home I was thinking about the offer and about what I could do with the money. I played around with the idea for a few days and returned to the man's house. This time he asked if I came for my box back and was nervous that I had told someone and I said that I had not. I asked him if the offer was still on. I went into his apartment and stood up and he went and got a Polaroid camera and I said to him 'no pictures or I'll tell the police.' So he put the camera away and stood back while I dropped my pants and played with my uncircumcised penis. He breathed heavily as I worked my soft penis into an erection of about 5 inches. I jerked back and forth and within 10 minutes I told him to hurry and get a towel and he said just let it fly and I ejaculated and let it fall onto the man's carpet. At the same time I think he may have ejaculated in his pants because he had his hands in his pants masturbating as well. He then thanked me and gave me about 150 dollars in cash. I did that about 7 or 8 more times and each time was paid, once I did it for him and a friend and was paid nearly 200 dollars in cash. That man was eventually arrested for trying the same thing with another person, I recognized his face in the paper.



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