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Don't Let Church Women Fool You!

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True story from my 40's.


I was probably about 42 and I had to go to Dallas, TX on business. I stayed at a well known hotel on the LBJ Freeway. After my first day of work there in Dallas I checked in and went to the bar for a cold drink.

I sat down at the bar next to a great looking woman who was about 30. She was already engaged in talking to the guy on the other side of her. After about a half hour that guy paid his bill and left. Within about 15 minutes she and I found ourselves talking.

She was there for a conference. We talked about all kinds of things. In the conversation it came out that she was a Sunday School teacher, had two kids, worked in a bank, was married, etc, She mentioned church several times. I was thinking 'what rotten luck!' I was sitting talking to a hot beautiful women with kids, a husband, and all she talked about was church! A dead end here were my thoughts.

She was getting a little free with her speech. At one point she asked me if I had any fetishes. OK, a church lady is asking me if I had any fetishes. I thought she meant like chocolates, or I preferred my drinks in glasses instead of bottles! I told her something lame like I have to have a smoke with my morning coffee. She said 'not those kind of fetishes, silly!' I still wasn't sure where she was going with this, so I asked her what her fetishes were. She had a grin on her face and she leaned in to me to whisper and said 'I've always wanted to watch a man jack off.'

I almost fell backwards off my stool! What a reversal from the conversation a half hour earlier. I said 'wow, that is a fantasy I've had for years.' I told her if she were willing to watch I was willing to do it for her. She said she would 'LOVE' that.

We paid the bill and we went immediately to her room. We made out like crazy, passionately, with our hands exploring each other everywhere. We were out of our clothes totally within 15 minutes. Her body was awesome. She said she worked out a lot with the intent to maybe pursue body building. It showed too. She was strong and prefectly shaped. My dick was pulsating I was so hard.

We did all kinds of things to each other I can't discuss here, and we finally got under the covers to sleep together. In the middle of the night I woke up and got hard with this beautiful woman sleeping beside me. I started kissing and sucking her nipples and my hand was exploring her pussy. She obviously came around and we started playing again. I told her that I still hadn't jacked off for her. She told me she would love to see me do it. She told me her husband wouldn't do it in front of her. I turned the bedside lamp on and then I pulled the covers down below my knees. My dick was super hard and throbbing, even after having been worn out several hours earlier. Her naked body snuggled up beside me and I stood my dick straight up in the air and showed it to her. She told me I had the most beautiful dick she had ever seen. I told her to watch me because I was going to jack off for her. It felt so good jacking off, sometimes moving my hips up and down like I was fucking. I wanted to jack off for her in the sexist way possible. I finally came all over myself. She kissed me passionately afterwards and she said that was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Then I did something to her again I'm not supposed to mention here.

In the morning I went back to my room and dressed and I met her for breakfast. She was going back home after her conference was over that day.

I have never seen her again, but I have thought about that night a million times over the years. If there is a chance she knows about this site and reads these stories ... I'd give anything to run into you again. Anything. You were wonderful and that was the most awesome night of my life!



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