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Doing IT With Girl Cousins

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Doing it with cousinsI've been reading alot of these stories dealing with brothers/sisters and cousins, and I must admit that they get me the hardest, and I jerk off reading them all the time. Well, I have a very true story about last summer with my two girl cousins of mine.I'm 19 now, and was 18 last summer when I went to visit my aunt and her daugter for a month. My cousin was 16, and very hot. Well, after a couple days, my 15 year old girl cousin came out to stay for a couple weeks. Up until this, things were usual between us all, that was until my 5th night there, and it's never been the same since.It was Friday night, 5pm, and my aunt went out for the night on a date, and wasn't expected back until 2-3 in the morning. Well, the three of us were out playing in the pool in the back yard. One note is that they live way out in the country, and the closest neigbor is a mile away. Well, it was hot, and we were having a great time. After pushing each other around some, I found myself getting very turned on. Then, the 16 year old's swim top came off while the three of us were playing. The three of us just stood there a second, and I just stared. Then she said to me, I dare you to take off you swim suit. Well, my cock was rock hard, and I didn't want them to know. Then my other cousin said, if you get naked, we will too. And she grabed my swim suit and pulled it down. My hard cock just popped right out there, and both of them just looked at it.Without a word, they both striped. We then swam around a bit more. Then, they both wispered something to eachother and ran into the house. I decided to follow them, and ran in. Now remember that my clothes are still by the pool. Once in, I found the girls in Cathy's room (she's the 16-year-old), with a magazine of guys jerking off. They both looked at me and Cathy asked if I would do that for them. And they both smiled.Well, I had my cock in hand right away and started to stroke it as I sat down next to them on the bed. I only lasted just a couple of minutes until I was cumming all over. They both quickly moved in and started to lick my cum off of my hand, stomach, and still very hard cock. Then I asked them to finger themselves while I watched, and they were fingering their pussies right there, with each of them on each side of me. Cathy soon asked me if I'd like to help her out some; ofcourse I wanted to, so I started to finger her very wet pussy. Before I knew it, I had moved my mouth down and was licking her to an orgasm.The other cousin, Jill, then said that I needed to do that to her, which I went right over and started. Now my dick was still rock hard, and wanting so much more. Once Jill orgasmed, Cathy layed there, legs open wide, and smiling at me. We both know what she wanted me to do next, and I was not going to say no, so I moved over to her, and slid my dick into her waiting pussy. We fucked for about twenty minutes, until she orgasmed again. (now for me, reaching my second takes a long time, so I still had lots of time) and Jill told me that she wanted a good fucking like I did to Cathy. I fucked her for about fifteen minutes, until she orgasmed. I then, not wanting to cum in my cousin, pulled out, and started jerking off again. This time, they both got right in front of me and told me to cum on them, which I did seconds later.After laying in bed for about a hour, the three of us all showered and cleaned up. We then went on as if nothing had happened, that was until the next evening when my aunt was out again, and we repeated it all over again. After about a week later, my two cousins left for a couple days, and it was just me and my annt. Well, let me tell you, she is hot too. Well, Cathy had told me that she would watch her mom masturbate with a vibritor all the time, so I knew she masturbated too. So, the first morning, with just the two of us in the house, I got naked, left my bedroom door open just enough so if she walked by she would see me, and I started jerking. Well, within a minute, I heard her walking down the hall, and in she walked. She at first just stood there watching. Before I knew it, she walked over and asked if I could use a hand. Well, I said yes and that's another story. I will say this, we fucked for two days until my cousins returned. After that, for the rest of my visit, I was fucking either my annt or my cousin, depending on who was there. Any since last summer, well my aunt came out secretly for a week to visit me and we fucked the whole time.This coming summer, I'm going back for three months, and we know what I'll be doing. My cousins and I have had phone sex many times since this summer, and hey, even my aunt too. Neither of them knows that I'm doing the other, about now, wouldn't doing both at the same time be nice. It's nice to hope. Please email me at and I'll exchange email with you, Women only please.



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