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Doctor Doctor

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This true story happened earlier this year. I have a friend who is a doctor; he works at a hospital not far from my office. He's in his thirties and really good at what he does. Sexy, kind and thoughtful, he has no idea the power he has on people. It's exciting to see him at work, dressed in his white robe and neck tie, strutting around the corridors. Whenever I'm there to see him, I watch his every move and observe the subtle effect he has on everyone around him. He's hot, and he doesn't have a clue.

Anyway, I concocted a story as an excuse to see him. While sitting on the examination table facing him, I'm dressed in only an examination gown, no underwear. We exchange pleasantries while he starts his examination.

He stands before me as he checks my ears and mouth then moves down to my heart. The examination continues, now I'm on my back as he checks my stomach for any abnormalities, his hands are soft yet firm as they press in small circles around my bellybutton then closer to my pubic area, then my lymph nodes in the groin area, to my horror, my dick steers, resulting in a full blown erection. As I look up at the ceiling, my hands are at my side, I am totally embarrassed and uncertain of what to do, I hold on to the edge of the table and try thinking of something, anything that would cause my erection to fade. I dear not look in his direction. He holds my dick and examines its length and breadth; he makes some comment on its size and firmness. His voice is off in the distance as I try to process everything, then I feel his hard dick pressing on my forearm and I am drawn back to reality like a scratched record.

He presses hard on my forearm again and I press back. Without a doubt, he's hard as a rock. He turns away and I think, oh God what have I done, to my relief he locks the door behind him and returns to where we left off. Now the tables change and it's my turn to examine him. I release his belt and his pants fall to the floor. He's in boxers and tenting. I reach in and feel his member, our eyes transfixed, not a word is spoken; we maneuver by feel as we jerk each other in a hurried silence.

We must be quick or stand the chance of being interrupted. We jerked each other, staring in each others eyes, I can feel his warm breath in my face, I wanted to kiss him but thought the better of it, and then we came, one after the other in short explosive bursts. We got dressed in an awkward silence, with globs of cum still on the floor, a sticky reminder of what just happened. It has been several months since my visit and we haven't seen or spoken to each other since. I think I will pay him a visit at his home this afternoon and see if our last encounter had any negative effects on our friendship.



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