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Doctor assist

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I never thought while making this doctors appointment that I would be relating it to you on Solo Touch. Sorry for the length.


For the past couple of weeks I was having some mild irritation when I pissed and some definite discomfort when I ejaculated. I've been between girlfriends for 8 months now (it was a bad break up on this last one and I was in no hurry to start another one), and have had no sexual relations for that period of time. My buddy and I had a couple of mutuals (one mutual opened up a new experience for me, ask and I will tell.) the first months after my break up but he became very busy with his newly arrived baby boy. He is a very proud papa. I have of course been jacking off about once a week to release my horniness. I couldn't see a reason for my symptoms so I decided it was time to go see my doctor. 

The nurse took me back to the examination room and took a brief history and said the doctor would be in to see me in just a few minutes. She asked me to take off my clothes and to put on the examination gown. I did so and sat down on the examination table. The examination room was fairly warm so I was completely "relaxed" when the doctor arrived. I like my doctor. My doctor is mid 40s, good-looking in average sort away, average build average height. He has a great sense of humor and keeps everything in perspective. Very down to earth. I told him of my symptoms and when they started. He looked in my ears, checked my eyes, looked in my mouth, felt the sides of my neck, listened to my heart and lungs and then asked me to lay back on the examination table. He pulled the gown to the side and started to palpate my abdomen. His hands were very warm almost hot.

He started at the top of my abdomen and slid his hand across and then down to the middle then across then down toward the bottom of my abdomen just above my dick. I had just shaved my dick and balls and trimmed my pubes right before I started having my symptoms so everything was clean and tidy. I've been examined by a doctor many times before and only occasionally chubbed up during the nut and hernia check. Not this time. As he moved his hot hand across my abdomen my dick decided to start chubbing up. By the time he got to the bottom of my abdomen he had to move my dick aside because it had expanded and straightened itself out to where it was now pointing north instead of south. After he had palpated my bladder and lower abd he told me to stand at the foot of the examination table. So there I stood, with a half boner pointing straight out in front of me making small up-and-down movements with every beat of my heart. He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me. I was turning every shade of red. I apologized as I look down at my bobbing pecker.  He looked up at me and told me to relax. He said that this, (pointing at my dick), happened all the time. No worries.

He then took my very relaxed nut sack in one hand and with the other hand and gently started checking out my nuts. His hands were very warm on my sack. My nut sack was so loose that for a second he had trouble keeping my nuts in the palm of his hand as they tried to slip off on either side. I had to laugh at that one. He just shook his head. He started asking questions like " does this hurt? (hell no, feels great!), Have you had any swelling?,(other than right now) When was the last time you had any sexual relations,(I don't remember it's been so long!), have you had any discharge from your penis? (only when it gets hard! Like now!) I of course answered all the questions truthfully, "no it doesn't hurt., No unusual swelling, eight months ago, and no discharge." He then moved up to my now very hard dick. As he examined my dick a large drop of pre-come managed to show itself at the tip of my dick (what next?) and looked as if it would drip off at any moment. He took a Kleenex and wiped it off and moved on like nothing had happened. He asked if I had experienced or felt any lumps or pain during my erections. I told him no. Even though he was being very clinical about everything I was doing.

He then told me that he would have to examine my prostate! I thought to myself "self, doesn't he have to do that up my ass?" He took out a specimen cup and set it on the examination table in front of me. He said he was going to try to get a sample of my prostate fluid! (that doesn't sound good) He put some lube on his finger and told me to bend over the examination table. He spread the cheeks of my ass and told me to take a deep breath. I felt his finger apply pressure to my asshole. Nope, door closed. He told me to "relax!"and bare down like I was taking a crap.!? (crap, really?). As I did so his finger slipped inside of my rectum. I could feel his finger putting pressure inside on what I must assume was my prostate. It didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable and burned a little. He told me that if anything came out of my penis to collect it in the cup. Okaaay. It felt like he moved his finger in a circle and pressed down. It felt like I was cramping on the inside and then I felt my dick muscles contract and sure enough, a good sized blob of cum squirted out of my dick. I managed just in time to catch it in the specimen cup.

My dick was now superhard!! My dickhead had taken on a deep red color. He took the specimen cup and apologized because he said he knew i must uncomfortable because it didn't completely empty the prostate. (he really did look sincere) He said he had to take the specimen to the lab and would be gone for about 10 minutes. It sounded more like a question than a statement? I said okay. When he left it dawned on me that he was asking if 10 minutes would be enough time for me to finish emptying my prostate. Wow! At first I thought no way, I'm not jacking off in the doctors office. But it was uncomfortable and as long as he was offering I might as well. I put some lube on my dick and started stroking. I didn't think I would last but a couple of minutes since it felt like I was so close anyway. I don't know if it was the fact I was in a doctors office and anybody could walk in at any minute but I just couldn't cross the finish line. I sped up my stroke and change the pressure of my grip. I just couldn't cum.

As I stood there with my hand around my now blue pecker and my frustration at max the door of the examination room opened and the doctor walked in. I thought to myself "what the hell!". The doctor looked embarrassed and apologized but said that he had to have another specimen. The lab tech had contaminated the one that he had given him. He had a questioning look on his face as if to say why wasn't I finished. I looked at him and said that I just can't cross the finish line. (pity face?) He put on a pair of gloves and asked me to bend over the table again so he could get another specimen. The guy really looked like he was sorry. He told me to go ahead and keep trying and maybe it would happen while he tried to get his specimen. He inserted his finger in my rectum again and started to press on my prostate. I kept stroking. If anything the pressure built even more but nothing. I looked down between my legs and past my moving hand and bouncing nuts and noticed him sitting on his chair. That's when I saw it. I saw a slight bulge at the top of his right thigh. I saw it grow. And then I saw it move. The doctor was getting a hard on and it flexed! His demeanour never changed. He was clinical and professional. That's what was holding me back. Everything was too clinical, too professional. The idea of him getting excited while I jacked off did it. I couldn't help it but I let out a soft moan as my dick started to jerk and spasm, I know the Dr. had to feel orgasm because he pressed harder on my prostate. Cum started shooting out of my dick. The first shot went over the specimen cup and hit the paper on top of the examination table with a loud splat splat splat. I managed to get the next four ropes of come into the specimen container. The remaining 2 to 3 releases of cum dripped from my dick on to the examination table. The doctor's erection was clearly visible now going down just pass his crotch on his right thigh. I could even make out the change in outline of his dickhead. The tightness of his slacks outlined it well. The doctor eased his finger out of my rectum causing one last contraction which sent a release of cum out of my dick and shaft onto my balls. When the doctor stood his slacks relaxed and his hardon was less noticeable. As he left the room he told me I could put my clothes back on and he would be back in just a minute. When the doctor came back into the room the bulge was gone. He was again as always friendly and completely professional. She said there was no infection that I had prostatitis? Which is an inflammation of the prostate. Cause? He said I wasn't using my prostate enough! That I needed to "exercise" my prostate more, 4 to 5 times a week. I think I can follow that prescription! I never had a doctor tell me I need to jack off more. 



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