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Do You like Wanking?

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My favorite cousin has really come into her own.


I've always gotten on really well with my younger distant cousin Helen, who is 19. These days I have to admit that she's a really hot looking girl and that a few months ago I really started taking notice of her. She's about 5 foot 4 inches and about 110 pounds, with red hair, smallish, round tits and a lovely arse.

A few weeks ago one weekend she came around to my flat. I was busy reorganising my room with the rest of my flatmates away. As soon as she walked in the door I was privately thinking how hot Helen looked in her white tee shirt and denim shorts. As I invited her into my bedroom I wondered whether she was flirting with me. Like when she pushed her gorgeous arse against my groin as she bent over to look at some photos on my laptop.

After a while she turned to me, blushed a lovely red and asked me to sit down because she wanted to do something for me, because I was a good friend to her. I was really curious to find out what she meant and sat down on the side of my bed.

Helen blushed again. 'You know I really like you a lot and...' 'Yeah, hey I like you.' I wondered where this was going, hoping it was going in a certain direction. My penis was starting to stir as Helen's hand moved down to the front of her shorts. Still, I was surprised by what eventually happened.

'Do you like to wank?' she asked, with a cheeky grin. 'Huh? Why do you ask?' I found myself gulping. Helen, standing in front of me was most of the way through undoing her shorts. She looked me in the eyes 'Because I'd like to wank with you. Come on, it'll be fun!' She was still looking me in the eyes as she dropped her shorts and panties. Her face turned bright pink as I stared at her clean shaven slit, with the triangle of hair pointing down at it. Still watching me she slid her right index finger down her cunt then held it out for me. 'I'm really wet, wanna taste?' I leaned forward and licked-she smelled and tasted clean and hot. By now my head was spinning and my cock was pulsing in my pants.

As I stood up to down trousers Helen gave me a lingering kiss then stood with her legs wide open. My cock sprang to attention and Helen, staring down at my throbbing member licked her fingers and started rubbing her juicy cunt. Then she got me to sit down again while she stayed standing in front of me. As I took my cock in my fist and started to pump she opened her crinkly inner labia, showing me her pink interior. Her fingers started gliding around her inner womanhood. As she teased her clitoris she closed her eyes and started moaning. 'Oh fuck! Shit that feels so good! Oh! Wow! my clitty feels so fucking...' I'd never heard her talk dirty before and it made my cock jerk and tingle. Then she pulled up her top and started teasing her long pink nipples with her left hand.

I started pumping even harder as Helen performed in front of me. She was really into herself, gasping and grunting as her orgasm built up. Part of the time she was watching my cock bouncing around as I fisted myself, for the rest she was enjoying being completely uninhibited, exhibiting her wide open cunt to me. I was first to give way, and Helen laughed as I squirted thick hot semen onto the floor and across her thighs. She dabbed her finger in a puddle and spread my goo over her tits, commenting on how good I tasted. She pushed me back onto my bed and kneeled in front of me to continue her show. I ran my hands up her thighs and she let me tease her pussy. Finally, with a grunt and a squeal, she pushed her fingers deep inside herself and came. A stream of her hot juices splattered on my legs and groin. 'Oooh fuck I enjoyed that! She gasped, lying down beside me. 'Did you enjoy yourself? she asked, turning over and stroking my already half erect cock as she looked me in the eyes.

We've enjoyed lots more mutual masturbation sessions and, lots more besides, since then.



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