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Disturbed by Mum

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Christina and I are no more. After a good think, she's d code my family are just too weird for her. Well, they are what they are, and anyway, I think Christina was more interested in my incapacity than anything else. So. My arm is getting better, but I still can wank with enough speed to get myself off....God knows, I've been trying.


And it was while I was trying that mum walked right in on me. There was nothing I could do to hide it either. A leg in a cast from For to hip, and the opposing arm in a cast, you don't move anywhere quickly.

I was at full hard on, and had almost got there, having let my mind think about some really dirty things that, frankly, I'm too embarrassed to talk about.

Mum walked in, took one look and turned on her heel and walked right back out. Needless to say, the moment had been lost. My arm was hurting and although my cock was desperate for release, I knew trying further was pointless.

I felt quite angry....not at mum....it wasn't her fault.....but that I knew I'd have to wait and try all over again. I don't believe in the so-called 'blue-balls', but no guy will deny that feeling super horny isn't fun.

As I settled down for a bit of a sulk, the door opened again and mum came back in. She shut the door, put the arm full of washing she'd brought in down on the chair and sat on my bed.

"I'm sorry I walked out on your cock" she said "it was rude of me."

I would have thought she might apologise for,walking in, not out!

"It's clear you're still having trouble, and it's not fair to leave you like this". And so saying, she wrapped her fingers around my dick. She began a slow, full length wank, going the full length of my shaft. Then she did something Claire des for me sometimes, she leaned in and spat on my cockhead! I love that...really love it. Then as I lay back to enjoy what was happening, I got a glimpse up her skirt. "It's ok....you can look.......and touch, if you like"

I reached tentatively between her legs, and she helped me by slipping her panties off. I eased two fingers into her and gently finger fucked her, feels ng her rocking her pelvis onto my fingers....but it was when she said "You're gone ng to make me cumdoing that" that made me suddenly spurt, and I do mean spurt high into the air. So high, I came onto her face and neck.

She carried on wanking me until I had finished, then she leaned over me and sucked my clean. She sat on the bed and closed her eyes and I felt my mum cum on my fingers as she licked the sperm off her face.

"Next time you get like this, tell me, and I'll let you cum inside me." She DID however, give me a small lecture. "Now, a know Claire and Jayne help out from time to time, but promise me that you won't cum inside Claire. She's not on the pill yet, and well, we don't want any unfortunate situations. 

I dozed off feeling better than. Have Fr a few days. 



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