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Distracted at Work

 Oversexed at work.      


True story.

My wife is very sensual, has a strong sex drive, and frequently needs relief. At work she had a comfortably appointed private office. One of her male colleagues was a  sharp dresser (She finds men in tailored business suits compellingly attractive). So,a day on which she was feeling especially distracted, i.e., horny, she sought relief by fantasizing about the sharp dresser.

So, she told her secretary to hold all calls and visitors--she had an important report to finish up, and did not want to be interrupted for a few minutes. Now, my wife still does her Kegels and occasionally applies them for relief. (This story is just one of many.)

Her description of how she felt that day still drives me wild. In her office she had an old fashioned uncushioned desk chair which had a rise in the middle of the seat  well suited her purpose. She brought the chair to her desk, sat down and got down to work, as it were, by situationg her crotch on the rise, crossed her legs straight and tight, rhythmically  flexed the  inner part of her thighs and calves and rubbing her feet together, slightly rocking back and forth on the seat, all the time thinking about the sharp dressed colleague. It took her about 5 or 6 minutes to finish the report, as it were. She said it was one of the best orgams she ever had.  Her only issues of concern were wet panties and a possibly funky smelling room, and  she felt a little giddy when she ran into the sharp dressed man later in the day and hoped her subconscious would not betray her.

I was not jealous.  The fact is, what prompted her to do this was my challenge! She let me know that she lived up to it: Her first words when she saw me,  "Guess what I did today, honey!" It took a few seconds to register, and as she described the circumstances and re-enacted, I just watched and then came without any touching like a teen age boy getting his first "feel".



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