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Discovery By Chance

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 A spur of the moment kinda thing that changed how I do it to myself. It is about enjoying women’s swimwear but also how I found a new way to ‘reach the top’ in other circumstances as well. 

First of all, I have this weird thing about one piece swimsuits. I’ve had it for as long as I can recall, first it was the excitement of wearing a girl’s outfit, then it moved towards the snugness and how tight it sits on your body. Soon it developed into a real fascination that has followed me ever since. I just love how it clings to your body, tight and shiny, and in different colours and styles. Still there’s the excitement of wearing women’s clothing - still I’m no cross dresser though. I just find pleasure in using them to bring myself to a nice climax wearing one. 

One night I wanted to treat myself to a nice time with a suit so I found a black one with white outlines on it. I put it on and laid on my bed, feeling myself up and down and how the arousal started to build up. A nice erected one stood out from behind the black smooth material and emitted clear liquid soaking the suit. I let a finger glide across the top of my penis slowly rubbing it, feeling small but good tingles all the time. 


The thing is getting off inside a suit like that was difficult for me being a male, I had to flip it out from its confinement to get myself to come. I’ve always wanted to reach the finish line without doing it - in a way a woman would be able to. But what can you do when your physique is what it is?


This time my girlfriend had left behind a long type of vibrator as she went back home for a couple of weeks. I remembered that one and thought it would be a nice thing to try. If not for anything just to use it on my erection before I went for it. I found the thing, it was a long pink one with a little round extension on top. I turned it on, tried a few settings and found one that pulsated in different ways. I laid back as I began to touch myself with it - hmm…this felt nice… Something I’ve never felt before but I kept going, moving it back and forth. On the tip, down the shaft and around in circles in the crotch. Pushing it gently as it vibrated through the material and sent the sensation into my hips. Using a tool meant for a woman added to the whole thing and made me feel even better doing it. 


I moved it up to the tip of my limb again and found myself rubbing it a bit quicker on it. Man, that felt sooo good…!! Suddenly I was going quicker and I found myself moving around as it steadily built up. I felt my penis starting to twitch and this was the point of no return. I realised I was coming using a vibrator, inside a suit, the feeling of it rubbing through the material and on my throbbing manhood, and that made me explode. I felt the warm sensation spreading through my body, it was as if my erect wanted more than this and just kept going, going, going…until I felt it burst and huge amounts of cum pumped out of me and soaked the suit. My hand was moving the pink rubber handle violently up and down, and my other hand pushed up into the crotch just grabbing hold of the black lycra. I was near screaming but held it inside, it was that strong of a climax. 


After the top was reached I was lying flat out, breathing heavily and felt a satisfying sensation I’ve never had before. My suit had a huge, warm sticky patch on my stomach, and my limb was slowly getting back to its normal state. I still had the vibrator in my hand, doing its thing, and I let it slide across my penis one last time, sending shivers down my spine. I turned it off, peeled off the suit, put it in the washing machine and had a long hot shower. 


It got used on more occasions after that, both with and without a swimsuit, and it gave the same orgasms - if possible even better ones. I told my girlfriend about my newly discovered method, after all she had told me I was free to use the pink wand if I felt like it. When she returned a few weeks later she joined in on the fun - but that’s a different story..




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