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I guess I have been enjoying masturbating for just over 40 years since I discovered how good it felt to have a stiff cock and make it 'itch' when I was about nine years old. Now I have found this site it gives me a chance to share a few of my more memorable occasions with anyone who cares to read them. I started out not really knowing anything about growing up, sex or anything, back in the late 50's, very early 60's it was still short trousers for boys and long skirts for girls and sex was just not discussed. To be undressed was to be rude and disgusting, so when I was having a bath one day and my willy started to give me a pleasant feeling in the bottom of my stomach when I stood up in the bath to wash myself, I carried on rubbing it until it grew and stood up on its own. There was enough water in the bath to cover myself so I sat down and carried on washing and playing with my cock and really started to enjoy the feelings I was getting from playing with myself. I think it was the next bath time where I started to play with myself as soon as I got in that I had this fantastic throbbing sensation after rubbing the end of my cock with a bar of soap. After that bath time was much more fun and while these first orgasms were still dry they were great and gave a wonderful feeling as my cock twitched and throbbed in the water. I was enjoying the feelings so much I started to play with my cock in bed as well, before going to sleep.

I soon found out that I was not the only one to discover the joys of masturbation; I had several school friends but one particular 'best mate' called Barry. We were playing in our den built into a hedge out in the fields when I said I needed to have a pee. I went out and Barry followed and I went down the hedge to a clump of nettles where we both got our willies out and I started to pee but he didn't but just stood there with his willy in his hand watching me. As I was busy he asked if my willy ever got stiff? I asked what he meant and he just said like this and started to rub his hand up and down his willy then undid his trousers and took them and his pants down and stood there showing me and the world his erect cock. I had finished peeing and watching him had started to get my willy interested but there was no way I was going to undress out in the open, so leaving my willy out I started to walk back to the den. He hitched up his pants and followed. Back in the den Barry dropped his trousers and pants then took them off altogether followed by his top, naked now apart from his shoes and socks he stood in front of me and showed me his stiff willy. Again he wanted to know if mine got stiff the same so since it was sticking out and stiff I took my clothes off and we both stood there naked looking at each other. He started to rub his willy by holding the shaft about half way down between his finger underneath and his thumb on top. Do you ever make yours itch he asked and I said yes, like this and started to rub the tip of my cock with one finger. He said he had never tried it that way and I had never tried it his way so of course we had to show each other but then he did not quite do it right so he asked me to do it for him. It was the first time I had touched another willy but it felt very nice to hold his shaft in one hand and to rub the end with my finger, and even nicer when he took hold of my willy and started to rub it his way. We eventually got our willies to 'itch' after a great time together.

After that we would often play with our cocks together or with each other's and depending on where we were we would be naked doing it. My very first wet cum was over his hand and a couple of weeks later he returned the favour. It wasn't long though before Barry introduced another of our school friends into our game. The three of us had been playing and Barry had ended up getting wet so we went back to his house to dry off. His parents were out so he invited us up to his room while he changed. He took the chance to take all his clothes off while we watched then told us since we had seen his cock (we had grown up, it was a cock now not a willy) he wanted to see ours. John took no second asking and had his cock out in no time and soon all three of us were naked playing with our own cock and watching the other two. Until I was about 14 we often had two or three of us lads playing together, out in the fields or at each other's houses. Mostly we masturbated ourselves but now and then we would play with each other but never anything more than by hand and it was always more fun to be completely naked than just getting our cock out. Our biggest group was five, round at my house one day.

At 14 my parents moved to a small village and far away from my wanking mates so I had to adjust to just doing it on my own, still great fun but then along came girls to make things even more fun.



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