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Discovering What My Dick Could Do

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Learning how my dick worked


When I was younger, I used to play a game in the bathroom.  After I peed, I would put my dick on the toilet seat and close the lid on it and press down on the lid with all my weight.  I would fantasize that I was on an island surrounded by women who had clamped my dick in the seat to hold me captive.  It hurt, but in a good way.  It probably wasnít too good for my little dick, but I liked to do it and I pressed as hard as I could.  The longer I held down on the toilet lid, the better it felt.  Even though it was squashed, my dick would start to get hard, if I kept it up long enough.  If I did get a boner, I usually stopped since it got too uncomfortable to keep smashing it.

I did this for a long time not knowing that there was anything like an orgasm.  When I pressed, I could feel the pleasure building, and I loved how good it felt, but I didnít know there could be a payoff.

Somewhere along the line, instead of smashing my dick in the toilet seat, I switched to lying face down on the floor with my hands under me and pressing my pelvis into my hands and the floor as hard as I could.  I had more control of the feeling when my hands were in direct contact with my dick, and it didnít hurt as much, so I would lie on the floor and feel the feeling build.  Finally one time I kept at it and let it build and then this great feeling washed through my body.  I didnít think of it as sexual so much as just a physical reaction.  But it felt fantastic, and, needless to say, I kept it up for years.  I learned that it felt better overall if I left the bathroom door open with the chance that I could get caught.  It became kind of a game to see if I could get the feeling before someone came by.








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