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Discovering Parent's Hidden Photos

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Do most young boys have sexual attraction for their mom?


By the time I was fourteen I'd been masturbating for five years. In fact, masturbation was a daily routine for me. I just couldn't get enough of it.

At that stage of my life I was a real introvert and was really timid and shy. In fact, girls actually scared me. None-the-less, I was still a horny teenager with hormones running wild. I guess that's why I developed a sexual attraction for my mother. My mom was in her early thirties and was quite attractive. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a slim figure. Her breasts were grapefruit sized with brownish pink nipples. I know that because I accidently caught her topless one time. That proved to be a source of many masturbation moments.

One summer day I happened to be home alone. Mom and Dad and my siblings were all out and not expected to be back any time soon. So I decided to have some fun with myself. I pulled my cock out of my pants and started stroking it as I roamed through the house in search of masturbation material. I eventually wound up in my parent's room. I didn't know what I was searching for. I only knew I wanted to find something of mom's that I could use to get off by. Maybe a pair of mom's panties might help do the trick. Or maybe I might find something more provocative. I didn't know and didn't care. I think my cock head was doing the thinking for me.

I carefully searched mom and dad's room finally focusing my attention on a set of chest-of-drawers. There I pulled out the top drawer and started rummaging through the contents. Nothing that would help me in that drawer. But then as I was rummaging in that drawer I accidently bumped my knuckles into something hard above my hand. Hmmmm.....what could that be? The chest-of-drawers turned out to have a hollow top of about four inches with a half shelf above the top drawer. It was this 'hidden' shelf that I had bumped my knuckles on.

I snaked my hand inside and up to above the opened drawer to explore what, if anything might be tucked away on the 'hidden' shelf. Sure enough to my delight I felt something. I quickly grasped it and pulled it out of the drawer. I held in my hand a black leather shaving kit. It was about four inches wide by about ten inches long and had a zippered top.

Of course by that time my mind was playing all kinds of tricks with me. What could possibly make my parents hide something like this away? What could be in it that they would want to hide? My cock was jumping up and down with the possibilities. I carried the shaving kit over to mom and dad's bed and placed it unopened on top of it. I then tentatively grasped the zipper and slid it from one end to the other until the thing was opened. I could only imagine what contents were inside of it. Cautiously I spread open the top and looked inside.

As I said, I was searching the house and particularly my parent's room for some masturbatory material. Well, I hit the jackpot!! Inside the kit was five Polaroid pictures and a plastic object. I drew each item out one at a time and arranged them on my parent's bed.. The plastic object was a red colored rod of sorts about two inches in diameter and eight inches long. It had a smooth rounded tip on one end and a ball shape on the other end. As a fourteen-year-old boy I had never in my life seen anything like it and had no idea what it was. But I was soon to find out.

I started examining the pictures that had been secluded away with the plastic object. To my delight they were pornographic pictures of my parents. The first two pictures were of my mom performing an oral act on my dad. They were nice, but not exactly what I was really looking for.

However, pictures three, four and five exactly fitted the ticket. Picture three was of my mom sitting on the edge of their bed. She was leaning back on her hands and was totally naked with her legs spread open. I marvelled at the sight of mom's hairy pussy and nearly shot my wad at the sight of it. Picture four was almost identical to number three with one exception. In this picture mom had the red plastic thing inserted into her pussy. Picture five was even better. In it mom was lying on her back on their bed and it was a close-up view of mom's pussy with the plastic object inserted all the way up in her.

I know now that what I had discovered was mom's dildo and a series of pictures that dad had taken of her with it. But remember, I was an innocent fourteen-year-old boy then and knew nothing of such things.

As I stood there looking at the pornographic pictures of my mom spread out before me I took hold of my throbbing cock and began masturbating furiously. I imagined that the red object there inside of her was me. I came in no time.

I'd learned that by pinching off the head of my cock when I started cumming that I could prevent shooting cum all over the place and making a mess. I still orgasmed and still pumped semen only it had nowhere to go until I released my pinch. After I had finished cumming I went into mom and dad's bathroom and stood over their toilet. Then I let go of my cock causing a stream of cum to fall down into the bowl. I wondered how much of dad's cum mom had let dribble out of her pussy into that same bowl.

Having fulfilled my masturbation needs for the moment I tucked my spent cock back into my pants and carefully reinserted the pictures and dildo back into the shaving kit. Then I stuck it back up onto the hidden shelf about in the same position as best that I could guess.

It soon became a regular routine for me that whenever I was home alone I would get out the shaving kit and have a good masturbation session. Then one day it was gone. That was a sad day for me. I wonder if mom and dad had found out that I'd been getting it out. I also wonder if they knew what I had been doing with it.



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