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Discovering A New Hobby Part 2

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Turning a hobby into a routine!

First off, Thank You All for the Likes and Comments on the first part. The morning after can always be an awkward situation after any sexual experience, and for certain Dan and I experienced that same awkwardness. The booze had now warn off, a hangover from hell had now replaced the liquid courage, and now we had to deal with waking up naked with tons of unanswered questions. These questions would have to wait however, we had to catch a bus back home, back to reality it seemed. For me there were tons of questions, but the one that stayed ingrained into my mind was, "would we ever do it again?" We both sat together on the bus, surrounded by the rest of our team on what would be the longest bus ride of my life. Well it seemed that way at least! We finally made it back to our home town and went our separate ways, we said our awkward "see ya later," and that was that. I went home confused, concerned, and as horny as I have ever been.

It was the summer so there was no school, and usually Dan and I hung out everyday. Three days had gone by and we both hadn't spoken to each other. I was now concerned he regretted everything from that night, and I had lost a close friend. I finally did what I knew needed to be done and called him. It was the usual teenage guy conversation about sports, girls, and our next tournament. Finally I mustered up the courage and brought up the inevitable. The only thing I knew to say was sorry, which was weird, because I wasn't in the least! I enjoyed every second of it. Then he hit me with exactly what I was wanting him to say all along! "Man, there is no need to apologize!" "I started it, and well, we finished it!" He went on to say that he was worried that I was freaked out about it, and that I thought that it was just a one time drunk deal. I stopped him and let him know I was feeling the same way, but that I enjoyed the whole night and that I would be in for some fun if he was in. It didn't take long to get to the point of us both agreeing that we were horny as hell, and that we needed to get together soon. His house was always the house we hung out at. His mom and dad were always off on some trip, and he had no other siblings. As soon as we got off the phone I was out the door. It was an uncomfortable drive, due to the fact that my cock was hard as steel! Finally made it to his house and he answered the door in some boxer shorts obviously sporting a nice erect cock. I joked and asked if he started without me, and he said he could go all day long. Apparently we were operating on the same wave length because neither of us had cum since our last get together. We walked into the living room where his folks had one of those big screen TVs that weighed as much as a truck, but it was the new thing back then. He gotten some porn VHS tapes from his old mans closet and pushed play. It took all of about 1 minute for me to get naked, and he just stripped those boxers right off. Two hard cocks yearning to be stroked, four swollen balls ready to empty three days worth of thick white cum!

We started slow, watching the movie, not saying a word. After about ten minutes we both realized the porn was useless. We were both watching each other, and me wanting to feel his hard cock again! I was also hoping he wanted to stroke me as well! He finally spoke, talking about the differences in our cocks. My thick swollen head, his full floppy balls, and the fact that both of us shared our lack of pubic hair. I had grown to what I am today, a rather thick 7in cock, with what I am told is a great thick head! Dan, as I would later measure and find out was right a 6 in, but had a set of balls any man would be proud of. I told him how much I enjoyed seeing his balls flop around as he jerk his hard cock, and how he liked to pull them down from the base as he jerked off! I also enjoyed the copious amounts of precum he leaked out as he jerked! The more we talked, and the more we opened up, and the more relaxed everything became.

I piped up first asking if he minded me taking over for a bit? He obliged, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. I shifted around facing him on the couch sitting cross legged, and grabbed his pulsating dick with my right hand. The warmth, the hardness, and the soft skin of another guys hard cock was a fantastic feeling! I started out slow, running my thumb over his clear coated head, then loosely stroking up and down his entire length. He leaned back, hands by his side. clinched fists, and giving a slight moan. I had now taken my left hand and played with those low hanging bull balls. Attempting to mimic his routine of pulling those beauties away from his shaft as his hand went toward the head of his cock. I got a good rhythm going when he made me stop. He said he wanted us to both cum together. Confused, I began to shift back to my original position, but he stopped me again. Without saying a word he got up walked into his room and got on his bed.

I followed right behind! Laying on the bed watching his cock twitch almost sent me over the edge! I walked up to the bed and he told me to get between his legs. Not knowing exactly what he meant I just got on the bed laying down on my back, his head near the headboard, and mine near the foot. He scooted in closer, our legs now somewhat pretzel-like we both had equal opportunity to stroke each other at the same time. We were now set up, cocks merely inches apart from one another, and stroking almost in sync. Precum was everywhere at this point! I couldn't tell if mine was his hitting my legs, or vice versa. Then he did something I never would have even imagined. He pulled my cock towards his and began rubbing my head all along his shaft. It was simply amazing, strings of my precum attached to to his shaft as he pulled me away. I returned the favor! We kept scooting closer together as the climax built.

We were now cock to cock, he grasped both our dicks and took over this new found pleasure. Both my hands at my side, I felt his hand, his cock, and those great balls all over my entire package! I was in ecstasy, and so was he. We both kept saying how much we liked each others cock, and how much fun this summer would be. It was now time and we both knew it. His balls had now tightened and so had mine. He began shaking, and then to my utter enjoyment a thick rope of cum erupted from his cock head. Watching it land right on the head of my cock, my stomach, and balls. This sent me over the edge cumming from deep down in my balls! The way my cock was aimed the majority of the four nice ropes of cum covered his stomach and pubic area, but his cock got a nice cum bath as well! I watched in amazement as the site of two young hard cocks were covered in cum! I reached up and had to have a feel! The warm, sticky mixture of two guys loads felt great in my hand! We shared a few "fuck that was great," and "we have to do this again!" This all lead to quite possibly the greatest summer ever, and a life long friendship! Hope you enjoyed! Tried to make it as grammatically correct as possible! I will continue to add more parts to this story! It only gets more intense and crazy from here! Once again thanks for reading! Comments are much appreciated!



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