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Died and Gone To Heaven

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When I was about 19, after Christmas with the family, I went north to go skiing and meet up with some friends. They were coming up separately a day or so later. It turned out they were delayed considerably because of a snow storm. I stopped at the store on the way up to get groceries and saw a friend, Linda, who was about eight years older than me or so. I had worked for her husband, Bob, during the summer and all three of us were pretty close. I had a huge crush on her when I was younger and she knew it. I had been in their wedding about five or so years ago and she had let me drive her car when I needed the experience for driver's education when I was 15.

In greeting her and asking about Bob and I learned they had separated and it was not going well. She was living at the cabin way out in the woods by herself. The cabin was an awesome place. They custom built it so they could be self sufficient all winter if they wanted to with no need for electricity, gas or any of the normal 'luxuries' as they put it. Yet it had running water, plenty of heat from wood stoves, a hot tub and sauna, etc., all heated with wood or gas. It was also out in the middle of nowhere.

She asked if I would like to make some money and come out to help around the cabin for a day. I was delighted and accepted and we made arrangements for the next day since my friends would not be up until late the day after. I arrived at day break and she had me splitting wood and fill the bins she used for heat along with many other chores. By mid morning it began to snow. When I broke for lunch we had a good six inches of snow and still falling. By mid afternoon we had another four or five inches and the wind started up.

Linda asked me to come in so she could pay me and get me on my way. As I was leaving and almost to my car, I heard Sam, her dog, bark and then saw him dart out of the cabin in a full run. He headed down the trail that led to a nearby river when Linda tried calling him back. I offered to go and get him and took off after him.

I was trudging through the snow when I heard a yelp and a cry from Sam and immediately picked up my pace. When I got to the river bank I could see Sam had slid down the embankment onto the ice covered river. I noticed the ice was clear of snow and my guess it was because of the trees and the blowing wind. Later I learned that because of the springs that feed the river, it never fully froze and snow would melt and crusts over making it look lke ice. Because I had been there in the summer, I figured the river was about two to three feet deep and so was not too concerned. I started to reach for Sam while holding on to some vines that grew up the trees. I got close enough to Sam to grab his collar and began to haul him up. Just as I gave one last heave to pull Sam up onto the bank, the ice gave way. My weight, Sam and the force of pulling a struggling dog sent me in to the water and I was completely submerged. When I came up, Sam was running down the trail.

The water was more like four feet deep and thank god there was very little current or I would be under the ice. The shock of the cold knocked the air out of me and I was grabbing for anything to get balance and get out. It seemed to take a long time to get out of the water and up the bank. I was now shaking uncontrollably and began to walk back to the cabin. I remember willing myself forward when I slipped and fell on my back. The fall knocked the wind out of me and I was coughing. I was struggling to stay aware, but I was confused and I knew I needed to get up and move. Just then I felt a hand on my water soaked coat. Linda was helping me. She later told me that she first thought I had left but then noticed my car still there about 15 minutes later. She then took a while to find me because I wondered off the trail. I don't remember much from the time she pulled me off the ground to the time I entered the cabin. I do remember her stripping me to my underwear and moving me to close to the wood burner. The heat lit my skin on fire even though I stood a couple feet away. I was woozy and coughing. Linda then reached to pull my underwear off I tried to resist some. She said, 'Mark, we cannot worry about modesty now. I need to get you out of the wet clothes and warm.'

I was now sitting naked with my hands between my legs trying to get warm and cover my shrunken sex. I remember thinking it was so withdrawn that it could have frozen and fallen off and it would not look much different. The stove was feeling better and I lost interest in covering up. I just wanted to stop shaking. It felt warmer and soon shivering slowed. Linda brought me some warm tea to drink with a blanket for over my shoulder. The cup felt good in my hands and warmed me some more as I drank it.

As I warmed, I started to become very sleepy. I was dizzy and could not keep my eyes open. I wanted to lie down and the shivering started to come back. Her smile soon disappeared and then grabbed me under the arm and led me to her bed. She had me crawl under the covers and soon joined me. She turned me on my side facing away from her and spooned me using her body to warm me. She moved her arms to warm my chest area. She moved her legs over mine to help warm my legs. I then realized she was nude also. I continued to soak up the warmth and fell asleep.

I awoke later choking and coughing. I could not clear my throat. Linda got more tea, this time with whisky. She was holding the cup for me to drink and leaning over with one knee on the bed and one hand holding her steady. She did not bother to cover up and I looked in her eyes and then back to her breasts, those beautiful breasts that were swaying as she helped me drink. I was able to see enough of her to notice her vagina was trimmed close with only a little hair above a very puffy slit that sort of glistened. She smiled and helped me to drink the last of the tea and whisky. She returned to bed and our spooning position and I fell dead asleep again.

Linda was about 5'4', maybe 120 lbs, green eyes, and I guess about a C cup. In the morning, I felt Linda get up and heard the shower and smelt breakfast. She returned to the bedroom nude and suggested I take a shower so we could get a sauna. I did as she asked, not worrying about my nudity. Wow, was she beautiful. After a quick shower, she escorted me into a hot sauna. We sat together nude on towels and talked. I was hard as a rock and had no clue what to do in the situation. All warm and toasty now and with only towels on, we ate breakfast. It was very warm in the cabin, maybe 80 or so. We talked a little bit about what happened.

Then she said, 'I was so worried about you. You were almost unconscious when I found you. I hope everything will be ok for you down there.' She was pointing to my groin area and I knew what she meant. I blushed and thought I would be ok. She said that we will not be plowed out until tomorrow now because of the storm. She suggested I take a nap on the coach and again, I did as she suggested. She gave me a sheet to cover my nudity and took the towel. It was a while later when I opened my eyes and saw her sitting in the chair reading with a house dress on. I had a huge erection and it showed through the thin sheet not only because it tented, but there was a wet spot.

Linda smiled and while pointing at my erection, suggested that maybe I should take care of my 'problem, just to see if everything worked ok.' With a bit of a giggle, she got up and left the room so I pushed the sheet off and was jacking away. I was so horny and a little curious. I was close to cumming when Linda and her sweet smile walked in with a wash cloth in one hand and my freshly washed jeans in the other. She nodded to continue and she stood by while I finished. I ejaculated all over my chest. Oh it felt good. She cleaned me up with great care and gentleness and left. Not much more occurred other than we talked and played some board games and ate. We did see each other nude several more times before I left the next morning. The next day we were plowed out and I left. It was some 25 years later that I would see Linda again. Oh what a reunion.



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