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Did She Know What I Was Doing????

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Masturbation fanatic, and dont care who knows it.
I have not written one of my masturbating experiences for ages, but am really horny tonight so here goes. I have been single for a long time now, so masturbating is part of my daily routine. I really enjoy it and don't care who knows it. When my friends ask if I miss sex, I quite happily tell them there is nohing that I can't take care of myself. But, when I had too much to drink one night, I took a bit of a chance when staying at a friends one night. I had to sleep on her couch and she went to bed in her room. I stripped off all my clothes, so I was now in her living room with the door open naked. I could hear that she was not asleep and was still walking about. I was however feeling that sensation between my legs that I just know needs seeing too right away. Normally if I play with myself in someones house, I would do it quietly and discreetly, but that night as I was drunk I had oher ideas. I lay on her couch with nothing on and spread my knees high and began to finger myself. The door was still open to the hall, and I was making no effort to hide the fact that I was masturbating, except that the cover she gave me was over the bottom of my legs. By this point I was getting frantic and was rustling on the couch and as my juices were really wet now, the noises of me thrusting against my wet pussy were more than obvious. I heard her leave her room, but I was so far gone and quite giddy from the drink I made no effort to hide what I was doing. She passed the door but did not look in, but by this point I would not have cared. I was full thrust into pumping my pussy to orgasm. I was not moaning as I usually would , but was heavily breathing as I could not help myself, and as she was moving around in the kitchen I was fingering myself on her couch with the door open in full view. I knew she was not watching , but was more than aware that she would surely have guessed what I was doing. This did not bother me though, and I was so close that even if she had walked in to the room I could not have stopped myself. I came with such force that I had to let out a groan, but knew to contain it. Straight after that I stopped and lay back exhausted, I was still naked with my breasts and pussy on show , but not touching myself now. My friend left the kitchen and had no option but to look straight in my view. I would of had the impression that I was asleep, but was obviously exposing myself. I heard her gasp. The next morning when I woke I started to remember what had happened and was wondering what to say. She came in the room, and said that she had heard that I had been having a restless night and asked if I was okay as she had heard me tossing and turning. I just said yeah that I had been very restless, but had managed to get myself off eventually. Great reply, I thought and she must have known what I was up to, as I have told her that I play myself all the time. But I will never know if she did, but don't mind as if she had asked I would have admitted it. I love masturbating and don't care who knows it. So I'm off now to do what I do do best, but as on my own tonight can go for it with my vibrator no holds barred. So looking forward to my solo session.



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