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Desperation & Denial

Posted by: Age: 38 Posted on: 5 comments
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I love to masturbate when my bladder is full… 

The sensation while rubbing myself comes ten fold. Massaging my nipples and flexing my clit while I squeeze my sex has me dripping in no time. I gently rub a couple fingers into my wet slit and savor the slippery surface of my juicy labia. With my other hand I spread my lips open and give my bean a couple taps with my finger. The ripples of desire pulse through me. I leak a little on my bed. The sensation and knowing I’m being naughty are thrilling. 


Cupping my juicy pre cum with my fingers, I wet my nipples and allow them to perk up as I blow on them. I can feel my bladder wanting to burst but I deny it. I continue to massage and roll my nipples with both hands. Squeezing and pinching them as I enjoy the pulsing sensation in my sex. I reach down to spread my lips open as I butterfly my legs. I can feel my warm wetness on the bed. I pull my other hand back and slap my swollen clit. My butt jerks off the bed in excitement. I squirt a little from the arousal but it’s not pee. I continue smacking my sex until I’ve soaked my bed sheet with my juicy squirt. Without hesitation, I plunge my fingers into my pussy and thrust my fingers upwards. My G spot is swollen and soft. I begin to flick my g spot with my fingers while the palm of my hand rubs on my engorged clit. I can feel the intensity of my orgasm building and the pressure on my bladder only intoxicates me more. Just as I feel my body starting to convulse from my g-spot, I quickly flick my bean back and forth. My ass bucks with the wave of pleasure that rips through my body as I cum - streams shooting out of me onto my soaked sheets.  



I lay back and gently stroke my bean. Shivers continue to ripple through my body but I don’t stop. Rubbing circles around my clit send me over the edge again. I cry out and squirt again. I can feel my bladder, full and aching for relief. I walk to the bathroom and sit down to relieve myself. I cum again as I release my bladder. I remain sitting until my body returns back to itself. My nipples are hard and erect from the pleasure. I give them a few slight squeezes as I reach down and enjoy the wetness of my sex. She’s swollen and pink from all of the blood rushing to her in those last moments. I stand up and admire her in the mirror. She’s so beautiful.




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