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Another of my older stories. Written about 2004 during a serious dry spell with my husband. It's a story about a girl desprate for a good fuck. A round of good luck practically drops a guy at her feet, and she's just the type to take advantage of the situation. Ah, the kind of gal I sometimes wish I had the nerve to be!

I don't usually get too desperate for sex. Sure, I love it and I'll
take as much as anyone else when the timing is right, but I'm not the
kind of girl who "needs" it every day. But I have to say, I was
getting pretty desperate having not had any in almost four weeks.

A month earlier I'd visited an old friend in Chicago, and we'd had the
most wonderful experience, highly charged, very sexy but, alas, only a
"ships in the night thing". Difficult to have much more when you're
4,000 miles apart and he's married. Every time I thought about that
afternoon with him, I was getting hot and wet. And I was thinking
about it a lot.

The first couple of weeks I was back I caught a terrible bout of flu and
was laid low. The following week I finally caught up with work (I was
way behind) and then, when I was at last ready to go out and find me a
nice man who could scratch my itch, I got the credit card bills for my
vacation. Now I was grounded also. Life sometimes sucks when you're
27, single and needing some attention.

My salvation came in the form of Tim, a guy at the office. He's been
around for ages; a good guy, kind of quiet but still friendly. I
always think it's an awful word to use to describe someone, but "nice"
is one of the best ways to describe Tim. Definitely not someone I'd
fantasized about. He's a bit older than me, tall, balding (which I
don't mind; proves there's plenty of testosterone in him), nice skin,
nice goatee and glasses. His body was not fabulous, but obviously
looked after and he was always smartly dressed. I knew he had a
girlfriend, seen her at work social events. They made a nice couple;
pretty quiet, like he was. I never really gave him a second look
before that day.

"Hi Molly. You don't know anyone might want tickets for a concert
tonight do you?" It was an almost wistful voice that approached me at
the photocopier. I looked up to see Tim holding a pair of blue and
silver tickets. I couldn't help but notice the black writing on the
tickets; the Counting Crows were playing that night. My mind raced as
my heart jumped at the notion; luck seemed to be changing.

"Tim. I'd love to go." I smiled. "But I can't afford them. I'm

He seemed delighted that he'd found someone that was even interested in
them. "It's okay Molly. Heidi's had to go out of town on business and
I really don't want to go on my own. If you want to go, please, take
them. They're yours." He thrust the tickets forward.

My heart was racing as I thought through the options, but I had already
pretty much made up my mind. "How about we go together?" I at least
tried to make the offer sound innocent!

I liked the way his face lit up at the idea, even if it was a genuinely
innocent elation.

I hate the word "victim", but that afternoon, I'd already decided that I
was going to lead Tim astray, whether he liked it or not. After all,
it was only fair that I pay him back for the tickets somehow. Just
before we left the office I gave him my address and agreed that he pick
me up at seven. That gave me more than enough time to get ready.

At home I inhaled a sandwich and jumped in the shower. For once I
decided not to masturbate under the delicious hot spray, a particular
favorite of mine. I figured there was a good possibility of some
excitement to come and a little pent-up sexual desire never hurt
anyone. I guess I also knew from experience that I was more likely to
be bolder with Tim if I was a little more desperate for release.

As I dried my bushy hair I looked in the mirror at my (very) full
figure, as usual wishing I could lose a few pounds, from the right
places of course. Not that I'm much overweight, cuddly around the
middle mostly. Certainly I don't get many complaints about my well
rounded butt, and none at all about my larger than normal chest. I
dried them with some extra care, watching as the nipples sprung and a
tingle made its way downward. Mmmmm . . . I hoped Tim's fingers were
in good form later. I stood in front of the mirror much longer than
was needed, dabbing my nipples at first, and then twisting them gently
between my fingers. Oh man, was I ready for some loving that night!

With only a few minutes to go I slipped into an extra-tight pink shirt,
a faded denim skirt and my knee length CFM boots. That's Come Fuck Me,
for anyone in any doubt as to how sexy they look. When the doorbell
announced Tim's arrival I slipped on a summer jacket and took a quick
final look in the mirror. Not quite dressed to kill, but slightly
maiming the opposition is always an advantage.

Tim looked pleased to see me and I noticed his eyes steal an extra look
at my chest and boots as I greeted him with a peck on the cheek. All
was going according to plan. We made small talk and we both
concentrated on other things as we watched the concert. Tim made no
move towards me the whole night, obviously a gentleman and not
expecting anything but companionship. I wasn't worried. The night was

I watched him more closely as we drove home. Firstly, I liked the way
he kept his eyes on the road, with only the occasional glance at the
top of my boots: no point in crashing while looking at a pair of legs
you might never get between. He had a nice profile, well-proportioned
nose and hands that looked both strong and gentle as he operated the
car's controls. As we talked I felt him relax, let go of the fact he
was alone with someone who was not his girlfriend, and smile a lot more
than I'd seen before. I checked the front of his jeans for any
tell-tale signs, but couldn't be sure. I fantasized about allowing my
hand to find out for sure and felt that familiar tingle again, the one
that made me squirm with enjoyment and anticipation.

Of course he accepted my offer of coffee. Of course I only had instant,
no milk that was under seven days old and no cookies to nibble on. He
took the coffee and said it tasted good. I think that was a white lie.
I put the Counting Crows on the stereo, appropriately, and joined him
on the sofa. Without my flimsy jacket, my shirt was straining to
restrain my breasts and I'm sure I caught him trying to look between
the buttons a couple of times as he sipped at his coffee. I sat back,
relaxed and waited for him to do the same.

He finally started to relax when I got him talking about his girlfriend.
After about an hour he offered up that he was really disappointed she
had blown him off for the concert. It was her idea and he paid for the
tickets. "It's becoming normal for her these days. Her job is getting
so important. She's away more and more."

"Do you get lonely?" I know what you're thinking . . . predictable line
from Molly Number 201.

"Sometimes." He tried to shrug it off, gazing far further than the
coffee cup he was looking at. "I do okay, but I do miss the things you
get together with someone for in the first place."

"Like sex?" And again . . . predictable line Number 114.

"I guess." I didn't get the reaction I was hoping for. "Sure I miss
that, but it's also nice waking up with someone, having dinner with
them, or taking a walk in the park on a summer evening."

Oh God, I'd brought home the last romantic when I needed someone to
screw my brains out. I had a small silent laugh to myself; desperation
was clouding my judgment. I shimmied up close to him and placed a
consoling hand on his tight thigh (I love a thigh in denim). "I'm
sorry Tim." I tried to combine my best doe-eyed look with my patented
come-to-bed eyes. It still didn't look like I was quite getting my
message through.

"It's okay." Obviously that combination didn't work too well. "I'll be
alright. Thanks so much for coming to the concert with me. I really
enjoyed the company." He stood up. He was leaving. Was he blind?
Dumb? Both?

I stood up and moved in front of him, my 5'4" having to look up to his
6'2". I reached out for the fingers of his left hand and he smiled.
Platonically! What does a girl have to do these days?

"Tim," I looked into his deep green eyes as they grew in intensity,
finally, "I know you don't have to go home tonight, and I know we could
both do with the comfort of another body for a few hours." I kept hold
of his fingers and watched his eyes as I slid down to kneel in front of
him. "So why don't we both just loose a few of these clothes and see
what happens?"

I looked away just as his mouth opened, caused by his jaw dropping. I
pulled at his belt and whipped down his zipper before I looked up
again. There was the half-smile I'd been looking for. He was human
after all. I went back to work, having to fish a little, he obviously
hadn't been expecting me! Grabbing his jeans, briefs and belt all in
one at each side, I pulled them down a little and let his cock burst
free. He was barely hardening, drooping out from his clothing, but
moving in the right direction with every heartbeat.

I watched as he twitched a couple of times and I probably licked my lips
before I offered a helping hand. I love the feel of a hardening cock,
especially one on the fast track to heaven. I gently ran my fingers up
and down his elevating length, feeling him strengthening and pulse
against the light pressure of my grip. It was only a matter of seconds
and he was at full power, pointing upwards and begging for more
attention. How could I deny it?

I inched my face towards him and nestled the head of his cock against my
cheek, pressing it into me with the palm of my hand. I'm always amazed
at how something so powerful can feel so wonderfully soft. I glanced
up again to see how I was doing, but Tim's eyes were closed as he
gently ran his fingers through my hair, encouraging me the best way he
could without the use of his vocal chords - which were temporarily
disabled. Inching his clothing down just a little more, I freed his
balls. They were full and ready for attention as I stroked his shaft a
little. I noticed one testicle was slightly larger than the other, but
all of his intimate parts looked very functional indeed.

I took another look at his cock, a close up, as I ran my fingers
tantalizing and soft along his full eight inches. I love the discovery
of a new cock and this one was so nice, thick but not bulbous, long but
not skinny, and very straight. I'm not fond of bent ones. The head
was curved subtly, well defined and looking like it could cut butter.
He was also uncircumcised, my favorite, and I noticed it just gently
favored his right side as he stood without help, twitching upwards. I
gently licked along his length now, pausing to flick my tongue around
the rim, before I popped his head into my mouth and massaged it with my
tongue. I heard Tim groan as I sucked and felt him gently brush his
fingers at my neck and cheek.

I thought about closing my hand tightly over his balls, sucking hard and
pumping to his climax, but I didn't want this to be just another
blowjob. I wanted my share of this premiere, so I stood up, still
holding his cock in my hand, and let him bend down to kiss me. He
brought his hand to my left breast and rubbed impatiently through my
shirt. I closed my eyes as familiar warm feelings ran all through me.
I love having them played with.

Hoping that I didn't need to give him too many more hints, I started to
unbutton his shirt. Thankfully he took this one and found the first of
my shirt buttons. I finished his buttons then stood back and let him
do likewise. He wasted no time in pulling off my shirt and running a
finger along the lines of my tight bra. It was my turn to close my
eyes and luxuriate as he reached behind me and, without fumbling (don't
you just love those moments when it all goes right?), unclip my bra and
let my best assets breathe.

"Oh God, they're lovely." Tim whispered as he dipped to kiss them and
roll the nipples a little between his teeth.

"Lick me." I commanded, felling a little lost for words as his tongue
encouraged my nipples harder and harder.

Next he took my breath away; carefully reaching down to take me by the
legs and upper body, he lifted me up and eased me horizontally back
onto the sofa. Without a word he pulled off one boot, then the other,
after all, they'd served their purpose. I helped by unzipping the
skirt but he pulled it off, never taking his eyes from mine, even as he
revealed my underwear. Now he smiled and looked down to my damp white
g-string and the outline of my increasingly interested pussy.

"You look gorgeous." He licked his lips and ran his fingers up and down
my thighs.

I pulled up my knees a bit and opened my legs for Tim to get a better
look. He knelt down between my knees and traced a single finger first
around my pubic mound and then along the lines of my pussy lips. When
he paused around the top of my slit and pushed a tiny bit harder I knew
he understood exactly what he was doing and that it was time to give
myself up to the night. My innocent date was a hot lover after all.

"You want to taste?" I giggled.

"I can't wait."

Tim pulled my panties from the sides and slid them over my feet. He
paused just before his face reached my pussy, almost like he was
savoring the aroma, then I felt the wonder of his tongue as it traced
up the outside of my lips. Next he ran his expert tongue upwards
through the middle of my lips, parting me and encouraging me to widen
my legs more. I heard a wonderful "slurp" as he found my juices and
mixed them with his tongue. Feeling him dip inside me, I was in
heaven. Tim really knew what he was doing down there, running up and
down, playing with my clit and plunging as deeply as he could every now
and again. Some guys are good with their fingers, a select few have a
touch light enough for ultimate pleasure, even fewer like eating pussy
with enough technique for a girl to really enjoy it. Tim was good, and
obviously liked what he was doing.

As he relentlessly lapped and probed at me I started to feel my tingling
nerves and sopping wet pussy get increasingly close to those tell-tale
tiny electric shocks that always let me know an orgasm is near. My new
lover obviously sensed this and he lifted his head away. I reluctantly
let him, knowing I wanted something more than his tongue inside me now.

Tim stood up, kicked off his shoes and pulled off his jeans. I watched
as his erection swayed with the movement of his body but continued to
point at the ceiling. As he stood there naked now, he looked down at
my open legs and soaked pussy, stroking himself a little as he enjoyed
the sight. The sight of his knuckles moving up and down his shaft
tipped me over from excitement to desperation.

"Come here." I reached out, took hold of his cock and pulled him
closer. God, I was so ready for him. "I need this."

Pulled by my hand, he knelt down in front of me, hooked his hands under
my thighs and eased me to the edge of the sofa, my pussy just over the
edge of the cushion; wide open and accessible. Tim reached down and
felt my swollen wetness with his fingers, then started to guide his
cock towards me. I took over control, grabbing his shaft and pulling
him until his head was pushing against my pussy lips. With one last
smile at my face and a look down to where our sexes were about to meet,
Tim leaned forward and entered. One long, slow thrust and he was in to
the hilt and I was heading to wonderland.

Tim's breath was less controlled now, but he still managed to slowly
withdraw his cock until only the head was inside, and then pushed again
with a second long slow stroke. I tightened my pussy all around him as
he slipped in, watching his face as he closed his eyes and fought to
control his urge to speed up. The sensation was truly awesome, the
position and the sofa pulled my pussy tight lengthwise and the pubic
hair above his cock pressed against my clit when he thrust, sending
incredible sensations all around my body. I was well on the way to my
first scream when he reached up and started kneading my boobs. In a
desperate act of retaliation I reached down and cupped his balls,
feeling that they had retracted and hardened as his moment approached

He obviously couldn't hold on any longer and as I squeezed his balls as
hard as I dared I felt his fingers reach for my clit. The explosion
was one of the most intense I've ever known. My muscles literally
pulled all of my weight around Tim's cock as the fireworks in my head
started going off and every nerve in my body came alive with an intense
electric pulse that repeated time after time.

As my climax seemed to go on forever, Tim tensed for a moment, grimaced,
and then continued to ease his juice out with gentle strokes, his cock
spurting wildly inside me as he breathed, "Oh my God Molly" over and
over. When I felt his balls slacken a little I let go and he slumped
against my shoulder. It was only when his hand left my nipple that I
realized he'd not let go, all through my orgasm.

The Crows were quietly singing "Goodnight Elizabeth" when we were both
done Tim pulled me to him and nuzzled my neck. "Fuck me." He said
with a breathy voice.

"I just did." Was my terribly obvious reply.

We made it to bed not long after that, playfully and full of the content
great spontaneous sex brings. Our kissing became more and more
passionate and we soon found ourselves kneeling in front of each other,
playing and teasing and I'm sure trying to take each other higher than
the other. He played with my clit with one hand, my breasts with
another and occasionally dipped his head to suck one or the other
nipple. I played with his cock and cupped his balls with varying
pressure while I watched his face and tried to match his pleasure to my

When I decided it was time for him I quickened my hand and lightened the
pressure on his cock, still squeezing his balls gently. When I knew he
was coming I slowed to a barely moving but firmer hand and enjoyed
seeing the spurt I had been denied earlier. I felt his hot cum splash
on my arm, he tweaked my nipple one final time and that familiar
feeling of a new orgasm started to wash over me. Fantastic.

There was no awkwardness as we woke up and got ready to go our separate
ways. Tim smiled and joined me in the shower for a final quickie
before we made coffee and drank it in his car on the way to the office.
We both respected what the moment was, the fun it had been and the
complications there could be if we went any further.

Tim went back to his girlfriend, who obviously didn't know what she was
missing, and I had scratched the itch that needed scratching. Tim
would never look like Superman around the office, but now I knew what
his super powers were and could watch him and remember our night
together. He was honorable enough never to start any rumors about us
and never show me any unwanted attentions, so I hope he felt the same
way about our special night. I watched him in a meeting once, as he
concentrated on something or other and his tongue ran around his lips
unconsciously. "Mmmmm," I thought, "I know what that can do!

[sig]~ Kissy Liz
~ The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. :)[/sig]



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