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Desperate For a Thrill

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Do you get times when ‘normal’ masturbation.....or ‘normal’ sex for that matter just doesn’t cut it?  I certainly do. During those times, I find I can become incredibly aroused, but unless something out of the ordinary happens, I just can’t orgasm. now and then it may be something naughty that flips into my mind......but sometimes, I need it to be real. 


Yesterday, I tried eight times to get myself off. All I ended up with were wet panties, a sore wrist and clit, and a deep, deep frustration! 

But all that went away this morning. 

I had to take a train to London. As some of you will know, the Victoria station has limited service owing to a signalling vault....not that our trains are worth a damn anyway these days. 

So, the one I managed to squeeze myself onto was packed. As usual, I wedged myself against the door and the adjacent wall.

As usual, everyone was ignoring everyone else. 

But then I noticed a girl opposite me. She had ‘the look’. That red sex flush that I’d know anywhere. Maybe she had been fucked this morning? But then I saw the shoulder of the man behind her moving and in an instant, I knew he had his hand down the back of her knickers and was fingering her. 

I have never gone from turned off to fully aroused so fast. 

She looked at me full on and smiled. I mouthed “husband?” At her, but she shook her head. It took me a couple of goes to interpret her reply which was “stranger.”

Then she raised her hand to her mouth and demonstrated with a finger exactly what he was doing to her. 

I saw her pupils dilate, her nostrils begin to flare and finally her breath coming in gasps and I knew, absolutely knew he had made her cum. 

At the next stop, a few people got off and she stood facing me. 

“That was the horniest thing I’ve ever seen,”

”Mmm. It’s not the first time I’ve done that....or rather....allowed someone to do that. I’ve even been fucked by a stranger once.”

”Oh wow! That’s so cool! I’m so horny, I’m dripping!”

She smiled and then I felt her hand under my skirt. I didn’t even think she might go both ways. (I wonder why not?) she quickly found my damp spot and smiled “yes....you are, aren’t you.” 

She began to rub my clit through my panties, but then tugged them down enough to get her hand down the waistband. “All these people around us. Some know what I’m doing to you.”

I felt her fingers find my entrance and she pushed deep inside me. I leaned close to her ear “I’m going to cum”. All she did was press against my G spot and I came so hard my knees buckled. 

Once I'd come down, she withdrew her hand and sexually licked her two fingers clean. 

That's when I saw the wedding ring and engagement ring. 

Sometimes, after a cum, I’m antsy for a while.....almost like I want another one....or four! But not this time. I’d watched someone getting fingered, and then been fingered myself. 

It made me realise something though.i need to get full-on laid. I want to be laid on a bed...or floor....and have someone fuck the living daylights out of me. I’m ready.....and I need it.



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