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Daytona Stroke

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Knowing that my friend will read this is turning me on even more!


I'll start off by saying that this happened while a friend and I, we'll call him Craig went on a trip to Daytona. We're both straight, in our late 30's, married, and considered good looking by our peers. We were going to be sharing a hotel room for 3 days and of course, as when ANY two guys get together, talk of sex flowed fairly easily for us.

We talked about our turn on's and while doing so I admitted that lesbians really turn me on! Part of that dynamic was that I believe that only a girl can really know how to get another girl off best. Not that we guys can't, but there's nothing like insider knowledge.

This 'talk' continued throughout our first day and a half and every time we broached the subject I became more and more horny. I finally admitted to him that the only way to know what it felt like for lesbians was for me to be with another guy. Craig asked me if I had and being the good friend that I am, I readily admitted being involved in an encounter with another man that involved mutual masturbation and some oral.

I thought it might repulse him, but thankfully it didn't. Which led to what happenned next. I let him know that I can have an orgasm, WITHOUT, ejaculating and that said orgasm was a mind blowing experience. I was hoping that this would lead to masturbation and maybe at the same time, even a mutual session between Craig and I.

I asked him if he would like to watch if I was willing to show him how I do this. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest when he said '..Sure.'

We got back to the hotel late after a day at the races, but I was not going to be too tired for what happenned next.

I said to him, well here goes. We both began to strip. He got under the covers of the hotel bed next to me, keeping the covers over his soon to be turning rock hard penis. I was wearing shorts with athletic shorts underneath. I love the feeling of the Lycra/nylon against my penis and being that they were white they left nothing to the imagination as I stripped down to them.

I positioned myself between the two beds and began to slowly rub and tease my penis through the lycra. Gosh that FELT GOOD! And doing it in front of him was adding to the pleasure. Craig looked like he was beginning to do the same under the covers. After a few minutes of teasing myself, I slowly pulled the lycra shorts off, exposing my now raging 8' hard on to him.

Not wanting to be the only one 'exposed' I asked him to move back the covers. He obliged and leaning over his bed I got a glimpse of Craigs glorious hard on. He has no idea how much I wanted to do a mutual jack off with him right then!

I returned to my position between the beds, leaned back and began to stroke for all I was worth. Craig also began to stroke less casually now. You know that it would not take long for me to come so I edged a couple of times before finally asking '..do you want me to come?' He told me he was close so I ran my left hand between my balls and anus, pressed into my perinium and began moaning openly as I stroked myself hard! Wave after orgasmic wave hit me. My penis spasmed, but my expert work kept me high and dry. I know that Craig came as well....

Well we enjoyed that session and nothing 'weird' came of it. What's cool is that I let him know that I would be putting our story up here and he should be reading this as we speak. I'd love to follow up with a mutual story some day soon.

Well, Craig, and audience...I think I'll just finish myself off right now..enjoy..



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