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Following up with the next MASTURBATING EXPERIANCE from my summer job in HS


The next masturbation experiance I had came with a girl at my fast food job named Dawn. Dawn was a childhood freind who also had a job at our restaurant. After my first experiance with Cheryl - I was really excited to try the "Code word" out to see who else it would work with. Dawn was a "tom-boy" type girl but very cute in a way. She had medium sized boobs and a very athletic but slim body. We worked a shift together and during our break together I was dying to give her the code word. I did and she winked! Well then she told me that Cheryl had told he about our "visit" and Cheryl told her everything - Dawn said she wanted to see my dick right away! When she said it - I instantly got rock hard - she told me to go into the men's room and wait for her but leave it open. I did and shortly after she snuck in. Once in she locked the door and immediatly pulled my pants down - my dick sprang back and was pointing right at her. She said "very nice" now rub it a bit for me - I started my back hand jerking motion and was getting very wet. She told me to stop and dont blow it now - she wanted to come with me to my house and do it together. I asked her if she would at least show me her pussy once - she pulled her pants and panties down to reveal a light colored bush - but she had an enormous clit that stuck out what appeared to be 2 inches and was hard. She said she was horney but could wait til later. After our shift was over - again a closing shift - she drove me home. When I got home my dad was the only one home but he was glued to a movie - He remembered Dawn from our neighborhood - I told him as it was late and we both worked the next day and she lived in the next town over now - could Dawn use the shower and stay over in the adjoining bedroom in my basement next to my room. He said fine with him. So I showed Dawn  the shower, and gave her a towel etc. I went down to my room and put on a pair of shorts and waited for her to be done with her shower. When I heard the shower stop I waited a few mins then went up and showed her where the room was - and said I would be down in a few. I rushed thru my shower with a raging hard  on - it took all of my power to keep from jerking it in the shower. When done - I went downstairs and knocked on the door where Dawn was staying - she said to come in - WOE she was laying on the bed totally naked and was basically stroking her clit with two fingers - she said she already had come once and I should get started. I locked the door behind me and immediately pulled down my shorts to reveal my hard cock to her. She really started stroking her clit - I swear it had to now be pointing out of her bush and had to be almost 4 inches long!! She kept stroking it and said she was about to cum again - I just started pounding my dick right in front of her - I felt the familiar throb feeling in my balls and held onto them and stroked my dick one last time - I exploded 3 ropes of cum right in her direction and it fell to the floor in front of the bed she was on. I was shuddering and my legs were very very weak. Dawn continued her stroking motion up and down - her face was red and she squelched "here I cum again" this time a stream of fluid just started to drip down her pussy - she convulsed two times and seemed to cutch her whole pussy. After she recovered - we laughed and she said Cheryl told her about my bean bag trick and she wanted to see it. I led her to my room - we were both naked and hurried into my room. Once there I locked the door and slid over the black beanbag. I showed her how I had to fold it over to a makeshift pussy. I put some baby oil on the slot and keeled down and instered my now hard again cock. I started humping really hard into it - and Dawn layed on the same couch Cheryl watched me from the week before. She said it was amazing and urged me to keep pumping hard - she was just idly rubbing her puffy pussy watching me fuck away. I was getting close but not yet there when she grabbed the baby oil and started getting her clit hard again - it was really hot to watch that - a few seconds later she got up and asked me to stop thrusting - a leaned up and my slick cock slid out of the makeshft hole. She told me to go on the couch she was on and leaned down to push the hole smaller in the bag. I sat on the couch and started stroking my dick with my right hand watching as she kneeled down and thrust her pussy into the bean bag. Her tits looked awesome as she started thrusting her pussy and large clit into my beanbag fuck toy. I was watching her ass go up and down and she seemed to be fucking that thing for all it was worth - a few more thrusts and her face got real red again and she said "oh mygod, i'm cummming hard - with that I blew my cum and she watched intently. She finshed up and kneeled up by now her pussy was throbbing and her clit just seemed to blend in to her real puffy pussy lips. She told me that was the best orgasm she had in a while - I said I loved watching her FUCK my TOY - AND THAT IT WAS SO HOT. I know we were both drained so we went to bed a bit later. In the morning I was awoken to Dawn rythmically fucking the beanbag again - she snuck back in when I was sleeping and said she woke up soo horny and needed another "fuck" - I threw my sheet over and as I had slept naked - was up with my morning wood and started stroking to her fucking - this time we came a little quciker but again she just convulsed with her orgasm almost passed out. We both got ready and left for work - during our break she said she was heading RIGHT over to the store to get her a beanbag!! I just laughed and said maybe sometime I could come over with mine and we could fuck in front of each other - she liked that idea. Thanks for reading again and I hope to hear that this story made a few females cum hard.



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