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Dani & Me

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I hope you have fun with these.


Dani developed into a beautiful fourteen year old. She was toned and her ass was starting to look really tight and firm. Her breasts had grown into A-cups. Her blond, almost white hair, flowed around her shoulders and her blue eyes sparkled when she curled her lovely lips into a smile. She was a little on the thin side, but her blossoming showed a promise to manhood that she'd be an angelic masturbatory fantasy at the very least of luck.

I, of course, didn't notice this. Partially because I pulled away from the church to find more time to spend with friends and the fact that I went to the junior high school, and then to senior high school two years before her, and partially because I began to date girls that had filled out more. Well, this story begins in the summer, when my last girlfriend moved away. Of course, we were still kids, trying to stay "hooked up", but that didn't last more than a week.

Dani's parents moved them next door to us and I didn't realize it until I was at the swimming pool in the local area. I saw her, in a swimsuit, talking and swimming with friends. I saw that she noticed me, but since we didn't talk any more, neither of us thought about making a bridge. At least, I didn't. I did, however, check her out, remembering her showing me her pussy two years before at a church function and how I almost put my own dick inside of her. She looked a lot more like Jenny did back then, except Jenny had bigger tits by fourteen.

Anyway, I quickly shifted my mind over to a friend, who insisted on having my attention just then. The next day, while I was mowing the lawn shirtless, I noticed Dani next door, on a porch swing. I caught her looking at me, I think, because she quickly looked away and down at the book she was reading. She was wearing white jean-like shorts, her legs were curled up on the swing with her in a pink tank top. I turned off the lawnmower and went over to say hi. When I got closer, I noticed her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her pink top.

To make a long story short, we started talking and hanging out again when she wasn't with her friends. Neither of us brought up what we'd done at Jenny's house a while before until one night, a month or so later, a few of her friends asked me to hang out with them. We took a walk down to a wooded park, where we all decided to spend the time playing truth or dare. We played the game, which started out rather innocent, until Dani asked if she could use herself in a dare. Her friends said sure, so she dared me to kiss her behind a tree.

Excited I said yes because I was beginning to fall for her and had started dreaming about kissing her. We went behind the tree and her friends shouted that we had five minutes. I kissed her and she kissed back. The kisses made me hard as a rock and I pushed my hips against her the hornier I got. She laughed and whispered, "I remember stumbling on him before." I laughed and told her I was sorry. And she said, "Why? I like making you hard."

Oh, how a guy loves to hear that. And better, she asked, "Can I see it again?" I nodded and before I could move my hands, she was was rubbing the length of it against my thigh. "He's pointed down," she said. "Does it hurt?"


Dani unbuckled and unzipped me, pulled my jeans open and down enough to push her hand under my shorts. I felt her fingers curl around it and she said, "Oh, he's so warm and hard."

I sighed with pleasure. She took my dick out and looked down at him, holding it. "He's still bigger than I keep imagining. Does this bother you?"



I thought she was talking about embarrassment or morality, so I said, "Why would it bother me?"

"Hm," she said.

Then her friends said that our time was up, so I put my dick away. Of course, I had a boner until I was able to get home and jerk off. And this situation repeated. She liked seeing my dick, feeling its weight, running her fingers over the soft texture of my skin. Her hands journeyed over my balls, feeling their weight and texture. And, as always, she asked me if it bothered me. I kept telling her no.

About three weeks of this made me jerk off almost every night. I loved the attention, but I was really wanting her to give me a hand job. I wondered if I should explain one to her and one night she kind of did it for me. Around ten, one night, we sat in the swings in her backyard and talked. The topic, of course, turned to my penis---this was her absolutely favorite topic and I enjoyed answering all her questions about having one.

Then she asked, "My friend, Alice, told me most guys get so bothered up that they have to jerk off. I wonder why you're not that way."

"What?" I said and laughed. "That's what you mean?" I told her about how I was confused by her choice of words. If I would have known what she was talking about, my answer every time would have been yes. "I jerk off every time I go home because I can't stand it anymore," I said.

We laughed about it. "Well, I want to see you shoot your cum. Since Jenny's house, I knew guys did it and I always wondered what it'd be like to have seen you shoot it for me and Jenny."

Just talking about it made me hard again. "You want to help me?"

"Sure. What do I do?"

Happily, I stood up and walked over to her, unbuttoning my pants. She stayed seated on the swing and watched as I pushed my pants down around my thighs and stood hard before her. I grabbed my cock and ran my hand up and down it slowly. It felt good being naked in the cool, summer night breeze. The sensations in my cock grew and I was even more energized by the fact that Dani was watching me.

"See what I'm doing?" I said.


"Take it with your hand and do this."

She reached for it. Her hands were cool on it and it made it jump, which made her laugh. She reached for my balls with her other hand, cupping them the best she could. Her hands moved back and forth slowly. I talked her into getting the right grip. At first she didn't want to hurt me, so she was moving very lightly. It felt good, but it needed to be a little tighter. Once she had the right grip I told her to speed up.

I loved looking down, her sitting on the swing, smiling as she rubbed my hard cock right in front of her pretty face. Her blue eyes only moved from what she was doing to look at my face for a moment. As she milked me, I felt my balls churning and my ass began clenching as the sensations ran throughout my body. I knew I was getting closer, so I told her to do it faster if she could.

"Oh God that feels so good," I told her. "You're making my cock feel soooo good!"

I could tell that that made her proud. Her chest swelled, her nipples poking through her shirt.

"This is a strong, beautifully hot cock," she said, which was the best thing I've ever heard. It's like her words transformed into just enough pleasure to rocket my body into orgasmic convulsions. I groaned, telling her that I was going to cum. I told her to do it until I told her to stop. I said, "Please fucking milk my cock dry, Dani!"

Almost right after I said that, my cock began dripping cum and then it squirted at her. I didn't even think to warn her about that. The first shot hit her shirt over her breast, next to her hard nipple. Another couple hit her shirt and I shot a few more on her lap, her naked legs. She kept pumping at my cock as I dribbled more. It came so hard I almost had a charlie horse in my right thigh.

Once the last creamy white drips hit her knees, it was over. Her fingers were covered in cum, too. I told her should could stop and she did, but her hand remained around it for awhile longer. I noticed she was taking advantage of the situation enough to feel it soften in her hands. When it was small enough, she let go and looked at herself as I put myself away and zipped up.

"Oh my God! Is that a lot of cum?"

"I was really excited," I said. "Sorry. I should have warned you."

"Pff," she said. "I'll just have to sneak in, that's all."

Dani spread her legs and we watched the pearly cum thread down her lovely thighs and calves. She rubbed at the cum on the breast of her shirt and she said, "That was fucking awesome, Ev."

Of course, there's a couple more times when we did this before we actually had sex.

Thanks for reading.



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