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Dad Helps Me and I Help Him

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My dad bought me some anime, it was A LOT better than you would think.


School just started and I am really enjoying my freshman year of college. The best part is the endless amount of people! Anyways, I went to a party and met this girl. We exchanged numbers and we played the ole 21 questions game to get to know one another. Turns out she is a big anime nerd. It is pretty cute, since she is not one to rock those headbands or ears, but she is pretty into it.

Anyways, I went home the past week and I told my dad how the first couple weeks have gone. I told him about the new girl I was talking to. I said the best part was how much of a big nerd she was. He said he would pick some anime up for me so I could read some and get into it so that I could have more things to talk about.

I love my dad. He gets me. He knew we needed something good to talk about so he helped me out. I think he really wants me to just have a good freshman year. Anyways, the next day he comes back with a huge stack of anime books. He said when he was downtown, he went to a store and basically pulled down all the shelves for me. And that I should start reading them, and he was going to hit the sack. I took the bag and headed to my room.

I pull them out of the bag and look at all of them. Put the action ones on one side of my bed, the vampire ones and the 'girly' ones in piles. Then, I pulled out one that didn't fit with the rest. It was a girl..... with barely there clothes. I instantly pushed everything on the ground and started to read that one.

Good thing anime has a lot of pictures, because things started to get heated. The girl on the cover started to seduce a big guard to get his key. Then she exposed herself and then they got a fucking. I was so turned on. I became instantly hard. I started to jack off to the anime. (Maybe this is why anime is so popular, since there is a lot of pictures?) I could barely read the words, but the pictures were making me feel just fine.

When I went to my room, I did not close the door completely because they were full from the books. I guess it swung all the way open as I was beating my meat. I know it opened because my dad said, 'That must be a great read.' I stopped jacking off and covered up. And I was stunned but I had to say something to break the awkward silence so I said, 'I bet you would get hard too.'

I was frozen, and I didn't know what to say. So of course, the most inappropriate thing came out of my mouth. I guess my dad didn't mind because he said, 'Oh really? Let me see that.' So then he came over to my bed and I handed him the book. He opened it up and started to read it a little. Then he began rubbing his growing dick.

I guess I was right since he motioned me to move over so he can sit down beside me. We have never done anything like this before, but I guess leaving my dad alone in our house for a few weeks led him to become more adventurous.

He moved the book forward so we book could see it and said, 'Do you want to finish what I interrupted?' And I was about to say yes when he said, 'Well I need to regardless.' And at the very same time, he unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick.

I knew my dad had a big dick, from locker rooms and stuff, but I have NEVER seen it hard. It was literally the size of my wrist. When he grabbed it, it thumb and middle finger barely touch. Within seconds, my dick was back out again. My dad was focused on the book but I tried to split my concentration on the book and my dad.

I wouldn't go for dicks, let alone my dad's. But something about the girth got me ready to cum. I really want to touch it. So I used my left hand, and I reached over. My dad said, 'Lets just please ourselves.' I got a little disappointed but I became so lost in ecstasy that I said, 'Pleasing you would blow my mind.'

He kept jerking and then said, 'Well..... if you want to..... go ahead...' I watched him a bit longer then I grabbed it. I jerked it and I think he enjoyed it. It was pretty hot pumping both out cocks at the same time, but I didn't think I was doing it well for him.

I let go of my cock and grabbed his sausage with both hands. I was doing things I saw go down in porn. The two handed, twisty motion working all the way up and all the way down to the base. I wanted to experience all that a monster cock could offer. I knew he like that because after a minute he moved my hands and started to pump his own cock. I knew he was about to cum.

I wanted to cum at the same time. I took my right hand pumped my dick. It remained hard because my prior activities immensely turned me own. I wanted to continue to help my dad (the book was long on the ground by now) so I took my left hand and shoved my fingers inbetween his balls to reach the base of his dick. I learned that from the porn too. Within seconds, three thick ropes shot from his dick. After the first rope, I started to dribble out cum as well. My right hand was soaked, and my left arm was wet as hell.

I enjoyed that session so much. I literally fell back onto my bed, I was just so tired. That was a hot session that just completely took over my body. My dad panted a little then put his pants back on and got up. He walked out and then looked back and said, 'So I guess now you have a lot of anime to talk about with that girl.' He giggled a little and walked off.

I will never forget that session. I jacked off to the thought for that past two days since it has happened. I wanted to memorialize it.

Happy Choking the Chicken



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