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Dad Came Home

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From this point on I never worried about being caught ever again.


It was around 3:30Pm and my parents normally don't get home until around 5:15Pm. I had spent a whole day at the pool around a bunch of hot girls in their bikinis. I had walked home with flip-flips, no shirt, and swimming trunks. The wind was blowing that day and gave me a full hard on by the time I walked in the door at my house.

As soon as I walked in the door I removed my flip-flops, felt myself up a little, and moved my cock around a bit which made me uncontrollably moan a little bit. I then decided I needed to jack off bad. It was about 3:40Pm so I knew I had enough time. My younger brother was home and I knew he didn't care what I did.

I had to piss really bad so I went to my bathroom and pissed. Then I grabbed my bottle of KY jelly and went to my room. When I got to my room and turned on my computer to load some porn. I then closed and locked my door (just in case) and laid down on my bed with my laptop and my throbbing cock which was already soaked in pre-cum.

I then pulled up a porn video and pulled off my swimming trunks. I played with my cock for a few minutes and started to moan. I then opened the bottle of lube and squirted quite a bit into my hand. I then started to rub it all over my cock and let out an 'OH GOD'! and started to pump my cock.

I began to get faster and faster, and moaned a lot more. I found my self yelling 'fuck yea'! Then I would say things referring to the porn like 'pound her more'! Then I was really getting close to cumming when I head a door open. I just thought it was my little brother and kept going. I was moaning and yelling things like 'OH GOD...', and 'FUCK YES'!

I was getting ready to cum about 4:30Pm when I head a knock on the door from my dad telling me he came home a little early today. As he was talking I couldn't control myself and screamed 'OH SHIT','OH GOD' and then moaned a lot as I squirt like 6 or 7 ropes of cum all over my chest. As I said I couldn't control myself and I said to myself pretty loudly: 'OH fuck, I'm spent'.

I had changed in the bathroom to go to the pool so all my clothes were in the bathroom. Meaning to get dressed I would have to go through the hall past my dads office which I could hear him in. So I decided since he heard me do everything I should just go ahead.

I was still semi-hard with cum all over me but I unlocked the door and opened it. I walked straihgt past my dads office completely nude and went to the bathroom. When I got there I washed off my chest with a towel put on my boxers, cargo shorts, and my shirt. (I usually don't wear socks because I wear my flip-flops everywhere)...

My dad stopped me as I left the bathroom. I was completely drained and he could obviously tell that. He said that he had heard me and how much I enjoyed it. He offered to buy me some porn and some more lube. (I had just walked to the store before to buy it). I accepted and this ended up being a great start to a good more 'adult' relationship with my dad.



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