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Cross-country Run

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This is something that happened when I was about fourteen, and was my first experience with a girl. I was a really shy kid at school, and got bullied quite a lot. I also hated sport, and on this particular day, we were going to be doing the activity I hated most, the cross-country run, which meant running a circuit of about two miles through neighbouring farmland, and back to the school. I wasn't much of a runner, so it wasn't long before I was pretty much on my own, well behind the pack.

The route went through some woods, and it was there I ran into Beverley and her friends. Bev was one of the cutest girls in our year, but was a real bully, and I'd had trouble with her before. Her latest trick was to embarrass me in front of her friends by saying they all wanted to see my cock. As soon as they saw me, it started as usual, but this time it was different. Bev had a gang of friends with her, and when she said they wanted to see my cock, two of her friends tried to grab me. I tried to get away from them, but Sue and Mandy were much faster runners than me and quickly caught me, tripped me up and pinned me to the ground.

Bev and the rest of her friends gathered round, and to my horror, Bev started to pull my shorts down. I was quickly stripped naked by the group of laughing girls, but they hadn't finished yet. Mandy dared Sue to touch my cock, but she wouldn't. Bev was much bolder though, and I suddenly felt her fingers on my cock and balls, and my embarrassment increased as I felt my cock twitch and start to get hard. The girls immediately saw what was happening, and Bev dared Mandy to have a feel. Soon, all of the girls had taken a turn and despite my embarrassment, my cock was now rock-hard.

Through their laughter, I heard one say 'I bet he's going to have a good wank tonight,' and then Bev said 'Go on, make him do it, let's see him shoot his spunk.' Sue was feeling my cock at that moment, but didn't seem to know what to do, so Bev took over and began to wank me vigorously. I wanked regularly, but somehow this felt very different to when I did it myself, apart from my embarrassment. Bev was wanking me with a totally different rhythm, much harder and faster than I ever did myself, in fact it was almost painful, and at first I wasn't enjoying it at all.

Suddenly, I began to feel that familiar sensation, and realised it wouldn't last much longer, I was going to cum. Bev paused for a second, before starting to wank me harder than ever. I felt my whole body tense, and I gasped as my cock twitched in Bev's hand, and shot a thick spurt of cum into the air. Bev continued to rub my cock until I'd finished, and then the laughing girls ran away, leaving me to clean myself up. Later that day, still embarrassed, to my horror, I ran into Mandy in the school corridor. I was expecting to be taunted about my 'performance', but to my surprise she apologised, said the game had got out of hand, and that they wouldn't tell anyone what had happened.

They'd been right about one thing though, I did have a good wank that night. As embarrassing as the experience was, it unlocked something in me, and I discovered my exhibitionist side 20 years on, I love to wank while my wife watches, and we've even joked about me putting on a show for some of her friends. I'm game if she is, after all, I've done it before....



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