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Covered In Honey

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One week my girlfriend was away for a wedding. I was pottering about the house after work and felt like masturbating. I thought of the last time we had sex. We experimented with kissing with honey on our lips and licking it of each other in various places. The thought of how the honey felt on our bodies and lips made me instantly aroused.
I decided I would like to try this while masturbating. I prepared thoroughly - first, going to the local store and buying 2 very large jars of honey. I then prepared the bed - laying on a plastic sheet, then a normal sheet so the mattress would be protected. I lit candles and incense and played soft music for a relaxing vibe. Then I heated the honey in a microwave oven to just below hot, and placed it on a table by the bed.
For some reason, I decide to wear a tight black t-shirt and my boxer shorts - a decision that turned out to be wonderful.
I started slowly at first, just dipping my fingers into the honey and massaging it slowly into my nipples. As it soaked through my shirt, the gentle, sticky feeling on my nipples was delicious. I became more adventurous, slowly pouring drops around my nipples and on my chest and massaging them in. It was such a decadent and luscious feeling; I was very erect, very relaxed and ready for more.
Sitting up, I grabbed the honey, and pressing the lip of the jar against my collarbone, began to pour, moving the jar from side to side. The honey flowed all the way down my shirt and began to drip onto my boxer shorts. Spying myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful my shirt looked in the candlelight - black and glossy with sweet honey. And I had only used 1/3 of the first jar!
I began to pour the honey over myself with abandon - into my lap, over my very erect penis and onto my thighs. My shorts were wet and glossy now too - clinging tightly to my body and making the shape of my penis visible, I slowly touched myself, pouring honey slowly at the same time. The feeling of the thick, viscous and glossy honey on my hands and genitals was deeply sensual and erotic.
I turned over onto my stomach and poured the last of the first jar over my bottom. I massaged it in, feeling it dribble down the sides, flow over my lower back and squish between my buttocks. It was beautiful.
I sat up again, and poured some of the next jar over my back, massaging it in where I could. With my shirt now completely covered, I have never felt such a lush sensation in all my life. My shiny, sticky clinging clothes felt soft and wonderful against every part of my body, and I found myself rolling around on the bed, masturbating, not wanting to cum, and savoring every delicious sticky touch of my clothes.
Finally, I decided I wanted to have an orgasm. I thought it would be good to do something wild while I climaxed. I faced the mirror, grabbed the final 1/2 jar of honey and quickly poured most of it straight over the top of my head. As it ran through my hair and dribbled all over my honey-drenched body, I masturbated slowly with one hand and massaged my nipples with the other. I noticed how it made my shoulder-length black hair cling to my face and neck. When I eventually came (well past an hour after I started), the orgasm was rich and deep, long and soft. Not the type that explodes with lust, but that builds slowly, culminating in delicious waves that spread all over my body. It was absolutely exquisite.
I gently removed my clothes, massaging the mixture of sperm and honey into my stomach and chest. I wrapped myself in the sticky sheet, poured the last drops over my penis and began masturbating again. I had a nice, but far less intense orgasm than the first.
Post orgasm, the feeling of being drenched from head to toe in honey was so nice I decided to stay in bed and play for a while longer.
I can't wait for the next opportunity to do this again. I would recommend this to anyone after a more sensual, erotic and decadent feeling during masturbation.
By the way - honey is water-soluble, washes off with great ease and makes your hair very soft!



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