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Corrupting Sarah, Part II

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This is the second part of the story of how my sister and I talked the girl across the street, Sarah, into joining our sexual adventures.
So the next day was Saturday. And as usual, my parents had errands to run and our older sister went to her part time job. Left at home was just me, my younger sister, and our kid brother. We hatched a plan. We stuck a movie in the VCR for our brother (yeah this was the 80's), and then my sister called Sarah and invited her to come over and play in the back yard in the sprinkler. It was a hot day, and the two of them would often turn on the sprinkler on the back patio and turn it into a kind of splash pad. Sarah agreed, and in a few minutes the two of them were in the backyard, wearing only swimsuits, and cooling off in the water. I was in my bedroom naked, watching out the window from upstairs, stroking myself and getting excited with anticipation. As planned, after a short while my sister said she wanted to call it quits, and suggested they go to her bedroom. (Of course to get to my sisters bedroom, them had to walk right past mine.) Sarah protested a bit, said she wanted to keep playing in the water. They compromised and played another five minutes or so, and then came inside and headed up stairs. I was ready. Man, was I ready. My fourteen year old boner was throbbing with nervous and sexual excitement as I heard them come up the stairs and round the corner. My sister came first and saw me buck naked standing in the middle of my room, and gave me a smile. Sarah was right behind her. I watched the reaction in her eyes. There was a split millisecond flash of normal recognition, followed by the sudden realization that I was NAKED! Her eyes flicked quickly down, rested for only a second on my penis, and then she looked at the floor, and I could see her face turning bright, crimson red. I was doing my best to looked surprised and befuddled. Not sure if I pulled it off. My sister had stopped and was blocking the hallway and Sarah could not go anyway but backwards. My sister turned around to see how Sarah was taking all this, and when she did, I heard Sarah whisper KEEP GOING! So, she did. They both walked forward, past my door. As Sarah passed I saw her eyes dart up just enough to see my penis, but she did not make eye contact. They rounded the corner into my sisters bedroom and closed the door. The entire time I had stood there, pretending to be frozen and in shock. But as soon as the door was closed, I heard an eruption of giggles and laughter from both girls. I also heard whispers, but could not make out what they were saying. Lots of giggles! Lots of whispering! I wasn't sure what to do next. Go knock on their door? Just walk right in? Then I remembered that this was all an accident and I had to play it off as such. If it became apparent that I WANTED to be seen naked, Sarah could still rat me out. So, I did what a person would normally do, and I closed the door. And waited. I didn't have to wait very long. I was trying to listen trough the wall (wasn't working, old houses are built solid) when all of a sudden there was a light knock on my door. My penis, still hard, did a throb. I stood behind the door and opened it so only my face was visible. Both girls were there, my sister looking adventurous and proud, and Sarah looking sheepish and hesitant. I found out later what had happened after they closed the door. It went something like this: Sarah: OH MY GOD! He was totally NAKED! Sister: I know! Did you see, his penis? Sarah: I DID! OH MY GOD! I SAW IT! I CANT BELIEVE IT! Sister: Have you ever see one before? Sarah: NO! Never! Have you? Sister: Well, I've seen his before, but nobody else's. Sarah: WHAT? You HAVE? WHY? Sister: (shrug) I dunno.. you know.. stuff happens Sarah: How many times? Sister: A few? Did you like it? Sarah: I dunno, I was just so embarrassed. How come he just stood there? Sister: I dunno. Maybe he was, like, in shock or something Sarah: yeah, maybe Sister: Do you want to see it again? Sarah: Huh? Sister: I bet if we ask, hell show it to us again Sarah: Why would he do that? Sister: Umm, I dunno. I just bet he would, if you wanted to. Should we ask him? Sarah: Oh, I don't know. I, um, I mean, the first time was an accident. But if we ASK him, I could get in trouble. Sister: How would you get in trouble? Sarah: What if he got mad that we asked and told your parents and they told mine? Sister: Oh I can PROMISE you that will not happen. Sarah: How do you know? Sister: I kinda get the feeling he LIKES to show it off Sarah: Really? Is that why you've seen it before? Sister: Umm, yeah, probably. Come on, lets go ask him. Sarah: Oh, no. We better not. Sister: Why not? Didn't you like seeing it? Sarah: It was embarrassing! Sister: Why? Sarah: Du! He was NAKED? Sister: This is your chance to learn about a guys penis! Its FUN! I PROMISE our parents will NEVER find out. Ill ask, you just stand there. Sarah: (long pause) Ok, I guess. And so they came to my door, and knocked. Of course, I had heard none of that conversation. I opened it just enough so that my head was sticking out. Me: Sorry about that, earlier. I didn't know you guys were coming. Sorry Sarah. Sarah: Its okay. Sorry too. Me: Don't be sorry. I don't mind. Its just a body, no big deal. We all have bodies. Sister: See, told you he wouldn't be mad. Sarah is wondering if she could see you again. Sarah: I - YOU - But she ended her protest and just looked at the floor. We both looked at Sarah, who had yet to make eye contact with me. She was just shuffling her feet and staring at the floor, her face red. Me: I don't mind at all. Its kind of fun. Come on in. I opened the door wide enough so that I was fully visible to them both. Sarah's eyes darted up to catch another glimpse of my penis, then darted back down the floor. My sister walked easily past me into my bedroom and leaned on the bed. Sarah moved awkwardly and stiffly, and seemed so embarrassed she could hardly stand it. Her eyes stayed mostly glued to the floor and she walked in only just past the doorway. I looked at my sister and we made eye contact. This was going awkwardly. At this rate, I would NEVER get to see her naked booty! And here she was, in my bedroom wearing only a one piece swim suit, still damp from the sprinkler! Sarah: I don't think I should be doing this. My mom would be mad. Me: (gently) Then don't! No big deal. You guys can leave if you want. I looked at my sister again and jerked me head towards the door, giving her a get out gesture. I was starting to get nervous that she was feeling pressured, which means she would say something to her parents. That would be the death of both me and my sister. But my sister gave me a look that said, just hang on a second. Then she spoke to Sarah in a fun, friendly voice, with a smile and hint of laughter. Sister: Your mom will never know unless you tell her. You can just relax. Its all good. Here, Ill give you a tour of his penis. She walked over to where I was standing, knelt down beside me, and took my penis in her hand. Sarah: YOU TOUCH IT?!?!? Sister: Sure, why not? See, this long hard part is called the shaft. (She was using words I had taught her) Its feels like there's a bone in there, but there isn't. That's why its called a boner. She grasped it firmly with her hands and wiggled my boner back and forth. Sarah was leaning her head up just enough so that her eyes could watch her friends hands move around and fondle her older brothers erection. Sister:Down here, these two hanging things are the balls. You have to be careful with them, cause inside them are his nuts, and they are tender. That's where the sperm gets made that makes girls pregnant if you have sex. (Sarah visibly flinched). Then up here, this top part that looks just like a little helmet, that's called the head. Its kinda spongy, see? (She squeezed it between her index finger and thumb.) And this hole is where the pee comes out, and where sperm comes out too. She had my boner pulled down, the shaft pointing at Sarah so she could see the tip. Sarah was starting to slowly raise her head and look up more. Sarah: How do you know all this? Sister: He taught me. Do you want to feel it? Sarah: Um, no, that's okay. But thanks. Me: OK! Well, I think that's enough penis lessons for today. Thanks guys! I should get dressed. Who knows when mom and dad will be home. Sarah looked relived and backed out of my room, waiting for my sister who gave me a look that said, well, we tried as she followed her friend out. I just smiled and closed the door behind them. That had not at all gone as I had hoped. Sarah, I guess, was not the little horny devil that my sister was. Not even close. Now I just had to worry that Sarah would not say anything to anyone. Later, I got a full report of the their conversation when they got back to her bedroom. Sarah: That was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Sister: Why? Sarah: You have to ask? Is it NORMAL for girls to just be all touchy and feely with their brothers, you know, thing? Sister: Penis? Sarah: Yeah, that. Sister: (shrugged) No idea if its normal. But I also don't care. I think its fun to play with it, so I do. Sarah: And he just LETS you? Sister: He likes it too. Sarah: Wait . . . does HE play with YOU too? Sister: Yup. Sarah: What all have you guys done? Have you had SEX? Sister (laughing) No! And we wont either. But we just have fun making each other feel good. Sarah: What does that mean? How? Sister: Have you ever rubbed or tickled your own vagina? Sarah: NO! Sister: Well, you are missing out. It feels AWESOME. The only thing that feels better than rubbing your own vagina is to have someone else rub it for you. Sarah: HE DOES THAT? Sister: Yea, and I rub his penis too. He loves it. Sarah: I've never heard of an of this. I'm kinda freaking out. Sister: (chuckle) Why? Its totally normal. Everyone does this kind of stuff when they get old enough. After that, the conversation drifted and faded, and not long after, Sarah left and went home. When she left, my sister came to my room. I was still naked, on my bed, reading a book. My penis was limp. I asked her if she thought she would say anything, and she assured me that she would not. Then she asked my if I wanted a hand job. I told her I had just given myself one after they left my room, and I was good. I asked if she wanted me to give her an orgasm, but she said her pussy was still a title tender from the double orgasm I'd given her yesterday. So she came and laid on my bed next to me, threw a leg over my leg, and fondled my penis for a few minutes until we heard our parents car in the driveway just under my window. We both jumped up and darted for our clothing, and I felt sad to have to cover up my penis that had begun to swell again. Well, things with Sarah didn't stay dull for too long. I guess the conversation they had about rubbing vaginas paid off. Sarah went to a private school, so they didn't see each other during they day. But every now and then during the week, they would hang out. On Monday Sarah called and asked my sister to come over to her house, so she went. She came back around dinner time and gave a look that said she had something to tell me. After dinner, after dark, when I was SURE everyone else was in bed and asleep, I snuck into my sisters room. Sister: About time. I was getting really sleepy. Me: Sorry. Had to be sure everyone was asleep. She scooted over on her mattress to accommodate me, and I slid under her covers. A quick feel of her let me know she was wearing a nightgown. I felt up her legs, and as I expected, no undies. She spread her legs, and I started rubbing her pussy. We whispered to each other in levels that were hardly audible even to us. Sister: Hmmm! Yummy! Me: So what happened at Sarah's? Sister: You know how I told her about tickling pussies? She tried it on herself that night, and last night, and again this morning. She said she LOVED it and didn't know how she never about this, and thanked me for telling her about it. Me: Cool. So, does this mean I get to see her naked now? Sister: Well, she said she felt silly about the way she acted in your bedroom. Me: So do I get to see her naked? Her pussy was getting slightly damp. Sister: That's all she said. Her mom was around so we couldn't talk about it much. Me: Dang it. I really want to feel up her ass. And rub my boner between her cheeks. Sister: I know you do. Be patient. We agreed that I better get back to my bedroom. Our parents were such light sleepers. I patted her pussy goodnight and snuck back to my bedroom where of course I treated myself to a slow, gentle orgasm, using the hand that had just recently rubbed her pussy. Not much more happened for the rest of the week. But I didn't need to wait long. On Friday night I went to a party at a friends house down the street and got home late. Really late. The next morning I was awoken in a strange way. I slept in mega-late, and in a groggy state of slumber, still in bed and still pretty much asleep, I realized I heard someone saying my name. I didn't want to be awake already, but whoever was saying my name was being persistent. They were not saying it, but whispering it. What the hell, I thought. Go away. It wasn't even a voice I really recognized. Eventually, I figured out who's voice it was. It was Sarah's, with my sisters mixed in with it. I thought maybe I was dreaming, but I forced myself awake enough to make sense of what I was hearing. They were whispering in a slow, sing-songy sort of way... Sarah: Bryyyyaaaan! Wake uuuuup! Sister: Nobodys home but uuuuuuuus!



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