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Cookie Game

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I have been reading Solo Touch for a few years and feel this story was worth making an account to tell you all. While everyone is away on semester break we played a few dirty games.

Last night I was partying in the dorms with some friends from my floor. There was about 10 guys and 2 girls. We were all talking about different dirty games like spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven, the girls were not as into this idea because of the large outnumbered ratio. This is when one of the guys comes up with an idea to play the cum-cookie game. I have never heard about this game before, the rules were that we would all jack off in different rooms and when we were about to cum we would run into the living room and cum on this chocolate chip cookie that was about the size of my hand. After each guy would cum they would go back into a room and the last guy to cum on the cookie would have to eat it and all the contents on the plate.

After a lot of going back and forth on the idea and a few of the guys bailing and leaving we decided to take a few more shots. There are about 6 guys left and it’s almost 12am. The girls really wanted to see this happen so they started to bribe us agreeing that they would do a naked strip show for us and hold the cookie plate. I am Bi and was really horny so I was in. The girls do a sexy strip tease, get naked, start making out and licking each others nipples and feeling each other up. This got us all hard so we all agreed to go to our assigned rooms (there are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) I was in the far bathroom. We all agreed the girls will start us so the girls scream “Go”

I whip my dick out and I start going to town. I spit in my hand and start stroking as hard as I can. Now some back story is that I had already cum once before the party. So I am nice and hard but am having trouble getting close and it only get worse when I hear the first guy leave his room (5mins into the game) , the girls scream “O shit” while he moans. Then I hear another door open and the guy moan. Now I am getting paranoid, which does not help, so I start to try to pull out all my tricks. I am spitting on my cock so much that drool is dripping down my legs. I hear another door open and the girls scream “that’s so much cum”. Now I am still about 5 minutes from reaching my goal. I am pumping really hard and hear another door open, now I have been keeping track and know there is only one guy left and me. That’s when someone decides to start beating on the bathroom door throwing off my concentration and slowing down my finally, but worst of all I can’t hear the last door.

I close my eyes focus as hard as I can as I feel the end coming I run out the door see the girls on there knees with the plate and a soggy white covered cookie in the center. I aim my cock at the cookie and cum hard all over the plate and cookie almost buckling at the knees. Then I hear the guys behind start laughing there asses off, I turn around and my heart drops, there are 5 guys standing there…. I was the last one. I grab my shorts and come back to the room. Then the chat begins “Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” I look down and this cookie is almost dissolving in the puddle of cum. I grab the bottle of vodka on the table take a huge swing down, grab the cookie and take the biggest bite I could. It literally squished and gushed cum as I chewed on it.

Now I have tasted my own cum before but this was way more intense. The smell was so over powering and the stickiness of the cum coated my mouth and overcame any flavor of the cookie. I felt my stomach tighten but I knew I had to finish it. I took another big bite and it had even more cum on it. I felt strings of cum on my cheek and lips as chewed. The guys are now screaming and laughing while I struggle to chew down the cookie. I take another bite and now the flavor of the mixed cum is all I taste as I try to swallow faster. I am on the last bite when one of the girls stops me and says “You forgot all of this” and points at the plate which is now a yellowish white puddle. I shake my head no but all the guys start giving me shit like “you knew the game, now finish it all”.

One of the girls lifts the plate to my lips and then dumps the rest of the plate in my mouth which turns out be more then I expected and throws the last of the bit of cookie on top of it. It takes me about two chews before the cookie is completely dissolved and I feel the cum swishing around my mouth with each chew. Then with a big gulp I swallow hard and feel it all slide down my throat and my stomach feels very full. After the game most guys are spent and are on there way out. So we all call it a night and I go back to my dorm still feeling the sticky cum in my mouth and the flavor and smell overpowering my senses. I went right to bed woke up this morning realizing how crazy we got and still had the stale taste of cum in my mouth and my cheeks/lips crusty with cum.



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