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Convenience Store Lady

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Several years ago I lived near a convenience store and I regularly bought gas and some other things there. I got to where I hung around after my purchase and talked with the lady working there at length. This went on for about a year. We had a great friendship. She was a Caucasian lady about 45 and nice looking with long dark hair. I knew from talking to her she had long been divorced and she lived alone.

We used to talk about going out for a drink some night when she had a day off. One day we talked about it again and she asked me if I wanted to buy some beverages and bring them to her house that evening because she was off that night.

I went over and we had a few drinks, then we started making out on the couch. She was a great kisser! I got so darn hard kissing her. I wanted her to feel me desperately! At one point one of her hands was on my stomach and I took her hand and slid it down to the large hard tent pole I had in my pants. She immediately responded and started squeezing it as she kissed me.

She finally broke away from the kiss and looked down at my pants as she continued to rub my dick. Oh ... if felt so wonderful. She said 'you really feel good.' We made out more while she continued to rub my dick through my pants.

We broke for breath again and she again watched her hand explore the long hard shape within my pants. I said 'would you like to look at it?' and she just nodded her head meaning yes.

I leaned back and unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. She took it in her hand and felt me and slowly stroked me. My jeans were a bit tight though, so I stopped her and stood and removed my pants and underwear and sat back down. She had a clear view of everything! She moved to her knees between my legs and took my dick in her hands and it was almost like she was worshipping it. She put it against her face and then she started jacking me. It was so erotic the way she was doing this. Finally I told her I was going to cum so I pulled up my shirt and as she jacked me hard I shot cum all over my stomach.

As I wiped up, I told her I wanted to see her naked too. She undressed completely in front of me. She had a wonderful body. Her tits were medium and shapely with beautiful nipples, and her pussy was covered in black hair only well trimmed. She sat on the couch and I kneeled between her legs. She spread them open for me. I love getting that close up look at a pussy, studying the folds of the skin, the hair pattern, the wet pink opening and skin between the lips, and the clit.

I ran my fingers through her pubic hair and then explored her pussy with my fingers, inserting several and rotating my wrist to the left then the right running my fingers around the inner part of her hole and massaging her inner walls, then out and up to her clit where I stroked it and rubbed it. I kept it up and she finally had a huge orgasm.

Maybe a week later I went back to her house again one night and we fucked our brains out. She was a fantastic sex partner. This little relationship never went anywhere. We did this stuff three or four times and just had a good time together.



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