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Confession Time

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After that delightful summer with Anna, and everything I learned therein, I knew I had to do more. Some things I am ok with…some things are tinged with regret…even guilt…..and this is one of them. 

That intoxicating scent. When Anna let me smell her panties, it was like crack cocaine. They say one hit and you’re addicted, and so it was with that scent! It was subtly different to the scent of Anna between her legs, in that her panties carried that for sure, but also a little girl sweat and something else…very faint…extremely faint, but a little harsher. Whatever it was, the whole combination was amazingly erotic. 


And since Anna had left school, there was no source for me to have a repeat hit. No source, that is, apart from my older sister. My brain split itself in two over this. Delight that I’d maybe found a source of this heavenly scent, and repugnance that it was my sister. I wrestled with this for weeks. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What if….? But one evening, temptation lay in wait for me in a way I simply couldn’t ignore. 



My sister Jessica is not the tidiest of girls. Her room usually looks like a medium-yield nuclear device has detonated in it, as does any room she has spent some time in. This time, I was heading for the bathroom intent on a long hot soak in the tub. i’d no sooner locked the door behind me when I saw them. On the floor, close to, but not actually in the laundry hamper were a pair of small, pink bikini panties. With a tiny purple bow on the front. Jess may be a year older than me, but she is smaller than me. Blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and small tits - much like Anna’s now I come to think about it, and she had a habit of chucking her dirty clothes at, rather than in the hamper. In fact we were all used to going to the bathroom, scooping up her near misses and dumping them in the hamper for her. 



But here were panties. Real…live…girls panties. I picked them up and held them for a second before turning them over and finding that same stuff in the crotch. Remember, I was running a bath and was naked. (And yes, my clothes had made it into the hamper!) it looked the same as Anna. White, creamy, still moist, so they must have been the ones she wore today, right? 



I don’t know how many times I almost smelled them before aborting  the exercise, until finally, curiosity and desire won out and I held them to my face. To say ‘same but different’ seems right. There was that sexy, musky scent, almost like Anna’s but a variation in some way. Musky? Oh, you’ve no idea! Sweat? Yes, a lot of that…and again, that tiny, almost not there harshness that in its own way added something. 



The effect, however was the same. Instant and almost painful hardness! But there was something more this time. This was something I shouldn’t have been doing….which made it better somehow. Worse still, as I wanked myself, I began to imagine Jess naked. The closest I’d got was seeing her in her bikini during the summer in her first ever bikini. I imagine her playing with herself as Anna had shown me, and I suppose something dark took over….I even imagined sucking Jess off…like I did Anna. 



And the orgasm hit as fast as one of those Japanese bullet trains - and since our bathroom was carpeted, the only thing I had to hand to catch my cum was Jess’s panties. 



Is it possible to feel amazing and awful at the same time? As I lay in the bath I knew full well that I’d do this again, even though I felt terrible for doing it. Later on though, the next day, there was a humongous row between Mum and Jess. Mum had found the semen on Jess’s panties when she did the washing, (I suppose it’s something all mums look out for - signs their daughter is sexually active) and immediately (and logically) thought my sister had started having sex. Jess, of course, hadn’t. Mum (fortunately for me) simply didn’t believe her and Jess got the whole nine-yard lecture about going on the pill, and being checked out for stds. 



After the dust settled, I thought that would be that, but I reckoned without the sharp brain of my sister. She worked out just how semen had got into her panties!  She banged on my door and demanded ‘a word’. (Ooooh fuck!)



I thought she would beat the living crap out of me, drag me to Mum and make me confess my perverted guilt. Instead, and I couldn’t be more surprised, she sat on my bed and told me that of course I was starting to get interested in girls (she knew all about what happened between me and Anna because I’d told her) and that she understood why I found female scent so enticing. “It’s supposed to attract men - that’s why it has a scent in the first place.” She said, “Look, ideally, get a girlfriend, OK? But in the meantime, you can ‘use’ my panties, but no more cumming in them.” I explained that I wasn’t expecting to cum so fast or so hard, but I admitted I hadn’t planned for it either by not having some tissues to hand. Jess said, “Well…now you know. Next time….” She didn’t need to finish the sentence. Just as she got to my door, she turned back and said, “Get a girlfriend, alright?” 



Looking back on it now, Jess had figured out that the blasting she got from Mum would be nothing compared to the disgust and fury making me admit I’d cum while smelling my sister’s underwear would have caused. She was right of course. Mum would have gone nuclear. She took the hit for me. 



As for continued use of her underwear, I admit that yes, from time to time I did. A couple of times, I even found her underwear on my bed! Sometimes even accompanied by a note. “Enjoy!” Or “Fresh today.” 



Jess and I were very close friends. Years later after she had married and I had started my businesses, she told me that she masturbated often thinking about me jerking off with her panties. “There was something about it that felt really dirty!” 



Well…could have worked out much worse! 




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