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Confession 8 from a News Lady

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Mirror, mirror, on the floor....


How I love mirrors.

Sometimes I kneel on the bathroom floor, be completely naked, position a magnifying makeup mirror between my legs with all my different color vibrators, dildos, and lube by my side. Caressing my smooth legs, easing slowly up into a squatting position.

I start by spreading my labial lips wide open so that News Lady can examine herself in the mirror. My mature inner pinkness, glistening.

I lube my index finger and start stroking my clit in an up and down motion. Fingering my vagina, touching my g-spot, oh yes that really gets me going.

Spotting my jelly pink vibrating dildo, turning it on low, and move it gently in and out... very slow on the outstroke, brushing my swollen, hardened, very aroused clitoris.

I remove the vibrator, and use my finger to rub tiny little circles around it. Sometimes the pleasure is so intense it almost feels as if it is 'burning' my clit- it feels so good.

I have a little vibrator egg with a flexible tip that feels like a tongue when pressed against my clit. I press the egg against my clit and feel the sensations warm my entire body.

The other day, I discovered how good it felt to insert the vibrating egg into my vagina, while using the tip of the vibrating dildo to stimulate my enlarged clit.

I also love to lube up my butt plug and insert it into my anus. All the while squatting, looking, lusting. Imagining this mirror is my private TV, watching myself. Sometimes my mind imagines it's a viewer watching News Lady play with herself.

Viewing my swollen pussy in the mirror. Calling myself dirty names....

I frequently fantasize about making love to another woman, (damn, usually my gorgeous co-anchor Kimberly)-after all, who better to pleasure a woman than another woman.

Envisioning us suckling each others nipples, and spreading our pink pussy's wide open to each other. The thought of touching another woman's clit to the point of her orgasm is so erotic...fingering her vagina and g-spot, rubbing our pussy's together and then collapsing from shear orgasmic exhaustion in each other's arms, breasts touching is such a head rush.

Recently I had a very real erotic experience while shopping for some vibrators.

I went into an all women's store, was browsing around, when one of their friendly 'consultants' Heather who looked to be 19 maybe 20 asked if she could help me.

Being a little embarrassed (I think she could tell, did she recognize me?), she immediately put her hand on my shoulder and tried to make me feel comfortable. Heather asked if I was shopping for myself or a partner.

Her questions...asking what kind of stimulation I was looking for-clitoral, vaginal and anal she then proceeded to help me choose 'toys' that would give me the most pleasure. She even discussed with me how to best enjoy them.

Kinda cute, she gave me her business card, cell number and said to call her if I have any questions or need any help.

Heather, smiled and walked away.

I could tell, She WANTS me to call her.

By the time this News Lady got home I was so friggin horny it was all I could do to get them out of their packaging, put the batteries in and rip my clothes off.

Squatting over a mirror, thinking of that young hot nymph Heather and her friendly invite, thinking of Kimberly, her affairs, her masturbation stories, our masturbation sessions. Thinking of the myself, Kim, Heather sitting on the couches in the Production studio at the station, watching one another, watching our most secret fingering techniques. Our nervous girlish laughter, whispering such naughty things.

Thinking how we really wanted to do more with each other while in such heat ... thinking of me and Kim being so professional on the air, reading the news, but waiting what seemed like forever for a commercial break, because of young Heather under the news desk, hidden between our spread opened legs, our skirts hoisted up...

I masturbated until I couldn't take it any more.



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