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Come over Me

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Ever since I was a teen ager I have had a passion for wanking in front of girls-after I was seduced by a group of women on a train. Generally this has been a rare opportunity since my girlfriends have been as keen as I have been to get down to real fucking. However, in the past few years I have had a new experience. I fell in love with a young Chinese girl, 21 years old, who is a nurse here in the UK.

After a few dates it soon became apparent that she was very inexperienced and had never even French kissed a man. She was absolutley clear that sex was to be kept for marriage and that I could not even touch her breasts let alone her pussy. I explained that this was very frustrating for me because a man gets sexually excited when he is with a girl he is attracted to and the tension needs to be released. She realised that this was a problem for me and admitted that she too had sexy feelings for me. But her mother had always raised her to believe that any sexual activity before marriage was out of the question.

This situation went on for a while but gradually caused a deterioration in our relationship because of the lack of intimacy. The one day when we were in my front room she raised the issue out of the blue and said that she had been talking on the phone to her sister in Canada. She had explained our situation and that she didn't know what to do because she loved me so much and wanted to please me, but couldn't-she felt she was pleasing God and failing me. Her sister gave her some advice which she wanted to share with me. I nodded...

She had said that although I cold not touch her sexually and that she could not touch me, it didn't mean that she is not allowed to give me pleasure in any other way. Her sister had advised her that men can release their sexual tension themselves, through masturbation and that this is often done to a fantasy or a picture of a sexy girl...I nodded. But her sister had said that there was no reason why she should not be the object of my fantasy. She said that here sister sometimes put on a sexy show for her husband who liked to masturbate in front of her.

I was gob smacked. Here was my dear sweet Analyn, just 4ft 9ins and sweet as sugar, suggesting she could pose while I masturbate! I asked if she was sure and she smiled and nodded, saying she loved me and would do anything for me if possible. She asked me what I wanted her to do.

I went carefully, not knowing how far she was thinking of going. So I suggested we go to the bedroom and relax there. I asked her to sit back against the head rest and pull her dress up high to show her legs. She seemed happy to do this-I had already seen her in swimming costume. She smiled, looking so innocent and sweet. Then I asked if she would show me her panties. Slowly she parted her legs and lifted her dress to reveal a small pair of pink cotten panties....with generous tufts of jet black hairpeeking around the edge of her crotch. I was instantly hard as a rock and somewhat lost as to my next move. She was blushing and trying to smile all the while-I smiled back. I decided to take my trousers off and let her see how excited she had made me. As I peeled them off I cold see she was staring straight at my briefs which were being stretched to their limits by my 8 inches of hard cock. My balls felt swollen beyond belief! I stroked over my briefs and she smiled again.

Now I asked her to lower her dress straps and pull her dress down. To my amazement she had no bra on and her nipples were rock hard and enormous-about half an inch wide and nearly an inch long-she was clearly excited too! I looked down and could see quite clearly a dark patch where her panties were getting wet...I was in Heaven!

I asked her if she wanted to pull my briefs off, so long as she didn't touch me.....she nodded and I knelt alongside her. She placed her little fingers inside the waistband and tugged down. I helped them over my cock and then it sprang free as she pulled my briefs down my thighs. I looked at her, she stared at my cock, which was as hard as steel and looked enormous.

I stroked my balls and then gave it a few strokes, revealing the head, bright purple. I smiled...she smiled back. I asked if she would take her panties off and after a brief pause she nodded, reached down and slipped them off, leaving her thighs closed. Even so, the thickest black bush of hair I'd ever seen was rising up from between her legs....I could smell her too!.

I was now wanking slowly, entranced with her...she couldn't take my eyes of my cock. I said I wanted to see all of her and asked her to spread her legs. She didn't hesitate this time and just let her knees fall apart, revealing a black jungle of hair across her crotch and two swollen fat pussy lips at the entrance to her cunt. At this point I started to wank more seriously. I looked into her eyes with unashamed lust and then back to her cunt. I told her to grab her knees and pull them back and out....she did it, giving me a complete view of her hairy sweaty cunt, the lips wide open, so I could see he glorious inner pink hole.

At this point I lost control and stood up in front of her pointing my cock straight at her. She was in a trance, completely absorbed with the show I was giving her, just as I was with her. I told her to open her pussy with her fingers, which she did, obvioulsy giving her pleasure-she continued to play in that glorious wet hole.

After another 2 minutes I was ready to boil over and told her I wanted to shoot my sperm. She of course had never seen spunk before and didn't know what to expect, she just nodded and said ok, between gasps. I said it would be messy, but she just said, ' Its ok...I love you'. And so I let go, my balls squeezed up and I started to shoot all over her. The first three ropes shot all the way up her body, splattering her hair, face, lips and breasts. There were another 7 or 8, which went across her body, her legs and finally across her hairy cunt. She looked an absolute mess, just like an Asian hooker...and I loved it. She was amazed and laughed! The I said its good for her body because of the protein and she licked some off her fingers, then a smile.

After that, we were hooked. She would put on the sexiest displays for me, opening up her pussy, kneeling on all fours, talking dirty. She found that I particularly like to spray her face and hair with come, and got into it by saying things like 'Sperm me, sperm my face lover'. She also got into letting me spunk into her panties and then putting them back on. Then we got into lingerie, in particular baby doll nighties. She wold lie there, legs spread, playing with her pussy, asking me to give her some conditioner for her pussy hair. That always got me. I really wonder whether we will lose something when we finally get to fuck.



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