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College Study Partner

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I went to college at a relatively small school. It was a private institution with only 3500 undergraduates. As a result, once I began taking upper-level classes, it was not out of the ordinary to have classes with the same people all the time. This was a good thing because it allowed the students to interact with each other more and become good friends outside of class.

I befriended this girl Heather my freshman year in the library after recognizing her in one of my larger general education classes. It turned out that we were in the same major. Over the next few years we became very good friends, but never more. She had always had a long time boyfriend from back home and I was never satisfied with settling down with just one person. Heather was just flat out hot. She stood about 5'6 with shoulder-length brown hair and was in tremendous shape (she played soccer all throughout high school and kept up with her exercise discipline). She had C-cup breasts and a tight little ass. I am telling you, it was great being friends with her because not only was she a great person, she was nice on the eyes. My junior year, we were both taking a business law class and we were studying for an exam. After four hours of cramming for the test, we were exhausted and thought we would call it a night from studying.

I was just about to leave her apartment (she had her own place) when she asked me if I wanted to stay and hang out. I had nothing better to do so I figured why not. She began to confide in me that it sucks having a long distance relationship because when she gets horny, all she could do is masturbate. Plus, her boyfriend and her were not getting along lately so phone sex was not even an option. I jokingly said that she would just have to resort to pleasing herself since she had no other options. To my surprise, she answered that she had been masturbating lately to relieve her tension. I was floored. I had never heard her talk about masturbation before. In fact, I was so taken aback by the conversation that I guess I started to blush. She asked me why I was blushing and I told her I wasn't expecting her to say that. She then asked me if I masturbated'.that was a dumb question right?'..all guys masturbate.

Our conversation just got deeper and deeper into the subject-we brought up different methods, fantasies, how many times a week, etc. She then got this little smirk on her face and said all this talk has made her horny. I couldn't lie, I was hard as a rock. If I was ever going to see her naked, now was my chance. I told her if she was so horny, why doesn't she just put her hand down her pants and starting playing with herself. To my amazement, she agreed, but only if she could watch me play with myself under my pants. I unzipped my pants right away and starting rubbing my cock, she did the same with her pussy. Watching her hand move underneath her tight sweats with her eyes closed was awesome. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to let my dick out.

I pulled my pants and my boxers to my knees and starting stroking myself in plain sight. All of a sudden she stopped and looked at me. What did I do? I messed everything up. She said that I wasn't playing fair and that if I am taking my pants off, she is taking hers off to. Within seconds, we were both sitting right across from each other fixated on the other person masturbating. It didn't take long before I was about to cum. Watching her put two fingers inside of her tight, clean-shaven pussy was extremely delightful. She moaned out that she wanted to watch me cum on her breasts while I stand in front of her. I quickly obliged I stood right in front of her in all of my gloryright between her legs that were spread over the chair she was sitting in. Right before I came, she replaced my hand with hers and stroked me to completion.

It was one of the most erotic moments I have ever had. We cleaned up right away, hugged goodnight, and didn't see each other until the next day right before the test. I was already in the room when she walked in. She smiled at me and took a seat behind me a few rows over. She finished the test before me and left the room. I was a little disappointed that we didn't finish at the same time (like the night before) so I could talk to her afterwards. Regardless of the fact, I completed my test (which I ended up getting a 97% on) and walked to my car to go back to my place. On my car was a note. It read, even though the next test is a month a way, we should probably start studying tonight! She was the best study partner I have ever had!



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