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College Roommate

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Off to college, that's not all that came off


Since I had bad grades in high school I had to attend a summer class so I can get into the college I went to. The course was eight weeks and I went through it and got into the college. During those eight weeks we had classes from 9:00 am through 12:30 PM. The rest of the day we had to ourselves. Most days I went to the gym and either rode the bike, treadmill or did weights.

About two weeks in the head trainer came over to me and had a notebook that contained exercises to do and a diet book. He went over the exercises and with me to check my form. The eating he told me would be tough but I should be able to lose some weight. He then lead me to the scale and I weighed 265. We sat down and he went over everything and told me in four weeks I should be down 20 lbs and that was my goal. With school, working out and eating right I lost 25 lbs and started to feel better. A few other guys went with me to the gym and a few had a program set up for them. In the last two weeks I lost a few more pounds and was down 30 lbs before school started.

I went home for a week and followed the exercise and diet. My parents thought I looked great. I didn't see any friends and a few days later was able to get into my dorm room early. After unpacking and going to the gym I weighed myself and was down to 230. I felt much better and the head trainer told me it was time to start running outside on the trails. We went outside and over to the cross country team. He asked if I can join in and run the trails with them. He asked if John and Tracy can watch out for me. He told me after the run hit the weights. I told them sorry and they all said every year the trainer picks someone for him to help lose weight. They start the run and at 1/2 a mile I am dying. John waits for me and says I need to breathe correctly and shows me how. I am still dying at the two mile mark and Tracy takes over.

She asks me where I am from, how did the trainer pick you out. I told her from Jersey and I needed to go through the summer program to get into the college. She told me she went through that program also. I soon realized I did three and a half miles. I told John and Tracy thanks and they said I could run with them anytime. I worked out and went back to the dorm room and took a hot shower.

Classes started up and I got into the groove pretty fast. I was taking freshman courses and doing better than I expected. I was working out five days a week and running three days. I had a B average in all my classes and was enjoying college life. I had by mid October lost another 10 lbs and was at 220 lbs. I tried on a pair of pants from my first week and they were huge. I also received a call from my friend Felice. Felice and I had known each other for a long time and had taken each other to the proms. Felice was a little overweight like me. She sounded happy and asked me to come to her college and stay the weekend. I said okay and took down directions. I was at the security guard shack when a red haired girl came running down to the shack waving at me. I asked who that was and they said Felice.

She jumped into my arms and I noticed she was not the same girl I saw at graduation. She kissed me and got off me and said I looked so good. I told her I had lost 50 lbs in the last few months. Felice said she did to. We went to her room and she had a double room but no roommate. Her dad decided to pay for the single rate. We talked about things and how much she was happy to see me. While talking Felice took off her shirt and bra and sweats and was talking to me like it was nothing. She turned towards me and I told her how beautiful she looked. She smiled and said I needed to stand up. I did and my erection was present and she told me she has wanted this for two years.

She stripped me naked and pushed me down on the bed and started to suck my dick. I moaned and told her how good it feels. In a few minutes I told her I was close and I then squirted my sperm into her mouth. She took in everything and said she really wishes we did this earlier. It was my turn and I had her stand up in her underwear. I used my teeth to take them off and Felice giggled. I brought her to the bed and licked her pussy. After a few minutes I had the right spot and Felice was covering her face with a pillow. After she calmed down she told me to fuck her.

I said I didn't have a condom and she said she was on the pill. I was hard and slid right in and we both moaned. In 5 minutes I was close and told her. Felice face changed and she was on the point of the orgasm and kissed me as she had her orgasms. I squirted inside her and we stayed with me on top for a few minutes. We kissed a little and then I slid out of her pussy and laid next to her. She put her head on my chest and we fell asleep. I woke up naked next to a naked Felice and smiled that it wasn't a dream. I kiss her neck and Felice says stop. I kiss her face again and she tells me to stop. Then she turns over and says thank god this wasn't a dream. I tell her the same. She asks me to cuddle and I slid over and we spoon. My hardening penis against her ass and my hand cupping her breast. She moans and says I must stay with her. I tell her I'm not going anywhere. I run my hand from her breast to her pussy and play with it. She says laughingly I must be very horny. I tell her She has awoken a sleeping dragon. She tells me her pussy is an awaken dragoness and horny.

She turns and asks if she was my first. I say yes and I'm happy you are. Felice climbs on top and slides slowly down my hard on. She takes over and rides me. I play with her breasts and she then takes over and goes faster and faster. She is loving it and soon I Squirt up inside her. That triggers her orgasm and she comes down and we kiss. After we are done we go and take a nice hot shower. We dress and Felice shows me the campus. We meet a few of her friends and go to a party or two. We head back to her room and change the sheets and strip naked and get into bed. Felice puts her head on my chest and asks why this never happened in high school. I told her I was very nervous and thought you would freak out. I then told her that going to the proms were the highlights of my school year.I then asked her how she lost so much weight.

Felice said after you went away I was sad and my father came in and said put those feeling and thoughts towards something else. So I started to watch what I ate and started to run. By the end of the summer I was down to this weight and I love running and working out. I told her the same. In the morning I felt Felice get out of bed and ask where she was going to. She says to go for a run and I asked to go along. We ran for about 5 miles and I said you don't look tired. She said she runs 10 miles a day. I stopped at six and at 10 she was walking over to me stretching. We get back to the room and shower and head for breakfast. We go into town and go into and out of stores and then go see a movie. After we meet a few of her friends for dinner and dancing. Felice and I dance all night and a few of her friends tell us we look just like a couple. We strip naked and kiss and get into bed.

Felice says she loves me and I tell her I love you to. We kiss and slowly make love. It lasts for a good 30 minutes and we are both sweating. We go running the next morning and after we shower together and make each one have a nice orgasm. I then get In my car and head back to college. When I arrive I have a message to call Felice. I call and she tells me either she will or I will have to transfer next semester. I decide to transfer and her college takes 3 courses and I move into a dorm room. I only have a sheet and blanket on the bed as the rest of my stuff is with Felice.



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