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College Nights At The Spa - The Ladies

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Silly MeI thought my only clients would be men


My first few nights working at the spa were a whirlwind. Within a couple weeks I hit my stride and got into a comfortable groove, knowing which nights would be busier than others, and to expect the unexpected. I had expanded my collection of sexy attire and varied my style nightly from lifeguard bikinis, to lingerie, to even some leather and lace, always doing my hair and make-up to match. I quickly developed some regulars and learned quickly that different techniques and approaches varied greatly from one guy to another. Some guys wanted to look at my tits and watch me play with them. Some wanted me to pose and do a little strip tease. Many others just closed their eyes and enjoyed the massage. Typically there was little to no conversation with the exception of their specific requests.

After working there for a few months I learned that Wednesdays and Thursdays were our busiest nights. It was a warm Tuesday evening in May and it was a slow night. A few of the other ladies had regulars visit, but for me it was slower than usual. I had been there two hours just watching TV and hanging out. Finally Nancy called me to a room. As I walked down the hall I was thinking the same thing I thought every single time. Old or young, slim or chubby, big or small dick. It became a game show waiting to see what was behind the door. When I opened the door and walked in I was not expecting the surprise that was waiting. Sitting comfortably on the table was a very well dressed woman. She was in her mid forties, shoulder length chestnut brown hair, on the taller side and full figured. Although she was a plus size woman, she was very attractive. She had a beautiful face and wore glasses which added to her look of sophistication. She immediately introduced herself as Carol and asked me my name. She asked me how long I'd worked there and if I enjoyed it. She told me that she was the manager of a local bank and it was a stressful job. We actually engaged in a friendly personal conversation which was something unusual in the massage room. We probably talked for about fifteen minutes. She asked me if I was comfortable working with a woman. I told her that, although she'd be my first female client at the spa, I'd had sexual encounters with girls in my personal life so I'd be very comfortable working with her. She smiled and said that was good because she noticed me immediately in the lounge and thought I was a gorgeous young lady. I'm sure I blushed from such a gracious compliment. As with most of the guys who came to the spa, Carol was wearing wedding rings. I told her that I'd never imagined a married woman would be visiting the spa and wondered what brought her here. She explained that she grew up in a very conservative environment, married young and had a few children, but had closeted lesbian desires since her early teens. She continued to tell me that in the last few years, since her kids were out of the house, that she'd taken a few opportunities to explore her interests. She said that at first, she'd visited a few gay bars when her husband was away on business, and had ended up sleeping with a few gay women, but that she was ultimately too nervous about complications or getting caught, as her husband was not aware. She said that lately her only outlets were a few soft encounters, kissing and touching, with another married woman she worked with, and an occasional visit to a massage parlor such as ours to spoil herself.

At this point I was getting a little turned on myself so I said, well in that case we should get down to spoiling you then. She smiled and said, I think that's a good idea. She stood up and removed her clothing. As I said, she was very well dressed in expensive business attire. I definitely found her to be classy and sexy. As she removed her bra and panties I was eager with anticipation. She had beautifully large breasts and big sexy nipples. She laid on the table and took a good look at me from top to bottom. I was wearing a lacy black cami with hot pink panties and black heels. I seductively removed the cami and dropped it to the floor. She smiled and said, you are a delicious young thing aren't you. As I started rubbing her thighs, I asked if she liked younger women. She answered, of course, what middle aged lesbian doesn't fantasize about a package like you. I'm sure I was blushing again.

I worked my way up her body. When I got to her breasts, I applied some extra oil and really went to work. Hers were by far the largest boobs I'd ever handled. They were so full and round. As I pulled gently on her nipples she moaned her approval. I got close to her ear and softly asked if she liked having her tits massaged. She said, absolutely! After a few minutes of kneading her breasts I took a step back from the table and pulled my panties down. I always incorporated the art of seduction into my massages. She stared right at my thick blonde triangle as I rubbed it for a few seconds and spread it so she could get a good look. Again she looked up at me and smiled saying, you are too much young lady! I smiled and told her that if she was ready I was going to make her cum for me. She just nodded. I gently spread her legs and with both hands I opened her soaking wet lips. As an older woman and a mother, her pussy was bigger and much looser than I was accustomed to. It was extremely sexy none the less. She was very clean and well groomed. The smell of her pussy mixing with her high end perfume was intoxicating. After briefly rubbing and massaging her labia, I put two fingers deep inside her with my left hand and began working her clit with my right hand. I varied my pace for the better part of ten minutes, getting her close, then backing it down. Finally when it was clear she was ready, I turned up the speed on her clit. As I felt her tense up and sensed the goose bumps on her thighs, she began moaning loudly as she released with an incredible orgasm. When she finished she was so wet the towel under her was half soaked. The experience was amazing for me. I was surprised to find this much older professional woman to be extremely sexy. I washed my hands and put my cami and panties back on as she sat up and started to get dressed. I asked her if she enjoyed herself. She said, are you kidding? You were fantastic. She then ask me something I'd not heard before at the spa. She asked if I'd kiss her. I thought for a moment, and answered by opening my mouth and kissing her very deeply. Our tongues tangled briefly in her hot mouth. As I pulled away she had a very warm smile and said thank you, you were the most enjoyment I've had in a long time. I smiled as well as she tipped me and told me she will be back sometime soon.

Over the next couple of months, Carol visited every four to five weeks, and we'd repeat our typical seductive massage routine, with a twist here and there. Then one evening I was called to a room for my next little surprise. My client was an older lady, early fifties, slim and elegant, dark hair with streaks of grey. She was stunningly beautiful for her age. She introduced herself as Cynthia, and immediately told me that she was a friend of Carols and that I was highly recommended. She explained that she was married to a wonderful man whom she adored and took care of her, but like Carol had been a closeted lesbian since her adolescence. I smiled and told her that she wasn't to worry, that she was in great hands. She also became a regular, visiting every few weeks. Her specific fetish was that she enjoyed watching me slowly strip for her first while she remained clothed. Once I was nude, her area of fixation was the area between my lower back and my shoulders. I found it interesting that my toned nineteen year old swimmers shoulders seemed to really turn her on more so than my boobs or legs. After she'd finish visually taking me in, she'd undress and I'd always deliver the sensuous satisfaction that I was becoming known for. Shortly after Cynthia's first visit, another three or four ladies began showing up, all through a chain of referrals branching back from Carol and Cynthia. Throughout the next three years at the spa, I had six regular women clients. They varied in age from mid thirties to mid fifties. They each had their own unique interests and turn-on's. All six of them were married with children, and were discreetly satisfying their bisexual urges with me at the spa. As much as I enjoyed most of the men clients, the ladies were the most comfortable clients I worked with and I always looked forward to seeing them.

After Cynthia's second visit, she spent some time chatting with Sharon and Nancy at the front desk as I could see from the lounge. Since Sharon was the manager, part owner, and masseuse herself, I was always hoping the clients were saying good things when they talked to her on their way out. Later that night, about a half hour before closing time, Nancy called me to room five. As I walked down the hall, I remember thinking more about getting done and going home. When I walked in the room I was stunned to see Sharon already nude and laying on the table. I laughed and said, well hello there. She grinned and said, I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to see if you're really as good as what I've been hearing. I smiled back and said, I do not think you'll be disappointed. Sharon and I had already gotten along well, but this night was the beginning of what would become a very enjoyable friendship that has continued for the past 22 years.

If you'd like to hear details from my experiences with Sharon, I'll be dedicating a future story to her but the next one I submit will get back to the guys and some of the more unique, interesting, and humorous experiences with them.



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