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College Nights At the Spa - The Grand Finale

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A literal happy ending to my college age career working at the massage parlor.


After over three years of working at the massage parlor, it was now early spring and I was in my final semester of college. I was 21 now and between my co-workers, my boss Sharon, and the clients, both men and women, I'd seen and done it all. I had explored most all of my interests and curiosities and had become very comfortable with myself and my flexible sexuality. Along with my education at school, working at the spa had taught me a lot about being savvy with people and business. It had also provided my with a very healthy savings account since aside from normal living expenses I was fairly frugal and had salted most of my money away for the future. By this point I was a seasoned veteran at the spa and was convinced that there was nothing left there that could surprise me. Once again I would be proven wrong.

Late one mid-week evening, I had just finished with one of my regular lady clients and I was at the desk chatting with Sharon (the manager) and Nancy (the cashier and scheduler). I was covered, wearing my ankle length satin red robe and matching red heels. As I was talking I heard the familiar sound of one of the doors open in the hallway. As I turned slightly moving to the side, I came face to face with the exiting patron who was approaching the desk. I instantly froze, my heart racing, as I stood, eyes wide, looking at the father of one my best friends from high school whom I knew very well.

We both simultaneously said, what are you doing here? He appeared as startled as I was, quickly gave his money to Nancy and together we headed to the front lobby where we could speak privately. I started saying, it's good to see you Stan, what brings you all the way out here? A fair question considering we were about three hours from our small rural hometown. Well, he said, Donna and I got divorced two years ago and I moved here shortly after to start a new job. Ah, I said acting cool, and hows Tracey doing? He replied that she was still attending college in New York and doing well. He then led right into saying, Dee, I'm in no position to judge, but what are you doing working here? I answered, don't worry, I'm almost finished with school and have done very well. Besides I really enjoy the job and it beats working at a pizza shop or quickie mart. He chuckled, yeah I guess that's true. I asked him what brought him here to the spa and he just said that he'd been so busy with work and everything else that he didn't have time for much else, and that this was a fun little diversion now and then.

I agreed and said, yep that's the name of the game here. Now that we were both able to breathe calmly again, we had a few laughs about the irony of it all and how in the hell the two of us from a little town hours away found ourselves in this moment. As we were wrapping up and saying so long, he asked me sincerely not to say a word to Tracey or our friends that I saw him here. I responded saying, well nobody back home knows I do this, so don't worry about that, and I asked him to please not say anything to his ex-wife or anyone who knew my parents that I was working here. We laughed again and agreed to keep each others secrets. Stan was always one of the cool parents in the neighborhood, but now I saw him in an even warmer light. I gave him a big hug and he left.

A few weeks went by. Business as usual at the spa. Some busy nights, some slow nights. The flow of regulars, the occasional young shy guys. A douchebag here and there. Very typical. Then one Friday night, as it was getting later and I'd already seen five or six clients, Sharon came into the lounge and told me I'd been requested if I felt like one more for the evening. I hopped up, wearing just my black lace bra, panties, and heels, hair in a ponytail, and said sure. Friday nights were always good for tips and I headed to the room expecting one of my generous regulars.

When I walked in the room I almost tripped over my own feet when I saw Stan sitting on the table. I quickly gained my composure and put my hand on my hips, smirking, and said...really Stan? He smiled pleasantly and explained, well I was due for a visit, and as I was driving over here thinking I would see the lady I normally see, it occurred to me that if I was gonna spend money here, it should probably benefit Dee. I smiled and said, oh I see. Well isn't that generous of you? I was teasing at him a bit as I was totally getting a kick out of his rationalization. As I walked around the back of the table, I jabbed, so you're just concerned that I'm not starving right? He laughed softly and managed to stammer out, well that, and it had crossed my mind a few times how grown up you looked in that red robe a few weeks ago. Once again I said, I see, and I continued saying, and you thought that maybe you'd like to see a little more? He replied, yeah, maybe I guess. We both laughed a little.

He then started very warmly, Dee if its too weird we don't... I interrupted him and said, weird? Trust me, in my world this isn't even close to weird. We laughed again. I put my hand on his shoulder and said lay down on your back Stan. He smiled and didn't say a word as he laid down on the table, only a large white towel covering his mid-section. I oiled my hands and took my time rubbing down his chest, arms, and shoulders. It was just now occurring to me that considering he was in his mid-forties, this guy was in great shape. He was tall and handsome with thick dark hair. In retrospect he looked very much like the current TV character Don Draper. As I was working his shoulders, I noticed his eyes were closed and he seemed very relaxed.

In a very stealthy way, using one hand, I pulled my hair out of the ponytail and shook it loose, then slipped my bra off and let it fall to the floor. I bit my lower lip and made sure to be looking like a total tramp when I abruptly said, hey are you awake? He opened his eyes and took a good look at me and said, yes, yes I am. He was silent for another moment and then said, wow, you are all woman now aren't you? I responded, yep I've blossomed a bit. I turned a few different directions making sure he was able to view my tits from all angles. It was now time to massage his thighs so I gently pulled his towel away. As I started rubbing his legs, I took a good look at his semi-erect cock. It was a really nice one, and I'd seen plenty. It was between 8 and 9 inches long and the shaft was broad and thick, much more oval than round. It was smooth with a few nice veins and a large, very plump head.

As I worked my way up his inner thighs, nudging his balls occasionally, his cock was now rigid as it bowed up toward his navel. With more anticipation than Id felt since my first time, I was shocked at how eager I was to hold it. I looked up at his eyes which were now going between my boobs and my ass. Again I startled him when I said, sooo, I suppose you'd like me to stroke this cock for you. He replied in his deep voice, if you'd like to Dee, please do. With that I took his penis in my right hand. Again I marveled at how broad it was, and it felt heavy too. I loved how it looked in my hand as I wasn't even close to being able to get my fingers and thumb together, it was that thick. I caught myself almost laughing out loud as I suddenly remembered how his wife Donna always seemed to be walking gingerly on Sunday afternoons when I was at their house or at the pool. Now I knew why. She had been worked by this every Saturday night.

Getting more into it, I was now stroking him with both hands, well oiled, up and down and over the head. He moaned loudly now massaging my tits with his right hand. I kept stroking. What a cock! It was literally so hard and full that it took one hand to hold up the shaft, while the other hand worked the head. I looked up at him and said, my lord Stan, your cock is amazing. He chuckled and said, yeah I enjoy stroking it too. I'll bet you do, I replied. In my low husky voice, I asked, do you stoke this thing every day? He nodded yes. He was now moaning and panting so I knew it wouldn't be much longer. I saw him lay his head back on the table so I aimed his cock head at my boobs just in time to receive a fantastic load. The cum poured out in pulses, at least eight times. My tits, my hands, my shoulders were drenched in semen. I looked up and our eyes met as we both smiled. I then did something I never did ever before at the spa. I wiped a big dallop of cum from my nipple and put it in my mouth, licking my fingers clean.

Id swallowed cum plenty of times with guys I dated, but never clients at the spa for obvious reasons. Of course the comfort level was much different with Stan. His cum tasted so good too. Sweet and musky, but not too strong. As he sat up and recovered, he thanked me, complimenting my skill. I said no, thank you! We both laughed. I then did something else I had never done before at the spa. I said, Stan, from now on when you need that cock properly serviced, don't waste your money here, we'll get together on our own. I actually surprised myself hearing myself saying that. He asked me if I was serious. I said certainly, and besides I'll only be working here a bit longer until graduation, then I'd start an internship at a company in the city. He gave me his number and told me he'd wait to hear from me. I said deal. We hugged and I kissed him on the cheek and he left.

A few weeks passed. I thought about Stan a lot while I was at work. I told Sharon about his cock, although she wasn't surprised since shed had the pleasure of stroking him a few times in the past. I told her how I was good friends with his daughter in school, and that I wanted to hang out with him, but was worried what she would think if she found out. Sharon asked me if I'd ever slept with Tracey and I said surprisingly no. She replied well screw it then, you're an adult now, you can do what you like. She was right, so I finally got the nerve to call him. He said he was wondering if I was going to call and glad I did. We talked briefly and agreed to get together at a waterfront bar on Saturday night.

We sat at cocktail table and both ordered a beer. He was very well dressed and I made sure to do my best classy sexy look as well. He was as warm and casual as he always was, so after our second beer I leaned over the table and looked him seriously in the eye and said, are you ready to go yet? He quickly paid the tab and we headed back to his place. When we got to the parking lot, we made out in the car a bit, and engaged in some dirty talk on the ride. It turned out he had a great house in the nice section of town. I had only learned that night that what brought him to the area was an accounting exec job with the city's pro hockey team.

As we walked into his house, he set his keys on the kitchen counter. When he turned around I was right on top of him, dropping to my knees and unzipping his slacks. I pulled his soft penis right out and took it in my mouth. Well you're getting right to business, he said. Damn right I am, I mumbled as my mouth was filling with a growing cock. It was full size in no time. Again I had to stop a few times just to look at it. Taking it deep in my mouth wasn't easy, stretching to open wide. I mostly sucked the head while I jacked the shaft quickly with my right hand. It must have been a scene as I was still fully clothed in my dress, stockings, and heels on his kitchen floor. I soon recognized his moaning and panting, so I picked up the pace and held his cock a few inches from my open mouth. Suddenly one blast after another hit my tongue, then my cheek, my chin, my neck. My mouth was so full I had to open it and let some more run down my chin so I could swallow as much as possible without gagging. His cum was fantastic. It was also all over me. My cleavage was puddling with semen and it was all over the front of my dress. He laughed and said, don't worry, dry cleaning. We both showered and got comfortable in the living room. Later that night I had the glorious experience of taking him in my cunt for the first of many, many times. And yes there were many next days when I was walking softly as Id seen his ex-wife do years ago, but it was worth it every time.

Shortly thereafter I graduated college and retired from the spa for good, starting the internship in my professional career. Stan suggested I move in with him to save money on housing as I was getting started. I happily agreed. Tracey eventually found out I was living with him and it turned out she was cool with it. Mine and his relationship was never what I'd consider romantic and we never talked long term plans. We were like good friends who lived together and had lots of sex. We both had other people on the side here and there, some women for me too of course, and we were both cool with it. Overall it was very socially convenient. It lasted about two and a half years until life and work took us different directions. He moved to a west coast city, so at 24, I moved back to a suburban town not far from our original rural hometown and started getting settled into a more normal life...well by my definition I suppose...ha ha ha.




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