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Cockfun With Ricky

Posted by: Author: Age: 48 Posted on: 2 comments
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This is my first story for Solo Touch and relates to an event with my friend Ricky that happened when I was 16. I first met Ricky when I was 15 and he was 16, I used to hang around town in the evenings and weekends and used to see him about now and then as he had only just moved to the town. One night I was being hassled by the local thugs and Ricky came along at just the right time to scare them off, boy was I glad to see him that night, anyway to cut to the chase we became friends and started to hang out all the time. We used to talk about sex and wanking a lot and we both admitted we wanked when ever we could and as we were both still virgins and getting off with girls was our main aim in life. He left home and got a flat of his own and a job in another town, I was working as well but still lived at home. Ricky would invite me over at weekends and I would bus it to his and sometimes stay over sleeping on the sofa. This happened a few times then the night in question happened. As usual we were watching tv when Ricky suggested we play cards, so we had a few hands of different games then he said lets play "strip jack naked" for real, I said ok then and the game started with us taking shoes and socks off first but pretty soon we were both down to just our underpants, I was strangely turned on by this and my cock was visibly semi hard in my pants as was Ricky's, I lost the next hand and he said come on get them off so I said I will take them off if you take yours off too, he agreed and on the count of three we both stood up took our pants off and sat down again, as I sat down I hunched over to try and hide my growing cock which was rapidly becoming fully erect unlike Ricky who was leaning back in the armchair proudly showing off his rock hard cock. His cock was uncut and about six inches long but not too thick and dead straight, his ballbag was big and saggy and hung down between his legs, as I took all this in he said why so shy lets see what you've got then, so leaned back exposing my hard cock to him. In contrast my cock was cut seven inches long with a good girth and a bend to the left, unlike him my ballbag was small and tight and pulled up to the base of my cock. He said wow that's a nice one and I said his was too, then he said your cock is twitching the same as mine I think they want relief do you want to wank?. He started to stroke his cock and I said yeah lets wank as I gripped mine and started wanking. As we wanked we commented on each others technique, mine is a full fist grip and I release every so often to tickle my balls and run a fingertip up the underside of the shaft to the frenulum, Ricky used finger and thumb grip and stayed mainly at the head rolling his foreskin back and forward. We wanked and watched each other for a while then he got up and came and sat next to me on the sofa and said do you want to wank each other? I didn't need asking twice and stopped wanking and reached for his cock, I gripped it as I would my own and slowly started to pump it as he lay back and started to moan with pleasure. I don't know why but I got a terrific urge to suck his cock, so I rolled back his foreskin and leant forward and slipped my mouth over his cock, he tensed for a moment and said fuck that's good suck it, so sucked and licked his cock and balls until he said stop iam close to cumming and dont want to till I have wanked and sucked yours. I sat up and leant back and slowly wanked my cock and Ricky said let me do that for you as he pushed my hand away and gripped it with his own,he started wanking me nice and slowly then leant down and started to suck it, the sensations I was experiencing were fantastic as he sucked and licked my cock and balls until I stopped him as I was close to cumming. We rested for a while and talked about what happened and how we felt, as we were both ready to cum we decided to wank ourselves and cum in the each others mouth.Ricky went first,he started to wank and soon said I am ready to cum so I took him in my mouth and he wanked to orgasm and shot his hot cum right down my throat, it tasted great and I swallowed it all as he kept wanking till he started to soften in my mouth as I licked him clean, he said fucking hell that was amazing and that was a really powerful orgasm, you will find out what I mean when I do it to you,so I started to wank and he said stand up as he knelt in front of me, it didn't take long for me to reach orgasm and I said here it cums and he took me in his mouth just as I shot my cum, the sensation of having a mouth around my cock as I shot was fantastic and I pumped loads of cum into his mouth which he managed to swallow, it was fucking brilliant like he said it would be, he repaid the favour by licking me clean as I pulled out, I sat down and said WOW that was awesome. We sat and talked about what had happened and decided that it was not a problem and we would definitely do it again, but that's another story.



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