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Co Ed Shower

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Working as a long distance truck driver can have its perks, but mostly it is long hard work. One night about 8 PM I was out of hours and pulled in to a popular truck stop. There weren't many parking spaces and I went out to the last row and was attempting to back in between a thermos bottle and an equipment hauler. It was winter so it was dark and after a few attempts I heard a female voice on the CB say, 'come on back driver you are doing ok' I continued inching in the spot and when I was lined up I noticed that the driver of the thermos bottle was a very attractive African American lady and I nodded thank you to her and noticed she was on a laptop computer.

I asked her if she was surfing and she smiled and said that she was actually getting the weather report and it looked like it was not going to be a good night. She motioned for me to come over and I went up by her drivers door and she asked me if I was afraid she was gonna rape me and smiled. I said no, but that I needed a shower real bad and she mentioned that she had a token for a free shower and I was welcome to use it. I thanked her and jokingly asked her to join me. She looked at me and said sure, but just a shower and nothing more. I agreed and she reached and got her travel bag and I got mine. We went to the building and she retrieved a key for a shower and in we went. She asked me if I had any reservations about this and I said not at all. These shower rooms are actually quite spacious and I watched her undress as I began to shave. She certainly was a very attractive woman and asked me if I liked her hair tied up in knots? I said she was extremely attractive and she motioned for me to join her in the shower. We started lathering each other up and she commented on my shape for being my age. I had not ever mentioned my age and I took that as a compliment.

She dropped her soap and bent down to pick it up and her eyes were right on line with my now hard 71/2' cock. She brushed her breast against it as she was getting up and I took it as my que to make a move. I took her and pulled her close to me and kissed her thinking she may resist but on the contrary she kissed me back and whispered that we would not make love. I told her I was fine and she slowly reached down and took my hard cock and began pumping it slowly. I bent down and started suckinng slowly on her now hard nipples and soon she was guiding my hand down between her legs. By this time she was working my cock furiously and I let out a groan and began convulsing long ropes of cum which she allowed me to shoot all over her. I was by this time fingering her and rubbing her throbbing clit with my thumb. She also groaned and began to orgasm long and hard. We finished up and dried each other off and then we went to eat in the restaurant. We were getting quite a few stares and smiles and she would occassionally wink or grin at another trucker. We finished eating and both walked back to our trucks. My truck was a Peterbuilt 387 with all the comforts and I invited her in to watch a movie. She agreed and we woke up in each others arm in the morning. I have not had the opportunity for a shower like that ever again, but I keep looking for that thermos bottle evertime I barrel down the road.



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