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Cloudy Day

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My brother in law was always suggesting to me that we should work out a plan in order to get our wives naked etc. I was certain that he and his wife (my wifes sister) usually went nude in their swimming pool and around the house. He didn't come right out and say that he knew his wife would go along with nudity around her sister but I was sure I'd have more of a problem getting my wife naked than he would with his wife.

After a few evenings together in their pool he finally convinced his wife to take her bathing suit top off. He'd nagged her until she gave in and of course we knew he had been trying even the previous times together. It wasn't a real shock when she dropped her top. Yet, my wife was rather plain in letting me know that she wanted no part of doing the same. About an hour later though she gave in and removed her top. No one really commented but my brother in law almost immediately dropped his swimming trunks. I did the same but nothing else happened. He tried to massage his wifes back (June) but nothing else came of it. We left that evening and discussed what had happened on the way home. Again my wife let it be known that she wasn't comfortable with what had happened. Strange since she felt that way that we ended up having good sex that night. Actually I knew going topless must have turned her on some but she wouldn't dare admit it.

Through the summer we got together at least two more times with the same thing happening. Wives topless and we men totally nude but without any other thing happening. We'd sip a few, have good conversation etc. but no sex activity.

One Saturday evening we'd planned on getting together but the rain came in right before we went over. I knew we'd not be going swimming so we called and said we'd like a rain check. I wasn't nuts about going to just sit around their living room.

About an half and hour later June called and asked us to reconsider about coming over. She said they had looked forward to the evening and even though we'd not be swimming they really wanted us to come on over. I reluctantly agreed not having the slightest idea that the evening was going to be really charged.

When we arrived, we made normal greetings and June invited us to sit at the kitchen table. We made small talk, smoked etc. It wasn't long before that Jim (brother in law) suggested we go on out to the pool because it had quit raining. We agreed but we had not brought our bathing suits. The plan was to drag out some lawn chairs and just sit around the pool deck. June left the kitchen and came back with a white tee-shirt on, no bra. It was also apparent that she didn't have panties on but the shirt did cover her cheeks.

It had started raining again about the time she had come back into the kitchen. It was agreed that we were not going outside. At some point Jim asked June to take her tee shirt off. It was amazing but she simply stood up and took it off. Totally nude when she sat back down at the table. There was some silence on my wifes part but we all just kept talking. I'm not sure how long it was but real shortly thereafter, Jim leaves to use the bathroom and comes back in totally nude. I don't do a thing and neither does my wife. It was like talking about anything and everything what was normal or at least made us more comfortable with what was going on.

Jim walked right over to June and she reached up and started fondling his balls and cock. Jim is a nice looking man but a tad short and stocky. He has a short cock but apparently it is enough even to satisfy June. He grew erect and pushed toward her. I made my move and reached over and began rubbing my wifes breast through her clothing. She didn't try to stop me. I knew right then that I would be able to proceed. I looked back over at them and she was stroking him while they both were watching our next move.

I got up pulled my wife up and got behind her and while we were both standing reached around from behind and cupped both of her breasts. June went right back to jacking Jim while Jim watched my hands on my wifes tits and while we both watched him being jacked by June.

It quickly progressed from here. I reached up under my wifes skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties. This didn't last long until I asked her to remove them. She didn't even hesitate one little bit. In fact we both took our clothes entirely off at that point. June suggested we move into the living room which we did.

My wife and I sat on their couch. Jim sat in his recliner with the leg rest extended. June gingerly sat on the leg rest, reached in to stroke Jim's cock while playing with her clit with her other free hand.

Both were watching us and we were watching them. I played with my wifes pussy while sucking her tit as she watched her sister and brother in law. After a few minutes my wife took her turn jacking me while I got to watch the action across the room. Not long after June was forced to move because the recliner foot rest appeared to be bending. We were all rather relaxed at this point.

June chose to sit in her own recliner and Jim didn't get up out of his. Instead he began stroking his own cock and June played with herself while they both talked a bit but still with eyes glued on me and my wife.

I let it be known that I enjoyed watching June play with herself and everyone else piped in or agreed that this was hot sexy and we all wanted to simply proceed while being highly turned on watching each other. Someone suggested racing to see who could climax first but I complained that I'd win and didn't want to win this one. I wanted it to last. We all laughed and agreed to just take it slow.

I am not sure how long we lasted but we all had plenty to see. The girls both made their pussies available to everyone watching (yes even each other) by putting one leg on the recliner arm and in my wifes case one leg on a coffee table top thereby making their cunts totally open for viewing and access to their own fingers or hands.

My brother in law came firt, my wife second, me third and my sister in law last. I really can't describe how hot it was that evening. I was a bit worried that my wife would say we were never going to do anything like that again, but that did not happen. In fact, while on the way home (she drove because I'd had just enough ???) I reached across and played with her wet pussy until we got home. Once in our house we went straight to our bedroom and I sucked and fucked my wife until she had several wrenching, body jerking climaxes.

We have not done anything since but they have moved into an apartment and there is no pool. It was like the pool was the key to having things occur. Granted they still have a kitchen, living room and yes both recliners and the same couch. I have a gut feeling it won't be long.



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