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Cleaning Up

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With any of the women I was dating or married to, I never minded going down on them after intercourse.  That let to some interesting play at times.


When I was first dating TammieJo, we enjoyed the hottest nights of sex. We would go out on a Saturday and enjoy a great time at a local festival with lots of kisses, subtle sensual touching, and plenty of teasing that all created ongoing foreplay. By the time we got home, we were hot and ready to go. One late evening, the minute we got in the door we were in each other's arms kissing and stripping off clothes. In moments, she had my shirt up over my head as we kissed. I had her front closure bra undone and was twiddling those perky nipples as tongues lashed each other. Her hands undid my belt and shoved my jeans and boxer briefs down past my butt and I opened and dropped her shorts to her ankles.

As she groped my ball sack and squeezed my ass we broke the kiss and my mouth moved to where her tank top was pushed above her breast and licked and sucked. Shortly I had TammieJo bent over the easy chair and was eating her very creamy pussy from behind. Her sexy firm butt cheeks framed my face as I dove in eagerly. She began crying out and quickly came, sinking into the chair and my arms. “Fuck me,” she gasped, “stick your big dick in me baby.” I didn't waste time, sliding into her in progressively deeper strokes until my smooth shaved groin was pressed into her shapely ass as I leaned over her.

“Oh girl, your pussy feels like melted butter around me,” I hissed in her ear. I thrust long strokes building up speed gradually, wrapping my arm around her to play with her dangling C-cup tits. Soon we were both closing on orgasm and TammieJo did her magic trick on me, telling me to fill her with my cum and arched her back while clenching her pussy muscles, driving me over the edge, so I emptied myself into her. It felt so good but I knew she needed more.

I pulled out and helped her turn around to sit slouched in the chair so her pussy was right at the edge. I knelt and started licking her. The red gash between her neatly trimmed pubic hair was already oozing my load so I started at the gaping hole. It was the first time I'd ever gone down on her after sex. “You dirty boy!” she said and so I looked up. She put her hand on my head, gripping my hair, pushed my face back in. “Don’t you stop, I'm loving it. Lick my messy pussy. Mmmm.” Soon the fingering of her gspot and my tongue had her bucking hips and cumming. Our mixed flavor and bringing her off had me hard as rock as we lay on the floor, her on top of me.

“You're a twisted perv, and I love it, love you,” TammieJo said. “You like our cum together?” That question led to lots more from her, as she slowly masturbated my stiff cock, about me and cum tasting as a teen when I masturbated, licking women after sex, and me not minding my cum. She called me her, “Brave Hunter,” because I ate what I shot. Then, she went and got a washcloth, cleaned my very hard cock from our juices, and finished me off by gently licking and sucking my cockhead until I spurted.

Well, later that month she missed her period and was in great angst until the next when it returned. Our passion was stuck for several weeks but as soon as she was relieved of the stress she was in overdrive. The very first time having intercourse, her orgasm happened very fast and very intensely, and the clutching of her tight muscles made me go over the edge. She was saying, “Oh fuck, I'm cumming,” and so I said it back. She reacted fast. “Baby, pull out and cum on my tits, quick baby I want to see it.”

So I did, pulling out of her fantastic pussy, moving up to her torso as I fisted my cock to climax, covering her neck and chest. She looked sexy with cum all over nipple, chin, and running down her breasts. I attempted to then lie down next to her but instead she pulled me to kiss her. “Not so fast,” she said, “you made this mess and need to clean it up,”

“I'll get a cloth love,” I replied.  

“Silly, no, luck my sweet hunter, you shot it.”

I was not motivated like when it was her beautiful pussy. She gave me a frowny face and I screwed up my courage.  It wasn't so bad as I ducked her breasts clean, and she moaned as I did her nipple. Then I kissed her lips and licked her chin, neck and shoulder.  She pushed me over and rolled on top of me, telling me what a perverted sex man I was and how it turned her on to see me lapping it up like that. She took my rising cock and stuffed it into her pussy even though it had softened after my ejaculation. Leaning back, TammieJo rubbed her clit with her right and and pinched her nipple with the other, calling me dirty man and her sexy cum eater. Shortly, her hand a blur, she came so hard she gushed and I could feel her juice over my balls and down my crack. She lay down on top of my chest. I was beginning to really like doing it for her.



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