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Claire at the Doctors

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Nothing polarises women than a visit to the doctors for a gyn exam. Many women feel exposed, vulnerable and they hate the invasion. Others though, like me, figure that if it's got to be done, then why not try and turn it into something nicer, and given that I have what some have politely termed "a fucking filthy mind", I find I can do this.


So, I'm sitting in the waiting room, and as usual, it's way past my appointment time. That's ok though. I know that ""soon, I will be taking my knickers off, lying on my back and spreading my legs in front of a stranger. I also know that he or she will push a speculum inside me, and do a smear test. Now, I'm very young for this, but there is a history of cervical cancer in my family, and last month, I had some "spotting" in my knickers mid-cycle. 

I've deliberately chosen a thong for today. (Yes, I've finally bought some!) and I feel the string between my bum cheeks. Even taking them off in front of someone is horny to a dirty bitch like me. 

I'm called. I go into the treatment room where I greeted by.......a male nurse! He immediately asks if I want a female to do this, or if I want a chaperone. I say no to both. He's nice looking, although from his haircut, and general demeanour I suspect he may be gay. 

He asks me to "hop up on the couch and remove (my) underwear. Even as I do this, I feel myself getting wet. He tells me he must examine me first. That's ok. I'm always ready to show my quim off. He asks me to just bring my heels up to my bum and let my legs flop apart. The moment I do, my scent fills the little room. He presses down on my tummy a few times and then, inserts two fingers. I let out a moan. He apologises for hurting me, but I tell him he isn't...far from it in fact. I feel his fingers explore every inches of me inside, from my cervix to my g spot.....ohhhh yesss.....my g spot. And I feel a tiny little squirt. 

"You're extremely wet." He says. "Any itching?" I tell him no, but that I am one of those girls who gets wet very quickly and (my devil brain switches on) it's hard not to get wet when someone has their fingers inside you. He blushes.

I can feel my clit throbbing, aching to be touched. He rotates his fingers in me, and his thumb lightly grazes my hard little bud! I gasp. "Do that again, and I'll get wetter still!" I giggle. I could cum....I swear....I could cum any second, and we're only half way through. Another soft graze of my clit and I'm balanced right on the edge. My mind is going wild. I'm imagining him screwing me here on the examination couch. I'm even thinking of him fucking me up the arse. Every dirty thought makes my quim wetter.

He removes his fingers and looks at them. No blood.....good. But now I feel empty inside. Not for long though. He produces a speculum. He changes his gloves, and squirts KY jelly onto it before, well, it almost looks like he's masturbating it with his hand to spread the jelly around. I feel the coldness of it as he presses it inside me, and my mind immediately thinks of a dildo. 

Then I feel him open it. That's similar to the feeling a girl gets when a man cums in her....that sudden enlargement, well, not as much as this, but you get the general idea. He produces a small camera. (It's all hi-tech these days, isn't it? On a screen, I see my cervix for the first time. I haven't had children, so the little hole in the middle is perfectly circular. There also a worrying red spot just beside it. "That's a little bit of erosion" he says. The camera gone, he takes a sample of the cells on my cervix and tells me to my bleed a little today. 

Fuck, I'm so randy though. And with this thing stretching me open, all it will take is one touch on my clit to make me cum. The suspense is agony. He takes some cotton wooll and wipes me......right on my clit.....three times.....to "remove the excess jelly"  I cum immediately. Although I keep it quiet, I know he can see the speculum twitch as I twitch. There's no possible mistaking it. He releases whatever mechanism is holding it open, and it feels like a cock deflating in me which keeps my cum going. He slowly pulls it out of me which allows my cum to subside nicely. Wow! 

I'm actually embarrassed. I had every intention of having some sexy thoughts, and masturbating later, but I didn't think this would happen. I mumble an apology. "You'd be surprised how many girls become aroused in here " (not looking at a hunk like you I'm not) "I don't encourage it, but if they cum, well, they cum."

A few days later, I got the result. Nothing to worry about,  but given the family history, I'll be having these regularly. 

Most women complain about feeling sticky after a smear test. Some have to suffer the ignominy of the "pussy fart". When a load of air comes out, mixed with lubricant jelly in a nasty, wet, fatty noise. Me? I felt like I'd had three men cum in me, and you know how much I enjoy wet panties. 

By the time I got home, even I couldn't wear this thong any more, so I dropped it in the wash, and showered.....but I put another one on!

I've learned something  wearing panties is ok.....being naked under a skirt is daring and ok.....but being nearly naked under a skirt is really horny! 

I'm bored. I'm going into Brighton. I think I'll try for a bit of fun along the way! 



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