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Church Camp Showers

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Story based on a recent dream.


When I was 15 I went with some other kids from my church to a camp located a few hours out of town. On the bus ride to the camp, I sat next to a kid named Jake, who I had seen at church but didn't know very well. He had short blonde hair, a cute face, kind blue eyes and a polite smile. We talked a lot during the ride and I found out he was 13. We arrived at the camp in he afternoon. After the long bus ride, everyone was busting to pee so all the kids immediately went to the bathrooms. I stood next to Jake at the urinals and couldn't help taking a quick look at his junk. We were both semi-hard. I was both surprised and jealous to see someone 2 years younger than me had a penis that was slightly longer and thicker than mine! He also had a little bit of blonde pubic hair that looked cute. I must have stared a bit too long because Jake noticed and gave me a shy smile.

Later that day, we were instructed to take showers, two people at a time. Jake and I volunteered to go first so we took our stuff into the showering area. The two showers were located in a small room and to my surprise there was no curtain or wall seperating them, so you would be able to see the other person naked. There was a long wooden bench opposite the showers where we put our stuff. I started showering looking away from Jake, washing myself with shampoo and soap. Eventually though, curiousity got the better of me and I quickly glanced towards Jake. I was shocked that Jake was looking straight at me and he told me he had been staring at my back and butt the whole time.

I was a bit embarrased but kinda turned on as well, as my penis began to rise. Jake asked me to help him put soap on his back, so I oblidged and he did the same to my back. At one point when we were facing each other, we both saw our semi-hard penises bounce slightly up and down. We both chuckled at this and I admitted I was jealous of his bigger penis. Jake surprised me by saying he was embarrased at having a big penis at a young age, so I told him not to worry and that girls would love it!

This conversation had made both of our penises fully erect. At the sight of Jake's erect penis I jokingly said ''better take care of that''. Jake asked 'how?' so I told him about masturbation. He seemed excited to try it so I sat him down on the wooden bench and told him to sit back and relax. I began slowly stroking away at his soft, smooth penis. His foreskin didn't retract completely so every time I pulled it down, Jake giggled and said it tickled. Because of this, I used only a few fingers to gently rub the base of his penis up and down. I started to speed up and before long I felt Jake's penis start to quiver. Soon, two short ropes of cum erupted from his penis and landed next to him on the bench. This was followed by a steady stream of cum pouring onto the floor. 

After Jake got his breath back, his right hand immediately plunged at my erect penis and the cute boy who I had only got to know that day was jerking me off! It only took a few strokes for me to cum on Jake's smooth legs. We quickly cleaned up our mess with our towels and hurried out of the showers, as many other kids were waiting their turn. Being very religious kids, we felt very guilty over this incident and never talked about it again or did anything else with each other, sadly. However, I remember at breakfast the next day we had short hot dogs for breakfast and we both smiled as we ate them. I also seem to recall some soft moaning sounds coming from Jake's bed late at night, as we shared a room. Wonder what he was up to?



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