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Christmas With My Cousin

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Look, there's a lot of speaking, and I think it's a little long. But I loved it.


Okay so first off, I'm not a lesbian, and have never thought of or considered lesbianism. I'd masturbated since I was young enough. My cousin is two years older than me. We've always been close, and I've always envied her beauty, She is tall, 5'8', long legs. Before this experience, I'd never noticed, but she has a perfect round ass, 36B breasts and a great body. Breanna has blue eyes and long dark brown hair.

My own looks aren't bad. Petite, 38C, a round butt, long black hair, and green eyes.

Now to the story.

Like all Christmases, I go to my aunt's house, to celebrate. This Christmas though, my mom couldn't be with me due to a business trip. So my sister and I celebrated with my cousins, and aunt.

My cousin, was in her room when I got there. So I walked up the stairs to her room. She was in her room watching her favorite holiday movie, the Grinch. I walked in and she smiled and said 'Hello my favorite little cuz.' I laughed and just said 'hey' and sat next to her on her bed. 'This movie NEVER gets old' she said, laughing at the dog with the reindeer antlers. I just laughed. So we watched the movie till it was over, and when it was, she flipped through the channels to see what was on TV. She laughed and directed my attention towards the tv. 'You think it's porn, haha' I read the title and laughed. 'Nooooo! Why would you think that' she laughed and then said 'I wonder' she selected that channel and of course, there was a steamy lesbian scene on the screen.

Surprisingly, I was getting turned on and I knew I would have to masturbate later. I laughed at my cousins expression and she said 'Dude, how can two chicks DO that? There's no dick or anything. So then how?!?' I just laughed and said 'Umm, their mouths, their fingers.... bunches of stuff.' She laughed and said, 'Have you ever wanted to try?' She looked over at me and smiled. I looked over at her and said 'Ummm no. I'm not lez, dude, that's just wierd.' She laughed and said 'depends on the perspective.' I looked at her and said 'Have YOU wanted to try?' She laughed and said 'yeah, kinda.' She rolled to her back and said 'Some of my friends are lesbians, and one of my friends even has a thing for me. Once I was upset, and she was comforting me, you know, just like hugging me and talking to me, and then, out of nowhere she just... Kissed me' she glanced over at me. 'Wow, did you, like, kiss her back?' She smiled and said 'well yeah, then she started playing with my hair and junk, and I dunno, she kinda turned me on, and then she was just, laying on top of me, kissing me. She was a great kisser, better than any guy.' By then I was so turned on, I didn't even know why. I'm NOT a lesbian. 'Does that make you a lesbian.' I asked. I felt STUPID. 'No, not really, Bi maybe, cuz girls kinda interest me now.' I just said 'Wow' she laughed and said 'So You've NEVER wanted to try?' She asked. 'Well, I dunno. I've never really thought about it.' I said. 'Do you masturbate' but before I could answer, my aunt called us down to dinner.

While we were eating dinner, I kept sensing Breanna staring at me. When we were done, Breanna and I did the dishes, when we were done we went back up to her room. We lay side by side on her bed and just talked, then I got the same question. 'So, do you masturbate, I do!' she smiled. I looked at her and just said 'Umm yeah.' she smiled wider and said 'How often, I do it at least three times a day!' I sighed and said 'Same.' then she got shy 'Are you,.. ya know... turned on?' I was and so I said 'Yeah, very.' She just laughed and said 'Me too.... Do you mind if I get off?' I was so nervous... But I said it was fine. She asked me if I would too. I said yes. So we were laying there rubbing our clits then she Said 'Ugh! I can't cum!' She sighed and turned to me. She licked her finger and the most embarassing thing happened. I came. I arched my back and moaned. She smiled and said 'Lucky.' I replied with, 'Yeah, it was awesome.' She hugged me and said 'Daniella, I really need to cum. Help me. Please?'

I just nodded and she took off her shirt and shorts, revealing the most amazing body I'd ever seen. She told me to do the same and I did. She smiled and ran her hand down my tummy then grabbed my butt. 'You're adorable' I looked at her and shook my head 'and you're beautiful.' She laughed and said 'thanks' She kissed one cheek, then the other, then my lips. I kissed her back. She is an amazing kisser, she brought me closer and smiled, 'Are we really gonna do this?' I looked at her and smiled. 'Yes, If you want to.' she laughed and said 'Then this will be one hell of a Christmas' and she started to kiss me again, running her hand down my side. She took a break to breathe and then, just like that she slipped my bra strap off my shoulder, and then kissed my shoulder.

She unbuckled my bra and kissed my neck. I was breathing deeply. She brushed her hand across both of my boobs and toyed with my nipples. Then she layed me down and got on top of me and started kissing me again. I was so turned on at this point. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit then reached between my legs and rubbed mine. She pressed her body against mine and rubbed harder and faster and I came. I moaned and she smiled. 'Daniella, you look adorable when you cum.' She kissed my cheek and sat on my tummy. She unhooked her bra and let it fall away from her chest. She pinched her nipple and sighed. Then I thought of something. 'Breanna, what if your mom or brother or sister walks in, and we get caught.' She smiled. 'That's why I locked my door, sweetheart. You really think I would let them catch us? Haha. I kinda had this planned' I started thinking 'What if they hear us?' She grinned 'Mmmm, are you really gonna be loud enough for them to hear.' I blushed. She just laughed and went between my legs and slipped off my panties. I was bare now.

She smiled. 'Wow, you're wet!' She started rubbing my clit then she slipped a finger into my pussy. Then another and she started fingering me and rubbing my clit with her thumb. I bit my lip and moaned, and came so hard. She took her fingers out of my pussy and licked them. 'Mmmm, you taste so sweet.' I just sighed and watched her lick her fingers. She kissed me and this time she didn't hold back. She frenched me so hard. She smiled and said 'Danni, do I make you feel good?' I sighed and said 'Are you kidding? I've never felt better.' She smiled and said 'I wanna show you something.' She got off her bed and started digging through her drawers. She pulled out a blue vibrator. 'Daniella, have you ever used a vibrator?' I was embarrassed and said, no. 'Awesome! You're gonna love this then.'

She took off her panties then and got back on the bed. I sat up and brought my knees to my chest. 'I'm a virgin, won't that hurt?' She looked at me and said 'Only if I put it in, and I wont unless you want me to.' She pushed my legs down, spread my pussy, found my clit, pressed the vibrator against it, and turned it on. I moaned loudly and started grinding against the vibrator, I came so hard and she took the vibrator away from my pussy and put it on her clit. She lay down and let it work it's magic. She came and it was so erotic to watch her. She moaned and stuck the vibrator into her pussy. She started mumbling 'fuck, oh fuck!' and then she came. I stared at her. She sat up and said, 'Daniella... it feels SO good if you actually put it in. Try it. If it hurts, I'll take it out. I promise.' I sighed and lay back.

She spread my legs, rubbed the vibrator up and down my pussy and then slowly pushed it in and turned it on. She pushed further and further as I moaned. She slid it in and out and after I came, she asked if it hurt. I Said no and she asked how it felt. I just said it felt amazing. She smiled and said ' I love you Danni. I really do. I mean, you've always been like a kid sister to me, but since you started growing up, I really wanted this to happen. Merry christmas by the way.' I smiled and said 'Merry christmas.' She hugged me and kissed my shoulder. 'Do you think that we should ever do this again?' I laughed and said 'Of course we should. I hugged her close and she squeezed my butt. We slept naked side by side when we actually DID go to sleep. There was a lot of mutual masturbation and a lot more of what I just described, and this morning, she made me make her cum with the vibrator. I love my cousin all the same, this experience didn't change anything, I think it will strengthen the bond that already exists. And we have agreed to have a little New years Eve party. I'm excited for that.




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