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Christine Comes to Play with Cami (2)

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This continues the story about real people having the the pleasure they are used to in an imaginary situation.

The three of us were thrilled to be back together once more. Christine and you, Cami, had masturbated so may times since they last met picturing in their minds the things they had each seen and done. You had frantically pleasured yourself while watching the erotic scenes recorded on video. You both were longing to feel and stimulate each other’s naked bodies and explore new ways to to give uninhibited pleasure.

Please describe more of yourself, for example your fingers, your lips and your thighs. Picture me if you like, tall and dark, wearing black leather jacket, white shirt and bootlace tie. This time you undress each other, all the while stroking newly revealed warm smooth skin and feeling and squeezing the flesh of shapely thighs, buttocks and breasts. Before finely removing your string thong panties, Christine uses them to stimulate everywhere between your legs by stretching them tightly between the swelling outer lips of your pussy and the firm cheeks of your arse. She pulls them up hard jerking them this way and that. All the while you are kissing deeply with tongues entwined.

When your panties are off you sit with legs apart on Christine's knees, facing your full-length mirror. You see your engorged clitoris and you watch fascinated as she begins to touch you with all the experience of a woman twice your age who had masturbated by herself or mutually every day and in every imaginable way for more than forty years, enjoying multiple orgasms. She stimulates your clitoris by touching it, caressing it, squeezing it gently at first. She uses her other hand to open up your inner lips and to expose the throbbing glans with its thousands of nerve endings. Using your own juices which are freely flowing she slides her fingers on either side of your hard clit stem, she slides them over and round your clit head until you moan and gasp and are truly aching for relief. You are all the time pulling and twisting your hard long nipples.

When Christine knows it’s time for you to come, she gets more juice from your pussy hole and using both hands she she uses her forefingers to get you to the very edge. She has one on each side of your clit stem, sliding them up and down, pressing deeply so the slim hard shaft is raised and the head slips in and out. You are calling out, "Oh Chrissy, don't stop. I'm going to come". She only has to give a quick rhythmic rub over your aching clitoris and your first orgasm takes hold of your body with powerful muscular contractions in your pussy, rippling out to your anus, your belly and your thighs. It lasts for at least 15 seconds and for the first time Christine reaches down to slide an electrifying finger between your butt cheeks to find and probe that pulsing ring of fire. This has all been taped!

Christine then was dying to see if she could get you to come again quickly. I had told her how you first climaxed with Niki, humping her thigh and had thought of a way which you would find hard to resist. She lays on her back on the mattress with her knees raised and apart and her glistening vulva beckoning yours. She lifts her bottom on to a pillow and holds out her arms for that most unbridled embrace just so special for women who relish sex with each other. At once you kneel with your left knee between her legs and your right knee outside her left hip. You nearly pass out as your wide open juicy vulvas come together, your clits hardening for a dance you will lead. Your sleek athletic body is perfect for the sustained physical movements in which you will now be consumed. The ways you move, Cami, and the intensity of your wanton feelings I leave for you to describe!

Later you ask Christine and me to show you one of the ways we mutually masturbate. We lie on our left sides, I am behind, my right leg forward with Christine’s right knee raised and hooked over it so helping to keep a space open between her thighs. My cock and the cleft between her buttocks have been well lubricated. I reach over with my right hand to masturbate her with many finger techniques, speeds and pressures. I need to concentrate as my glans is touching her bottom.

She responds dramatically as I slide first my pointer finger into her twitching anus and pump it in and out; it is what she nearly always needed to fulfil her expectations. Eventually with holding of breath and tightening of muscles I know from experience when her first orgasm is about to begin. Although the muscles in her anus are tightening spasmodically I slip in another finger and she begins to buck, gasp and shake as you watch and video it all. But there is more to come as she, as you are aware, is multi-orgasmic.

We both adjust our positions slightly and I am conscious that the movements of her gorgeous bottom are causing my stiff penis to slide about within the deep cleft of soft flesh, touching the fluttering whorl. As Christine's next and succeeding orgasms come, her hips and butt jerk frantically for seconds, and in doing so her so special hole encloses my swollen glans, using it to massage her pulsing sphincter muscles, increasing the frightening power of her orgasm.

Christine wants you to make me ejaculate using those special skills of your amazing lips, tongue and throat which she understands to be out of this world. I shall be sitting in a chair, you may be kneeling and she will watch it all as she repeatedly frigs her insatiable clitty.



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