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When I was alone and homesick, an unexpected friend helped me out.


Six months ago I took on a temporary conservation job which meant that I was based on an Island a few miles offshore from the mainland. There is a small and growing community, but not a lot of social contacts outside of the local pub. I didn't mind, and, for the first few months the work was challenging enough to keep me occupied. Then I started getting a little homesick, and I found myself thinking more and about my freind Sarah.

Sarah and I go back a ways, growing up as neighbours. For various reasons, although we got on together and shared a lot of things, we never got romantically involved. In my isolation I found I was beginning to have erotic dreams about her, and I started to wonder whether it would be worth taking our friendship to another level. One evening, when I was feeling pretty low and homesick, I sent Sarah a letter - there was no internet available - telling her how I was feeling. Later I felt a little embarressed, but I knew Sarah is the forgiving type.

About a week later a small package arrived for me. It was from Sarah. I raced back to my quarters to to find she'd sent a carefully wrapped CD-R. With it was a note 'Hope this helps. Enjoy. Love S xxxxXX' Feeling a warm glow towards her I loaded the CD into my laptop. Soon I was experiencing more than a warm glow...

It was a film of her she'd sent me. She was standing in her bedroom, wearing her short Chinese robe. I couldn't help thinking she looked as lovely as ever. 'Hi Carl, I got your letter, thanks for letting me know how you're feeling. I thought I'd do something to help you pass the time. Oh, by the way Melanie's doing the filming.' There was a 'Hi Carl' from Melanie, and the camera turned back to Sarah as she dropped the robe and stood naked! WOW! My heart jumped at her lovely body -it was the first time I'd ever seen her like this! She stands about 5' 5', weighs about 110 pounds and keeps herself in shape through running, gymnastics, cycling and dancing.

'How do you like it so far?' She purred, running her hands over her firm breasts, teasing her pointy nipples. Slowly she slid her hands down her body. 'I thought you'd like to see this...' the camera followed her hands down to her clean shaven slit '...I love having a smooth cunt I can play with when I'm thinking about you...' The camera zoomed in. I was just about licking my laptop as her lovely, juicy slit filled the screen. Then I sat back, unzipped my fly and started to rub my throbbing dick as Sarah lifted her left leg high. Balancing on her right she slid her fingers between her labia and peeled herself open. The camera zoomed in again and I felt like howling.

I started wanking properly as Sarah sat down and spread her legs. 'I've never told you how much I like to play with myself while I'm thinking about you...' Her fingers started working in and around her spread pussy lips '...sometimes I imagine you eating me out...' Her pouting lips were deep pink and wet. I slid my foreskin down and ran a finger over my crack as Sarah's tiny clitoris came into view '...my clitty loves being teased...' Sarah's face and chest seemed to glow as she slid her fingers in and out of her cunt '...I can just about feel your tongue and your lips all over my wet pussy...' She slid three fingers deep into her cunt '...Oooohhh!' As she groaned, so did I! '...I wiiish your tongue was long enough to slide right up inside me...' So did I! 'You know I've fantasised about you, wondering what your cock looks like...' I paused the CD and went in search of my camera, fumbling in my bag with my pants around my ankles and my erection bobbing around, dribbling little puddles of pre come. I hopped back in the seat and snapped off some shots of my penis. They would be downloaded onto a CD and on the way, first thing! Meantime I unpaused Sarah '...and I can't wait to feel your cock opening me up - I've never told you this either, but I want you to be the first guy I fuck...' Tears came to my eyes. Oh! Sweet Sarah! '...and I really REALLY want to feel you cum right up inside me...' My cock was oozing lots of pre-cum. I paused the CD again, sat back and fisted myself to a fantastic orgasm, then continued to watch Sarah.

My lovely friend started working on her juicy cunt in earnest, eyes closed, chest heaving and hips undulating provacatively. 'I wanna fuck doggy style...' I started rubbing myself again '...let you penetrate me real deep... ' Her fingers were sliding in and out of her vagina with sloppy little sluuurping and squelching sounds. A dribble of fluid was flowing out of her cunt trickling down her lovely arse crack. '...Oh Fuck Me! Fuck me! Fuck Me!' She yelped. Then, lifting her hips, high squealed and go let a stream of hot, sticky cunt cream. She lay back panting with, Melanie zooming in on her oozing vagina. After a couple of minutes Sarah lifted her head and, with a lovely flushed smile said. 'Love you, there's lots more to come. Hope you enjoyed my little show.' I sat back, shaken and happy and had me another wank.

Sarah sent me several more CDs over the next few months-including a couple with her and Melanie doing interesting things together- which kept me smiling for the rest of my stay on that Island. And, when I got back home!..



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